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  1. bohemian

    what classical music are you listening to now ?

    Symphony #1 from this excellent set:
  2. bohemian

    Guess the album cover

    bit more.
  3. bohemian

    Guess the album cover

    Rearrange the words below: Purple book taliesyn deep of the
  4. bohemian

    Guess the album cover

    I must be close......
  5. bohemian

    Guess the album cover

    I got it! Siroak Mas Boskreo
  6. bohemian

    Guess the album cover

    What clues?
  7. bohemian

    What are you listening to right now?

    The Alan Parsons Project: Turn Of A Friendly Card
  8. bohemian

    Guess the album cover

    Bruce Lee?
  9. Darn! Just seen this and I am on holiday in Čechia that weekend! Doh! wish everyone a great time.
  10. bohemian

    Baseball 2019

    A split was a reasonable result - best we could hope for after the first 2 losses, of course. we take on the Rays next - we have a half-game lead in the Division. We should get Stanton back on Tuesday and Judge very soon and the addition of Encarnacion has made our slugging more of a threat. We really need to address pitching though. Severino has been out all year, and German who did an excellent job is now on the IL. Betances not ready yet either.
  11. bohemian

    Just won a prize!

    Was a bit leery of opening the seal as it is a pressing that will not be repeated, but inside the sleeve was a code to download the album is several different formats. So I now have the flac version. The vinyl is 45rpm!
  12. bohemian

    Baseball 2019

    I agree, he pitched brilliantly. You have a good team there in Chicago, plenty to build on if they don't trade away good players. 10-2 was a bit of a drubbing, and CC seems to be struggling to get over the 250 win hurdle. See what tonight brings. Our good news is that Stanton and Judge may be back soon.