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  1. What Cartridge

    Thank you chaps you've been very helpful. Martin
  2. What Cartridge

    Probably slightly less , my last set up was Acoustic Solid , VDH Colibrie, Graham 2.2 / Sme , so really don't want to go down that path again , this is a bit of fun. I hope lol Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. What Cartridge

    Just bought Turntable Project RPM 10 so not exactly high end but not budget,can anyone suggest a cartridge and phono stage for not loads of money,music played mostly, Van Morrison,Blues country, your advice will be greatly appriciated as been out of loop for many years .My last set up was Acoustic Solid. VDH Collibrie, Graham 2.2 /SMEV ,I really dont want to go down that expensive road again. Thanks Martin
  4. Arm Replacement

    Hi Chris The arm is the 10", Im thinking of sticking with the project arm as lot less hassle,and from what ive been told its not that bad. Thanks for your information though it been helpful. Martin
  5. Arm Replacement

    Thank you chaps for your input,very helpful.
  6. Arm Replacement

    Thank you for your replies, its been very helpful. Im in the process of buying a Project 10 RPM turntable ,does anyone know if it is possible to replace the Carbon tone arm, if so what would be a straight swap with no alteration needed,this is just for future reference as will try the project arm out first .Havent read any reviews on the arm so does anyone know of any or have had experience with this arm ,good or bad. Thanks Martin
  7. How to mess up a great website.

    That i will. cheers Or do both ,put up or shut up ,I don't think so. lol
  8. How to mess up a great website.

    To be honest I didn't even know the Wam had been under new ownership the reason being the last year has as far as i was concerned wasn't that good so haven't been on line much,this being the case my apologies to the new owner and i wish you all the luck for the future of the Wam and will be hanging around to see how it shapes up.
  9. How to mess up a great website.

    I have been criticized for airing my views by a few members, surely as the owner you must agree feelings aired are far better than saying nothing at all. Thanks for your reply its appreciated Of ,course I realize change is inevitable but being seventy change is something we must put up with but not always agree with. thanks Martin
  10. How to mess up a great website.

    What a sensible reply ,better than ,"If nothing positive say say nothing", as ive been a member for ten years , hang around i will even if not as regular as once did. Totally agree about old members leaving ,what a shame.
  11. How to mess up a great website.

    Surely if one is not to happy with something its best to air there views,im sure the owners / organisers are big enough and ugly enough to take on board members views be them positive or negative.
  12. I have been a member of this what used to be a brilliant website since 2008 and was always on here reading, being educated,selling and chatting then it all changed in my opinion not for the better,I really cant be bothered anymore the layouts are awful the process of selling was so complicated.Can anyone tell me why it had to change,Ive changed over to Art of Sound which is so much better in fact it is like this website of a few years ago .So sad how a few people can mess up something that as so good.