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  1. Doing well my friend, how are you? Racked up my divorce count , girls getting big, and I've retired, going back in once I finish my it degree
  2. im here off and on, but love yall here,. you are a bunch of cocky dickheads and i love that. love to yall tr
  3. oh you bastard! you one upped me. i thought i was the first to bear the tidings. thanks for nothing pal
  5. Ill clarify my pov lest one of you bastards mixes me up with jesus christ cobra re ISIS. Send a small Detachment of Special Warfare to the ISIS./ISIL AO. Provide rebels with firepower and training, operational support. after a period of time, pull all SOC troops the fuck outta there and let host nations handle their business re guns- as you know I was in the military and work for the government. I am around firearms constantly. I once had a rather large and varied assortment of sidearms, long rifles, scatterguns, etc. Over the course of the last year, with all the mass shootings, accidental deaths(several in which *toddlers* either fired the round, or were victims) and the FUD, 2nd amendment humping and toxic masculinity coupled with the "american exceptionalist" brand of tea party patriotism sturm and drang of the pro gun dumbasses...I had a change of heart. I got rid of all my firearms save two(one , a sidearm S+W shield subcompact .40 *just* to practice for my bi annual weapons qualification, and the other a remington 700 (300 winmag, henzoldt glass, timney trigger) that is stored on the farm, behind two locks and a safe. when my daughters are with me, the S+W is stored at a buddys house. ) I *do* however, believe strongly in making sure my daughters know how to protect themselves, and will at some point be giving them some basic (just for familarity) marksmanship lessons. I *DO NOT* believe that the average american should own weapons. I believe, very, very strongly that the only people that should be allowed access are Law Enforcement, Government workers, security personnell, etc. Having seen what weapons can do up close...I am disgusted at my country's love affair with them. (you ever notice how it is ALWAYS the christians advocating the loudest) Islam- I despise it just as I do all other religions. I would like to see them all vanish from the face of the earth. HOWEVER I do not see Muslims as "terrorists" . AS with any group, you have good and bad. Again, a certain segment of my country....(christian PATROOTS) reacted to the paris tragedy in a most predictable way. Xenophobia, "america is a christian nation, fuck muslims" (america is not...nor has it ever been..a CHRISTIAN nation. it is *secular* wrt our constitution)type nonsense. Stupid fuckers. hicks, xenophobic white trash bigots. Refugees- they have a right to seek a better life. if they find it in the USAI am all for it. I am not the least bit concerned about "terrorism" from those poor folks.
  6. :shock:look here you limey sumbitch *I* am teddy ray. JB Cobra is a goddamn yankee. I don't share his views really
  7. I know nowt about them mostly outdoor pics, lots of shooting at night (empty cities, abandoned places, etc)
  8. ok, so i decided to take the lead from these aesthetics and go for a vintage military stylee.. Ive just barely started. now im going to cut the fender, exhaust wrap the pipes, darkside the back tire, and get one of those old tractor style spring seats..oh and ape hangers. and new grips. i want a mixture of these looks.
  10. the ryan adams taylor swift cover was up there.. and thats a good thing
  11. my ex wife suggested we name our dog "battlecat"