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  1. wulisu

    Wanted Proac response D15 or D2

    Hi thanks for the link 👍
  2. Im looking for Proac response D15 or D2 in good condition .
  3. wulisu

    Spotify - good offer

    Hi Guys Sorry english is my second language. Personally I do not understand some people here. I asked the only question. Some people here are looking for reasons to insult someone. Anyway thank you for your time, I think I put this thread unnecessarily. Have a nice day. We should close this topic.
  4. wulisu

    Spotify - good offer

    Guys sometimes you can find promotion and get 50% less for 3 months, so what's wrong to get something like that ? Anyway that was only question. I have got 3 months for free in virgin so I have lot's of time to check it and compare with Deezer. Thank's guys.
  5. wulisu

    Spotify - good offer

    I'm looking for code in promotion sale.
  6. wulisu

    Spotify - good offer

    So where can I get code promotion anybody knows ? I'm also thinking about Deezer my favourite music is jazz and etno-folk-world music, which one has better library in your experience ?
  7. wulisu

    Spotify - good offer

    Hi Guys I have got message from Spotify customer service that is the answer : Hi Darek, Thanks for getting in touch. This is incredibly fake, I'd stay away from this. Look at that logo. I've passed this onto the fraud team. They'll be receiving a nasty email before long. As we always say, please stay away from any site offering enormous 'discounts'. Please try and make and make any Spotify purchase through the Spotify website or one of our official partners. Thanks for notifying us of this. If you have any other questions at all, just get back to us. Sam Spotify Customer Services Cambridge
  8. wulisu

    Spotify - good offer

    Exactly but I'm not sure can I trust this company or not. So nobody bought something from this company ?
  9. wulisu

    Spotify - good offer

    Hi guys I founded this site http://spotifypremiumcode.co.uk/?page_id=7 they have a very good price now, anybody used this site to get spotify code ? What do you think is it true company ?
  10. wulisu

    question about EL 34 tube

    Hi Guys Thank you all of you. I'm going buy soon another EL34 tubes. Thanks
  11. wulisu

    question about EL 34 tube

    Guys Thank you for lots of positive opinions, how can you compare sonically them ? Is it ok ? Nice and smooth ?
  12. wulisu

    question about EL 34 tube

    Thanks la toilette Is anybody bought some tubes in this shop ?
  13. wulisu

    question about EL 34 tube

    Thanks bmtell Watford tubes where can I find them ?
  14. wulisu

    question about EL 34 tube

    Hi Guys Is anybody know where can I get in good condition EL34 tubes ? RTF, Svetlana, Mulard etc... Do you have special online shop ? I need four.
  15. wulisu

    Morgan Audio - pre-and power amplifier 500

    Who else has or had this Morgan pre-power 500. I know some people used item. Please give me more comments please.