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  1. Hi Colin - are you looking for a bog standard 1200/1210 or have you considered something a little more challenging? I have a 120 in very good condition plus lid with the bump over tonearm area. The Fidelity Research arm is not included but find a Rega RB arm arm and a plate for it and you would have a great turntable. Just a thought...
  2. These are cracking speakers, heard a pair at Harrogate a while back. Price wise I think you are too cheap if anything, the right person will come along... it's karma... GLWTS
  3. If the OP above falls through I will buy them, regards John
  4. If this could be shipped I would buy it in the blink of an eye, but it's long journey from Leeds to Wiltshire... GLWTS
  5. Can you ship from Brighton? Regards John
  6. Hi a quick question, is this the MK1? Regards John
  7. Happily living at my place now, thank you Bourney! Replacing the Krell for tonights listening... Regards John
  8. Will pm you ref this - kind regards John
  9. Hi I will happily take this, pm me some details, kind regards John
  10. Happy to take this, pm me some details as to how you want paying, regards John
  11. Looks amazing, good luck with the sale.... absolutely stunning arm
  12. Happy to take this, you have pm, regards John