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  1. The Dead Don't Die Hilarious zombie film by Jim Jarmusch. Great cast: a deadpan Bill Murray, Adam Driver, Steve Buscemi, Danny Glover, Tilda Swinton, Iggy Pop and Tom Waits! Gory zombies but some great lines.
  2. Back to our Shostakovich series. Symphony #8. Mark Wigglesworth.
  3. Frank Zappa - Monsters A fine-sounding bootleg of live recordings.
  4. Really, really sorry to hear this. Are you on heparin injections or oral anticoagulants? My wife has to take them indefinitely for her atrial fibrillation. Had you been on a long flight or just a period of inactivity? Hope all goes well for you.
  5. Welcome! This is a fun place (and incredibly helpful) so enjoy yourself. Tell us about your gear in Bits and Bobs.
  6. Leftfield - Leftism Bohemia’s favourite ‘workout’ album!
  7. Eagle Vs Shark Another film by Taika Waititi, his first feature, I think. Strange story of two misfits, Jarod and Lily.
  8. Went into the hospital ASAP, man, it was a dreadful fright. Cos I thought that I had a DVT, would I make it through the night? I'm back in the UCCR, you don't know how lucky you are, boys, back in the UCCR. Thought that First I would go to A&E, but AEC was first of all. They said that I would have to go to be referred They wouldn't look at me at all. so I'm back in the UCCR, you don't know lucky you are boys, to be back in UCCR. well the NHS is really great, the nurses are outasight, tender care is what I got, Now I'm gonna sleep toni-ni-ni-night Told me it was tendonitis not so bad, painful but not gonna die, sent me home with medication that's OK, I'm so glad that there was I Back in the UCCR, You don't know how lucky you are boys, to have the UCCR.
  9. Greatest Hits Just can't remember the artist!
  10. bohemian

    Baseball 2019

    Lots of fallout from MLB investigation into sign-stealing: Astros GM and Manager Hinch suspended for 2020 and fired by the Astros. $5million fine for the club and no 1st or 2nd round draft picks for the next 2 years, Alex Cora (Hinch’s assistant in 2017) also involved, and fired by the Red Sox because of it. MLB still investigating Red Sox for 2018 when Cora was manager and they won WS. Many players implicated but no sanctions as many play for other teams now. (Mets manager Carlos Beltran included)
  11. Boy very touching film about a young New Zealand maori boy just known as "boy" whose mother died giving birth to his younger brother and whose dad is absent. Grandma goes away to a funeral and Boy is left in charge of 5 young children. Then dad comes home. Taika Waititi wrote, directed and starred in this. Highly recommended. [Be sure to watch the Haka version of Michael Jackson's Thriller at the end just prior to the credits.]