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  1. All sold, thanks for the interest
  2. New price for the phono and psxr £1100 (£2300 new!)
  3. Something has caught my eye so the following are up for sale while it's still available Cyrus CDi Latest version, owned from new, rarely use digital these days as vinyl rules the roost here, no more than 100hrs use since I got it less than 6 months ago. Surprisingly good sounding piece of kit, it's nicely balanced top to bottom with none of the tipped up high frequency that Cyrus was renowned for of old. 5* reviews Unmarked and pretty well as new (though now possibly run in!), in original box with all papers. SOLD (£1195 new) inc shipping, demo & collection welcome Cyrus Phono Signature and PSXR2 Latest versions. Now just over a year old, owned from new. The Phono is excellent though the PSXR2 takes it to a different level. The reviews are consistent and I'd fully concur, here's an example This kit is a world away from the expectation of Cyrus of old and delivers real magic (if the rest of the system is up to it!) for a pretty modest outlay by today's standards. It's highly flexible and configurable for both MM & MC with numerous gain, resistance and capacitance values available to fine tune any cartridge. There are four phono inputs each of which can save a setting, great if you have multiple carts in different headshells or just like to experiment. Output is available via phono or XLR. Both units are unmarked and available in original boxes with all paperwork. Only offering for sale as I've seen something I've always wanted to try and will be withdrawn should that sell before these. Offered together SOLD (£1495 phono, £795 PSXR2 new) inc of shipping though demo and collection welcome If there is interest in the Phono without the PSXR2 will offer it at £800 will not sell the PSXR2 before the Phono however if the Phono sells the PSXR2 can go for £450 Located in South Bucks, any query PM me
  4. Interesting to hear your observation I heard what appears to have be the same demo last year, not sure the pre was the same and the speakers were Klipsch. In the limited time available swapping from one cart to the next with a base line of the previous cart on the same track worked well for me (it was still over an hour). The same track all the way through might have become boring. I felt there were quiet obvious differences between the carts and while you weren't hearing the difference between a 2M Red and Cadenza Black on the same material, good though the Red is the Cadenza offered a completely different insight into the music. First thing I did after the demo was purchase Race for Space 😁
  5. I ended up with an ML. A few observations that may be relevant re some of the carts mentioned Cadenza are nice, Orange is closer to the ML than Black but for me the ML does everything better than both, it's a fuller more fluid presentation without any loss of detail or space. PTGii is nice and closer to the Cadenza's in presentation, the later offer a little more for the extra money but the ML makes it sound lightweight by comparison (still an enjoyable listen) I really disliked the DL103 in a Jelco arm on my SP10, fat and indistinct, wondered what the fuss was about. Put it in a Funk arm and it came to life. Similar to the ML but rough around the edges. Was planning on selling it and keeping the PTG as a spare in the end I kept it and sold the PTG. The PTG was more refined but lacked the bottom end of the 103. Horses for courses and systems...
  6. Price reduction £400 Great sounding, very flexible piece of kit
  7. A number of sources recommended 100 ohm for the ML. My phono is easily configurable and in my set up I didn't like going in either direction from 100 ohm. I also found this cart sensitive to changes in resistance. Like Rabski says this will is as likely down to my set up as inherent in the design.
  8. def

    What's yer bits'n'bobs ?

    Good to see my old stand still in service, been a fair while since I said goodbye (and regards to your good self!)
  9. Sorry to hear JJ didn't work out, disappointing. BBC has been playing her recent stuff on 6Music, liked the small sample I've heard On a positive, am thrilled to hear that Really Groovy is still a going concern. Many trips from Hamilton back to Auckland during university days in the late 80s to visit, mostly tape in those days... They moved, nearby? Am back in NZ in July, do they still carry s/h, likelihood of old Flying Nun vinyl available?
  10. Interesting review and I can see where the reviewer is coming from. I'd also echo that I'd not characterise the ML as an overly forward sounding piece though I'm a more up front immerse yourself sort of listener so there may be an element of positive bias in that respect on my part. It is full bodied and delivers meaty bass lines that don't seem out of context with all else that is going on. That said moving to classical I don't notice any emphasis, solo cello sounds more cello like... piano sounds full bodied and richly textured or delicate where required. I'm hearing into performances of the players in a way my system hasn't delivered before. I've heard it in my system on a Jelco and Funk arm. It sounded great in the Jelco, would have happily lived with that combo but the Funk delivers a step change in resolution by comparison. It really lets the ML come to life and shine. The Funk had a similar effect on both an AT33ptg and DL103.
  11. Really flexible cdp/sacd/dac/headphone amp, rrp £999 though they were available circa £899 until recently. Lots of great reviews, in particular from the US As well as playing CD and SACD you can access the DAC in various ways. Plug an iphone, ipod or ipad directly into the front panel USB, adjust the input, press play and music will pour forth (also plays MP3 from the front panel and poss the rear USB though I never tried). From the USB B input on the rear it plays DSD 2.8 & 5.6 mhz and pcm up to 24/192. Also has optical and coaxial inputs & outputs. It has a headphone output on the front panel with it’s own volume control. A friend uses one as a transport into an AN dac, sounds awesome. Battleship build quality, it’s a heavy lump, even the case fixing bolts are copper. Thought it was mint but noticed a couple of small rubs on the top as I gave it a wipe for pics (guess it was from leaving cd's on top...) pic inc. Original box with manuals and remote. Demo and collection no probs from South Bucks nr Great Missenden £450 shipped within standard shipping UK postcodes
  12. Was really impressed by the ML, a brand new one has just landed. Surprised at how good it is out of the box compared to the demo (as far as I can remember). Figured it may sound a bit weedy, tipped up in the highs. Not at all, maybe a touch loose in the bass, very slight emphasis on sibilants, nit-picking really.
  13. AT33 sold stp Shure and Jelco cable still available