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  1. Turntable isolation platform Origin Live Skyline - Bit dusty and well used but rare... Having a clear out of stuff, £75 shipped to any UK address.
  2. tidywires

    Wanted - Oyaide mj-12 turntable mat

    Hi Bob - good to hear from you, do you have a Puresound for sale? I have the rubber version of the Oyaide and love it on my Nott Analogue Space Ace. Will cross paths at one of the shows later I'm sure, regards John
  3. tidywires

    Wanted - Oyaide mj-12 turntable mat

    Hi Andy - yes it is, they seem a little rare and can't seem to find a new one even, John
  4. Wanted - Oyaide mj-12 turntable mat - so if you have one let me know.
  5. tidywires

    What are you listening to right now?

    Sheffield Steel, Joe Cocker, forgotten what a great album this is, J
  6. tidywires

    Tone arm wanted...

    Have pm'd you,
  7. tidywires

    Tone arm wanted...

    Hi - ref Jelco please pm me!
  8. tidywires

    Tone arm wanted...

    I'm trying not to go down the RB track, but thanks for the heads up, not sure the Rega's look good on a Thorens, hence the feeling it needs to be S shaped. J
  9. tidywires

    Tone arm wanted...

    Looking for a nice tone arm to complete a Thorens TD150 rebuild. Ideally looking for something S shaped to give a vintage feel. A Jelco would be nice but also happy to consider an Origin Live Alliance or similar low price model.
  10. Hi - this is really interesting but access to photos essential - I have been looking for a nicely re-plinthed 160 - so can you get some photos up please? Best wishes John
  11. tidywires

    FS Audion Silver night 300B

    HI Bourney... ok but if you decide to sell I will buy it - I'm only a couple of hours away so collection not an issue. Regards John
  12. tidywires

    FS Audion Silver night 300B

    Hi - do you still have this? If so I'm v interested, please pm me, regards John
  13. tidywires

    Wanted Thorens 150 plinth

    Great will message you !
  14. tidywires

    Wanted Thorens 150 plinth

    I seem to be struggling to send you a message - can you try to post images here? John
  15. tidywires

    Wanted Thorens 150 plinth

    Hi Jamie sounds good - I will pm you my email address for pictures. John