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  1. blackholesun

    Kate Bush remastered albums

    Yes, I also thought so Meanwhile she simply took the BTD version and slapped it on Aerial (it says so in the booklet). I haven't heard it yet, but people say it does not fit very well the beginning of Sunset. I have my new copy but haven't unwrapped and cleaned it yet...
  2. blackholesun

    Kate Bush remastered albums

    As far as I know, no it's not. Also bear in mind that Aerial is slightly modified vs. the first pressing. The Rolf Harris track has been removed and replaced with the Bertie version from Before The Dawn show.
  3. blackholesun

    Kate Bush remastered albums

    Listening to The Ninth Wave right now. I'm comparing it with the CD from This Woman's Work boxset and the vinyl remaster is fuller and warmer, the drums on Waking the Witch are even more thunderous, just like they should be. I have always preferred the first UK pressing of HOL to Audio Fidelity and Japanese pressing, but I don't feel like comparing them with the new remaster right now. The remaster sounds very good, I'd say. Even though it is a bit noisy at the beginning with some clicks, but not as noisy as Audio Fidelity. Hello Earth is dead quiet.
  4. blackholesun

    Kate Bush remastered albums

    Received them yesterday, wet cleaned today, listening to them right now. I ordered The Kick Inside through to The Red Shoes, individually. Paid around £100 for them (in Poland), around 25% cheaper than amazon preorders. Also ordered Aerial, but I don't think I'll take the rarities, it's a lot of money and most of it is on This Woman's Work anyway. I did direct comparisons between the first presses and remasters for TKI and Lionheart. I preferred the first pressing of TKI (one of my all time favourite records, also sound-wise) but with Lionheart the remaster sounds better to me. I had several first pressings of Lionheart and they all sounded muffled to me, even though they looked near mint. The Red Shoes is very different from the CD (in a good way) but I haven't heard the recent Fish People remaster of that album on CD, so maybe it's the same remaster. All of the records are flat, nice and shiny. The second LP of The Red Shoes is noisy, especially the third side. Am thinking about replacing it. Haven't listened to HOL and SW yet.
  5. blackholesun

    warsaw audio show

    I took all of these McIntosh pics for a friend of mine who is a fan I came back to the McIntosh room half an hour before the show closed, and it sounded very nice. The prices are outrageous though...
  6. blackholesun

    warsaw audio show

    The show guide says Accuphase C-3850 preamplifier and A-250 monoblocks here's my pic: IMG_0363 by Rick Sanchez, on Flickr more pics:
  7. blackholesun

    What are you listening to right now?

    Alice in Chains, self titled Released on this day in 1995
  8. blackholesun

    Posting parcels to Poland

    I live in Poland, this year I bought an amp from the UK. I paid by a bank transfer from my GBP account in Poland, so the currency exchange cost was negligible for me and I marked the 'OUR' bank tranfer option which meant that the seller did not have to pay any bank fees whatsoever. I paid the fees. The seller received the transfer on the same or next day. We agreed on UPS, fully insured (it was a 2k amp) and booked directly from the UPS site. The parcel arrived safely. Do insist on insurance though. I have recently sent a receiver to my brother in the UK, also by UPS (but this time through an agent, like parcel2go), also insured. It was lost in a UPS depot near London and was missing for the whole weekend. I called UPS on Monday and luckily they found the parcel on the same day.
  9. blackholesun

    Knosti Gen1/2

    That’s why Gen II comes with a modified record clamp with rubber seals to protect the label.
  10. blackholesun

    Beer. Bottles or Cans?

    Cans can be a better choice for beer, since after packaging the air cannot get inside a can, so no oxidation. The other thing that cannot get into a can is light, which is not the best friend of beer. I don't care if my beer comes in cans or bottles, I have never found any difference in taste and I always drink from a glass. I preferred bottles when I used to brew my own beer, simply because I could reuse the bottles. Sadly no more time for that fine hobby...
  11. blackholesun

    Looking for a top integrated...

    I run my 1.3 mk2 with Rotel 991 amp, 200w, these boxes do like power, I have a 120w rotel amp in another room and the difference is considerable, much better bass control with the more powerful amp, I'd say. I've also been looking for something more posh instead of my Rotel, but have not found anything nice yet. I hear Krell kav-400xi works well with Dyns. Plinius 9200 has been on my radar too, but at £2100 it's rather pricey. I heard my Dyns with Pass Labs x250 at my friend's and I preferred the coloured sound of my Rotel
  12. blackholesun

    What is your favourite artist of all time?

    Kate Bush. I heard her when I started listening to music when I was 10 or maybe 11. I'm never bored of her records. Her live shows in 2014 still seem like a dream to me.
  13. blackholesun

    What are you listening to right now?

    my favourite compilation Lonely is an Eyesore, 4AD
  14. blackholesun

    What are you listening to right now?

    Never heard this before, will see him at a festival nearby in two weeks... very nice!
  15. blackholesun

    Buying via HiFi Do Japan

    Must be something quite big. When I was interested in a Denon SUT, they quoted insured delivery by EMS at 3,200JPY (to Poland).