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  1. shari

    Audiophysics owners

    Hi all I currently have a pair of Avanti III speakers, running off a Gato 400s amp and a Aqua La Scala DAC. Again using HiDiamond cables. I would like to upgrade from the Avanti, but AP do not do a similar sized speaker that would be an upgrade. All the rest in the range are larger, making them too large for my room. The Avanti is great and does well with most genres, I would just like a little more realism in the voices and have the spund a little more organic. The Aqua DAC does warm up the presentation a little from running through just the Gato amp, which is nice as it makes the sound a little richer.
  2. shari

    boenicke Owners Club

    Very nice! So jealous
  3. shari

    boenicke Owners Club

    Yes, I would be interested to see what you think also. Let us know the size of your room as well. I have a set of w5s hopefully landing next week for me to demo, then the 8s after.
  4. shari

    boenicke Owners Club

    Let us know how you get on
  5. shari

    boenicke Owners Club

    Thanks for the reply. I will get tickets and accommodation organised
  6. shari

    boenicke Owners Club

    Hi Richard Thanks for the feedback and I will keep your comments in mind. I will try and make it to Kegworth. I think my issue is at the moment is I listen to quite alot of dance music and heavy rock. My current Audio Physic Avanti copes with all of the genres really well with alot of attack and slam but I love the Boenicke realism and honesty with acoustic, jazz etc, something the Avanti just cannot do. I need to figure out whether the Boenicke can do what they a great at, I. E. acoustic and jazz, but also what the Avanti is good at with the dance and heavy rock.maybe you can't have both? When I auditioned at Elite I did not properly try the dance etc, so I need to figure this out. Also I don't want massive speakers. The Avanti is just about the right size for the room. The W11 is a tad larger so would be OK, just, my issue is that it has quite a large sound and maybe too much for my room. The W8 has the opposite issue, it will fill the room with sound, but would it have the attack, slam and bass extension for dance and heavy rock. Only way is to demo again and see what works, or decide to have 2 sets of speakers one for acoustic and jazz and the other for rock and dance, and of course take a deep breath and flex the wallet! Cheers Shari
  7. shari

    boenicke Owners Club

    Hi all Thanks for your responses. I currently have a Gato 400s amp which should have enough grunt to power the Boenicke speakers. This all goes through a La Scala DAC and out through some Audio Physic Avanti all from Elite Like I have said, I have demoed previously and was really impressed. Love the realism and the organic nature of the speaker. I will ask for a home demo and if it does the dance and heavy rock, then I think we are onto a winner. Many thanks Shari
  8. shari

    boenicke Owners Club

    Hi all, thinking about getting a pair of Boenicke speakers. My room is 13 x18 so not sure what size to get. I did hear them on demo, the w5, 8 and 11 all sounded great. I think the 11 may be a bit too large for my room but not sure? The real question I have is are they good with all genres of music. This will determine whether I spend my cash on a main set of speakers or a second set I. E. Maybe the w5? I know they sound great with acoustic, jazz, blues but what about heavy rock such as Foo Fighters and Muse, amd with large orchestral music. Is it still exciting and full or are the speakers better suited for just acoustic, jazz etc. Cheers
  9. Hi all. I would like a pair of Ram 200 speakers if anyone has some they would like to sell. Must be original and in good condition. Cheers Shari
  10. Trigon cd player for sale. Absolutely great sounding player this side of £2500. Cost me £2400 and has been cared for. Asking £1200. Also included is the billeted aluminium remote worth £150.
  11. Perreaux integrated up for sale. It's only a year old and works and sounds great. I have all the boxes and instructions and remote. Cost me £2450 and am asking £1250. No marks or dings and been cared for.
  12. Pair of AP Classic 20 in walnut. Bought about 9 months ago from Audio Emotion. We have since moved house to a much small place and the speakers are too large for the room. I need something smaller like a quality stand mount. Anyhow....they are in great condition, no dings or scratches. Come with boxes and manual. Like I say, I am only selling these as the are too large for the room. They sound great and look nice. I can forward more pics on request. I am looking for £1200 which is roughly half price.
  13. shari

    Turntable decision

    Hi. Yes I have a built in phono stage and the RP6 comes with a switchable 33/45. It's only that the Exact cartridge that comes with it costs over £200 to replace! I was pretty surprised when I was told as I am an 80s boy when styli were penny's to replace.
  14. shari

    Turntable decision

    Hey! I have decided to add a turntable to my all Rega system, but cannot decide what to get. I want something that's easy to use, does justice to my system and I can change the speed from 33/45 easily as I have loads of 80s 12 inch singles I would like to play. I also want a table with a cartridge/ stylus that won't cost the earth to replace when it's worn out. I have a pretty healthy budget for a new/ used purchase (about £1k). Been to a couple of local dealers and when I tell them my budget they just recommend a turntable that takes it all up! I am not sure if I need to spend that much? My system is ApolloR, DAC, ElexR, RS7s. At the moment I am playing my vinyl through a Technics SL-BD22 and wonder if I could do better. I am sure I can for a moderate outlay, but it's been years since I looked at anything vinyl so I am way out of my depth. Happy to buy new or used. Any help appreciated
  15. shari

    Need a tad more oomph with rock/ metal

    I might check out the RS7 as well as I really did like the RS5s. Has anyone any experience of it? The RS5 worked well for my room size. Would the RS7 be too big or is it about quality not quantity