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  1. Wayne C

    Technics 1210 Tonearm Bearings question?.

    Can anyone advise me where to post for a wanted tonearm on here now?, things seem very confusing with the new classified set up?. if anyone has a MK5G tonearm they have removed to upgrade deck for to an aftermarket one I'd be interested.
  2. Wayne C

    Technics 1210 Tonearm Bearings question?.

    Sent you a PM Andrei
  3. Wayne C

    Technics 1210 Tonearm Bearings question?.

    The arm is different to the standard arm as here http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Technics-SL-1210-1200-MK5G-M5G-Pro-DJ-Turntable-Tonearm-Assembly-RYQ0154B-S1-/122625039362?epid=1222705846&hash=item1c8d059c02:g:ZpUAAOSwY4pZaMxS aa you can see the bias adjuster is indeed integral to the top arm and sellers seem to be asking a lot of money due to the short lifespan of this deck in comparison to the many thousands of the mark II
  4. Wayne C

    Technics 1210 Tonearm Bearings question?.

    Is that the arm in Albania it's a Mk5g tonearm with the silver Bias Adjuster?
  5. Wayne C

    Technics 1210 Tonearm Bearings question?.

    This is the 1210 mk5g model with the upgraded wiring and the metal bias adjuster ? , I haven't seen any of these arms for sale from removed decks though? , Although the actual bearing area is very similar in look to the older arm. I've read that the arm cannot be repaired by a person as all parts are installed and calibrated At the technics factory?. Thanks
  6. Is it possible to repair the bearings on a 1210 Mk5g tonearm?. I've read that if the bearings have been damaged you have to replace the full tonearm?, Anyone managed to successfully repair one of these?, Or is there anyone out there who can repair them perhaps?.
  7. I have just bought some AE1 stands at the weekend, had these in the past on a few occasions and all came with lead shot in them. Can I ask if anyone knows what size shot is in the pillars please in mm and how many KG there is or indeed the weight of your stands with shot?. The stands I have here weigh 11kgs empty, reading online I think possibly they should weigh 15kgs ( shot filled ) ?. But I am unsure as to the sizing of the shot in MM?. Anyone know please. Phoned AE and they couldn't advise but told me to fill 2/3 full?. thanks need to know shot mm size as obviously 1mm shot would take up less space and possibly be a lot heavier , quantity wise.
  8. Wayne C

    Royal Blood UK dates

    Went to see two shows on the mini tour Newcastle and Leicester both excellent, what those two guys do is amazing.
  9. For example on alternative sites commonly technics 1210 mk5g - £2000 for two technics 1210 mk2 - £700 for two the mk5g only retailed for £600 or so new at the time, this price increase of that version on the used market seems crazy?.
  10. I have always been fond of the 1210 and 1200 for their ease of use and excellent sound with a bit of modification. Apparently the 1210 Mk5g is being sold for what I consider ridiculously high prices on the used market nowadays?, the only difference between that and the mk2 are looks, tonearm and it having a digital speed change I believe?. Can anyone explain why these decks are going for up to £1000 a piece when you can pick up a 1210 mk2 for less than third of that amount. I find this price increase strange as it has nothing in comparison to the newly refreshed 1200 series . Any thoughts?.
  11. Im sure it must be, for me cannot be anything else. The unfortunate thing is Audiolab don't seem to offer any updated drivers for the MDac or support it anymore ( I may wrong but I cannot see anything on the site ), does anyone perhaps know of my drivers that have been made for the MDac?. I always considered Apple more audio friendly due to being used in recording studios. It seems those days are gone?.
  12. I've managed to sort this out the issue is the Operating System I've downgraded to Yosemite ( after having to alter my system clock to 2014 in terminal as it wouldn't allow me to run my USB flash drive Yosemite ) without doing this. Now I can run USB into the MDac. Shame I've had to go back two operating systems to get it working as it was.
  13. Hello, I've been out of touch with with computer based audio playback on my Mac computers for around 16 months now, and last night rigged my Mac Mini 2012 OSX Sierra up to my MDac and encountered issues which last time I used it didn't happen. Around the time of last use I had OSX Yosemite installed on the Mac and the program Audirvana to bypass the OSX sound processing etc, selected the MDac in "Sound" and in "MIDI" and on Audirvana - job done flac Heaven, now it won't let me select the Mdac in sound!, it's showing up fine and dandy but when you select it and try and play something it jumps back to HDMI??, I've also tried using "Optical Out" from Mac to Dac and same thing. I was sat for 3 hours last night getting increasingly annoyed with this proceedure. Can anyone let me know what is happening and how to rectify this. I tried downgrading to El Capitan and same thing happens. I must add there is nothing on audiolab to suggest there is an issue with either operating system. Cheers
  14. Wayne C

    Pioneer Elite Repair , Servicing wanted please

    Anyone on the site in Yorkshire capable of servicing repairing items like this thanks and thanks for the replies so far
  15. Call me lucky ( not ), but I purchased a Pioneer DV-09 DVD player off eBay USA a year or so ago to use as a transport. Due to being busy I didn't plug the item in and only checked it externally and boxed it back up till I had time to invest in a Step Down transformer. This morning ( a year later ), I powered it up to find that there are issues with it, I'm guessing there are either issues with the laser mechanism or something which rotates the disc as you can hear noises whilst the disc rotates. The discs themselves play but the sound seems to judder?, I have tried a few discs and it is the same story with each. Around the same time I purchased another DV-09 and guess what this is throwing out the following error, you put a disc in and immediately it shows an error message in the display, and ejects the disc. Load the disc in and it ejects immediately. Can any kind soul suggest someone In the Yorkshire area who is proficient in Pioneer Elite repair?, or put forward any suggestions I'm into both of these machines ( currently 40kgs of door wedges ) from £600 all told and would like to get at least one good model out of these two . Appreciate any help?, I know I should have checked them both at time of purchase but I was really busy and put off checking them due to thinking they must be ok, and you can't start a dispute due to it being ages ago.