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  1. Back from holiday - 16 days and no hifi! now Dire Straits - first album. aaahh.
  2. Just started the book of Isaiah in our daily Bible reading. An excellent book, sometimes called the "fifth gospel".
  3. This news item about the photo of students at the Emmett Till memorial really makes me sad.
  4. Possibly drop an email to P/L? They should help.
  5. Which amp are you using? The manuals for my dialogue premium pre and powers don't suggest it as an alternative.
  6. bohemian

    Baseball 2019

    Last night’s game Yankees at Twins was just an amazing game! Over 5 hours, and into 10 innings. The Yankees jumped out to a 2run lead, but fell behind 8-2. Then it went like a see-saw with 5 lead changes or ties in the last 4 innings. Didi Gregorius had a career-best 5-5 game with 7rbis. A 2 run double, 3 run homer and a 2 run single. Aaron Hicks hit a 2 run homer with 2 out in the 9th to keep the game alive, and then finished the game with a highlight-reel diving catch in centre field to seal a Yankee win 14-12.
  7. A really interesting book concerning subjects like abortion, research on fetuses, eugenics and others, showing how science has had a dehumanising influence on society.
  8. Tape recorder? gramophone? cassette deck? I don't know.
  9. Saw Rick Wakeman at the RFH on Saturday. Rock band, full orchestra, choir and three vocalists, plus Robert Powell as narrator, they performed Journey To The Centre Of The Earth - and very good it was too. They did an encore of music from the Journey either newly written or newly arranged. Great show.
  10. Nobody had answered in so long, I nearly threw t'teddy out o' t'cot! well done, parcelmonkey.
  11. I've never heard of them, so I couldn't guess at all. I'll set a new one.
  12. bohemian

    Cold Callers

    You were probably out when they called.