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  1. Are they still in the basement? Do you know the weight of these per cabinet?
  2. Buy two squash balls, cut in half with a Stanley knife, buy cheap chopping board for £5-10, bingo. Better is springs, something like VW Beatle valve springs. The best I have found are Feet of Silence.
  3. I have one, £90 delivered, the new type.

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    2. alphatoner


      £90 sent, my address is

      Ian Plummer

      12 Windmill Way


      HP23 4HQ



    3. It Cost How Much!?!

      It Cost How Much!?!

      Packed and will get it to the post office at lunchtime. Bob

    4. alphatoner


      Thanks Bob, received this morning and doing the job perfectly.



  4. It's not that good and a Puresound gun metal mat is better on most TTs.
  5. Cheers Geoff, enjoyed the day, I still owe you for the curry. Good to meet everybody, glad Mike enjoyed my music.
  6. Geoff I have some 12" funk for you from SMEagol.
  7. It Cost How Much!?!

    Minimus 7

    The woofer is shite, replace it with and AE metal one and you will be surprised at how good they can be.
  8. Monday or Tuesday next week is good for me.
  9. Ian (ijrussell) has this cable for sale. He is here or PM or Audio Abattoir.
  11. Compare the daily post count & classified count for the new sterile wam and the old lively wam.
  12. No power supply. +20% for auction buyers fees + mat. Not quite a bargain. Does it work?
  13. Use these under the glass, Hi-Fi shops charge a lot for these, but they are peanuts.
  14. If you have a Decade or Discrete, the balanced output is significantly better than the SE output in my experience (I own both and a DA-X and DSM).