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  1. bohemian

    Baseball 2019
  2. bohemian

    Baseball 2019

    The Yankees/Astros game 4 was rained out so played tonight. Astros lead 2-1 in the series. Tanaka will pitch tonight.
  3. bohemian

    Baseball 2019

    The NLCS games were really good and Washington swept the Cards! I love the way the fans and players have adopted the Baby Shark!
  4. bohemian

    Baseball 2019

    @Bazzer Have you been watching the Division Series games? Some amazing games! The Yankees swept the Twins but every other series has gone the distance. Cardinals scored 10 in the first inning of game 5! I'm just going to watch game 5 of the Rays/Astros to see who the Yankees play on Saturday and is it home or away?
  5. Weasels Ripped My Flesh - Frank Zappa
  6. From the album The World Of Harry Partch Daphne Of The Dunes - Harry Partch
  7. I cannot upload anything at all at the moment! The site says I have 0mb available. Oops! someone else like to have a go?
  8. Aw! That’s kind of you . I’ll look for something now. I had trouble uploading an image limited to 10kb!
  9. No idea. Would have to cheat. I only have Live at the Boardwalk and Rattling Wheel and it isn’t one of them. He is the only guitarist I know who fitted the profile.