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  1. Yea.. my dad after owing a couple of new Skoda's now owns a dacia sandero, he loves that too.. I just may think it's a bit of a tractor but what do I know ?
  2. Yea.. my dad after owing a couple of new Skoda's now owns a dacia sandero, he loves that too.. I just may think it's a bit of a tractor but what do I know ?
  3. I would agree Steve, there are similarities with Skoda. I always thought as project as cheapo, just like skoda was.. but both have changed tremendously over the years. My dad had a couple of new Skoda's in the 80s and early 90s.. he was happy enough with them.. and for what they cost ?
  4. steve 57


    You will of heard of MCRU surely ? They are the same. Speak to dave at brook/ mcru. I'm sure he will be able to help.
  5. Not quite sure what you are asking for.. but blue arran offer a range of 2" compression drivers and horn flares, some of these are well regarded. I was in to horn speakers a few years ago until I discovered the beyma tpl150, I've been hooked on them since.. horn coloration became obvious .. high efficiency is better without horns in my view.
  6. Keith, I've tried alot of open baffle configurations for low bass Most don't really cut it in my view... but it's worth trying them (Eq helps, but not my thing ). With the right drivers upper bass is really good but a small flat baffle does nothing for the lower registers, I prefer an asymmetric H frame but both sides of it need to be well damped, and it's still not perfect ! What it will do, is get you listening to clean bass. Which once you get used to it, makes most ported bass sound artificial. Last year I built a bass speaker for my daughter's bass guitar rig, using the same 18 " driver I use in my speakers, I must say even though it was a ported 10cuft box, it sounds very impressive and clean. One could easily hear and feel the strings vibration through it. I personally would not use a speaker like that for music reproduction, but I can understand people really liking what it does. I think playing with open baffle bass is a good thing, easy to do, and very educational. Get the bass right and you will have to upgrade the rest of the drivers/ system to keep up with them. Cheers
  7. I had the simply 845 in the 90s it beat a vintage pye Mozart I had restored and moded . About a year after I built my 1st px4 amp and then moved from yammy ns1000s to Lowthers, I had the simply 845 for about 18 months. It was good sounding but a long way off what's possible in my view. But since then I've heard those 90s 845 valves where not brilliant. They do look the part.. But I hated having 1000 volts in my lounge.
  8. Of course they could.. it's the top end that smoothes out after alot of running in so a good 98 db ish tweeter would be a good addition.. and what i would do if I was starting out with diy speakers
  9. I would suggest you attend the wam Show in March..
  10. I would try the fane twin cones 12 & 15" they are really good for the price. A simple sealed box can work a treat. And a good intro to speaker building I've had them next to my speakers they are good, and a genuine 99db they take alot of running in and are best to listen off axis ... but a small price to pay for a good speaker. Steve over on audio-talk has spent the last year tweaking his pair of 12s and his son has the 15s.
  11. I would guess they will work fine. Try them.. I would check the static impedance of the loud speakers to check there's nothing untoward with them but assuming a 6 ohm or above reading, they should be fine I have had a couple of otl amps on my speakers within the last few months, a mates diy 13e1 based 1 watt and a not so good transcendent 4 watt 300b p/p both worked ok on my 6 ohm 4 way speakers. We have a few otl fans at the audio talk forum diy meets
  12. That's what went in the gram, the matching pre was lovely I had one until last year.. sounded very nice Search pye Mozart
  13. I'm still using them.. ive still not heard anything that betters them.. getting the rest of the speaker to match is the issue for most who try them My latest speakers have been at the wam show these last 2 years Just planning on making new cabs for my second set of drivers. I'll reply to your pm later
  14. steve 57

    My Quad ii experience.

    Having built more than a few class A triode amps, my view is that power supply modulation is a rather big issue in valve amps. You only need to measure the signal on the power supply to see how it contaminates whilst playing music. In the mid 90s I went through my vintage amplifier phase, first one being a german radiogram amp, then quad 11, leaks and a pye Mozart to name a few I owned. I always seem to prefer the single ended amps, the pye Mozart and the little radiogram amp at the time The radiogram amp got well modded, Audio Note caps, stepped attenuator etc. It was so good I sold my solid state audio analogue pre/power amp and used that little amp for nearly a year. I then got hold of some british px4 valves went totally diy I have never looked back. Learning that the perceived standards for valve amp power supplies was not very good for the music has been one of the learnings that have improved my own amps over the last 20 years or so.
  15. Funnily enough I have telefunkens in my phono.