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  1. Fatmarley

    Searching for a rich vinyl like sound in digital music

    Well, you learn a new thing everyday.
  2. Fatmarley

    Searching for a rich vinyl like sound in digital music

    That's definitely a bit part of the problem. Compliation cds and remasters are often the worst offenders and it can easilly be seen if you compare the same track from the original album in Audacity. You only have to compare cd vs vinyl over at the Dynamic range database to see that vinyl is usually better.
  3. This argument (subjective vs objective) has been going on for years on hifi forums and i've learnt that it's best to keep out of it because they just go round and round and round and round in circles. No one ever changes their opinion, and it just causes people to get annoyed with each other.
  4. Fatmarley

    Searching for a rich vinyl like sound in digital music

    Going back to the original question - Don't know if it's been mentioned but The Avondale Arcam Alpha 5 cd player gives a nice, smooth analogue sound. Also the Quad 306 with passive pre is very smooth in the high frequencies but has clean mids and good bass. Both items together may be too rolled-off in the highs though...
  5. Fatmarley

    I've never seen Harry Potter films.

    I've never seen Brokeback mountain.
  6. Fatmarley

    A very sad story - Please help

    Thanks guys :) Hope you all have a nice Christmas. If anyone else could share a link to this thread (think it gives the more weight than just a link to the just giving website) that would be great. Perhaps there's a forum that you're a member of and they have a Happy Christmas thread going that you could leave a link in, or your facebook/twiitter page? We hear so many sad stories in the papers and news etc that it becomes difficult to find compassion for everything, but I do feel this story is exceptional. Those poor children are going to become orphans soon.
  7. Fatmarley

    A very sad story - Please help

    Forgot to leave a link to the story: Full story here: Link to Gloucestershire Echo They raised over £4000 for the wedding last year, but now time is running out and so far she only has just over £700 for days out with the kids. Obviously that wont go far and she has very little time left.
  8. Fatmarley

    A very sad story - Please help

    A while back a relation of my girlfriends (Lee) had some very bad news, his girlfriend was diagnosed with cancer at quite a young age. They have children from roughly 6 to 13 years. Not long after the girlfriend was diagnosed, unbelievably he was diagnosed with cancer. They organised a quick wedding but he died not long after the event. I can't begin to imagine what those poor kids must be feeling. Your parents are everything to you at that age. She's been told that she's not got long left and is trying to raise money for the last days out with her children. I know there are a lot of good guys on this forum, so thought it would be worth asking for donations on here. LINK to donation page
  9. Subjectively, I think bigger drivers produce a more realistic lower midrange (male vocals) but I'm not aware of any measurements that can prove this. A good big speaker with big drivers beats a good small speaker IMO.
  10. Agree with Non-smoking man. In a much smaller room i've gone from 10" 2-way to 8" 2-way to 5" 2 -way (all my own designs) . The biggest had the least bass extension but filled the room with sound much better than the other two . Going for a 12" 3-way next...
  11. Fatmarley

    Speakers for a bright room - lessons learned

    I agree regarding Nord and Quad (306 in my case). Had to attack my 306 with the soldering iron to remove the soft treble (replaced carbon resistors with metal film)
  12. Fatmarley

    Quad 306 versus Croft 7 / 7R

    Bass and mids are good but the treble on the 306 is a bit too refined for my taste (this is with passive a pre). Dada mods help but to give the treble a more modern sound you have to replace the carbon resistors with metal film. Once this is done there's not much to complain about.
  13. Fatmarley

    New PMC Twenty 26 a tad light

    I'd sell them and try something else.
  14. Fatmarley

    Yamaha ns 10

    Don't think i've ever heard a good word said about them.