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  1. bohemian

    New album releases

    I wonder if I can rip the hi-res from that? I can't play SACD.
  2. bohemian

    Hard copy / download / stream?

    I cannot understand paying for music that I will never own by monthly or annual subscription. Once I have bought a cd, or a download (and I do buy many classical downloads from eClassical and Chandos records; and Naxos have been sending me a free download every month for over a year) then I can play it as often as I like without ever having to pay for it again. So, for me it is purchase cd or d/l but not streaming (other than Radio Paradise for free!)
  3. bohemian

    New album releases

    Will it be streamed in mp3? seriously, I hope it is on cd or hi res d/l for us modernists.
  4. bohemian

    For Zappa fans: dvd and cd

    Fantastic package of 200 Motels:
  5. bohemian

    your favourite films of all time

  6. bohemian

    Take care at the ATM

    Just a reminder, heads up, to be careful when you use an atm. This lunchtime my wife was using an atm when a man came from the shop where it was located and started waving his hands and a large piece of paper in front of her. How he got her pin number we do not know, but he definitely stole the card. He and others nearby were shouting "don't use the machine it takes your card". When the man walked quickly away, a man nearby again said "the machine's taken your card". She phoned me immediately and I said to phone the number on the machine; she did so and they put her through to the bank to get the card cancelled. As she spoke to a representative at the bank, he said there had been activity on the card! They had already withdrawn £250 twice before we could report it! Our bank has treated it as theft and fraud and will refund the money and we are going through a whole rigmarole of reporting it to the Fraud dept of the Met police. Moral of the story: Take care! My wife is a very capable woman who does keep her wits about her but she was really shaken by this, and annoyed at herself for being duped.
  7. bohemian

    Guess the album cover

    Not to me, it doesn't.
  8. bohemian

    Guess the album cover

    When the sands of time draw all too rapidly to a close.......
  9. bohemian

    Fire in Manaus

    Our branch office, of Jehovah's witnesses, in Brazil has got a disaster relief programme in operation there. So many problems there. The fire is thought to have been started by an exploding pressure cooker!
  10. bohemian

    Fire in Manaus

    Little reported here but for Daily Mail Online, but a huge fire engulfed a poor neighbourhood in Manaus, Brazil. Of course the Daily Fail would not complete without this heading: An enormous fire raced through a neighborhood in the Brazilian jungle city of Manaus early on Tuesday Four people were injured and more than 2,000 were forced to flee from their homes on wooden stilts. a poor new year for many, but fortunately no deaths!
  11. bohemian

    What are you listening to right now?

    Great choice bazzer.
  12. bohemian

    Roon Core help

    As I already have JRiver on my pc and on a raspberry pi serving hi-res music from a 2tb hard drive into my living-room hifi, and I have a separate bedroom 5.1 system for tv and movies (no tv in the living room), I doubt that the cost of a roon subscrption would be justified and certainly not when a qobuz or tidal subscription is added. I have 1.3 tb of music files and it would take a long time to get through them all even if I added nothing else! I can always use free Spotify to listen to something to see if I want it. so, all-in-all, not really for me. btw I can now stream radio paradise through JRiver too.