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  1. bohemian

    what classical music are you listening to now ?

    Just bought this. Lovely music by the youthful Korngold.
  2. bohemian

    Baseball 2019

    Another exciting game. Good pitching from Happ, but Eovaldi was outstanding - six great innings for Boston. Red Sox leading 3-1 and their relief pitcher loaded the base with 1 out, so their best reliever Brasier was brought in. He served up a grand slam for Brett Gardner - also his 100th home run! - and the Yankees led 5-3, a lead they held onto. Trouble at White Sox game after Anderson flipped his bat and then got plunked! Benches cleared and ejections. What happened, Barry?
  3. bohemian

    Guess the album cover

    I don't know.
  4. bohemian

    What are you listening to right now?

    Led Zeppelin: Physical Graffiti disc 1.
  5. bohemian

    Baseball 2019

    What a game yesterday! James Paxton shutout the Red Sox over 8 innings. 12 strikeouts and he was still throwing 97mph in the 8th! Offence a homer by Clint Frazier, and a maiden homer by Tauchman driving in 3 runs. A final of 8-0 over Boston feels ever so good. Jay Happ on the mound tonight against Eovaldi. Just 2 games in this series before KC come into town for four.
  6. bohemian

    What are you listening to right now?

    Chris Rea: New Light Through Old Windows. cd. Sounds wonderful.
  7. bohemian

    What are you listening to right now?

    Chris Rea - Auberge. Cd. Excellent.
  8. bohemian

    What are you listening to right now?

    Was Fleetwood Mac Greatest Hits, but now: Laurie Anderson: Life On A String
  9. bohemian

    max townshend creations

    Already having fractal f1 rca interconnects between my dac and premp, and also preamp to powers, I now have a pair from my cdp to preamp. Lovely detail, airy sound, nice 'presence' on vocals and good bass. Happy bunny. Anybody got any fractal f1 speaker cable they don't want?
  10. bohemian

    Guess the album cover

    Could be.....
  11. bohemian

    Guess the album cover

    Of course.