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  1. bohemian

    What films have you watched this week

    Come See The Paradise. An Alan Parker film with Dennis Quaid. Made in 1990. set in the prewar USA, particularly in Little Tokyo, Quaid, an American, falls in love with Japanese girl Lily. They marry and are rejected by her family. They are then separated after Pearl Harbour and the Japanese are interned in camps. A fascinating look at that era and the challenges faced, but also a touching story of their love.
  2. bohemian

    Maybe I'm no longer an audiophile?

    In spite of having little vinyl, and nothing to play them on, - in mitigation, my amplifiers are all valve!
  3. bohemian

    Left over food.... wine....

    Sometimes I come across recipes for using "left-over food" or "left-over wine". I really don't understand this concept. When I or my wife cook, we make just enough for us to eat so there is nothing "left-over". The council gave us a recycling bucket for "left-overs" (we use it in the garden for various things). The only time wine is in any way "left over" is when we drink Chateauneuf du Pape with comte cheese - then it isn't left over, it is just saved for the next cheese board (within a day or so). Does anyone else not have "leftovers"?
  4. bohemian

    Maybe I'm no longer an audiophile?

    True, GF. That's a dead giveaway, isn't it? Actually I do have about 5 lps, but it isn't vfm to buy a turntable for them!
  5. bohemian

    Maybe I'm no longer an audiophile?

    They are in there, I assure you. Partch, Stockhausen too!
  6. I wonder sometimes if I am still an audiophile. I think I was, but I am currently very satisfied with my system but I know I could improve it. I just can't be bothered with things like room treatments, technical stuff like output matching etc. My system sounds nice to me, although I know my hearing isn't what it once was. Maybe I am just getting old and set in my ways, but I do enjoy finding new music that I like, especially chamber music these days. I listen to all sorts, from Black Sabbath, ACDC, Led Zep, Prog, Folk, Orchestral and chamber music (I love string quartets) and everything sounds lovely to me on my system. Perhaps my audiophilia days are over and I'll just fade away into a final groove? ...... impossible - I have no vinyl.
  7. bohemian

    Baseball is back!

    The first game of the series was a close affair. Yankees were leading 3-1 going into the 9th and 2 errors led to Boston scoring a run and finally, at the third attempt, the Yankees turned a double play 1-4-3 to end the game winning 3-2. We almost snatched defeat from the jaws of victory. Game 2 the Yankees turned it on somewhat and won 10-1 thanks to a great night for Luke Voit; he went 4-4, with 3 rbis and 4 runs scored and 2 home runs. Andújar hit a home run and a double. He is the first third-baseman in mlb history to have at least 20 home runs and 40 doubles in a season. Good candidate for rookie-of-the-year. Game 3 starts in an hour or so with Masahiro Tanaka pitching for the Yankees.
  8. bohemian

    what classical music are you listening to now ?

    A really good Naxos release of less-known music. This is just lovely.
  9. bohemian

    what classical music are you listening to now ?

    Free download from Naxos for newsletter subscribers.
  10. bohemian

    Baseball is back!

    Tuesday's 6pm UK time game Boston at Yankees is apparently going to be streamed live on Facebook. I don't use FB at all, so I don't know what you have to do to see it. I shall be watching on
  11. bohemian

    CD Players - Old vs New

    I have most, if not quite all, my cds backed up to hard drives, plus loads of hires stuff, mostly classical downloads, but I still enjoy listening to cds on my Audio Research CD5. It still sounds great.