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  1. bohemian

    Foreign films?

    Very sad loss. I watched him last night in Kraftidioten.
  2. I am so sorry you are having problems, Paul. I have never had difficulties with them before. I feel terrible at recommending them now and will delete the link I gave. Please delete the link from your post which you quoted so no-one else has problems. I will take it up with them, if you wish.
  3. I'm annoyed at that, Paul. pM me your email address and I'll chase magpie up about it. Still, glad you are happy with deal you got so far. Chris
  4. For those interested in cheap second-hand cds or dvds, Music Magpie have a sale on of buy one get one half-price, but the prices are ridiculously cheap. I just ordered 6 cds for just over £6.
  5. bohemian

    PrimaLuna Owners Club

    @macvisual I don't know anything about passive preamps, but I did once demo one with the Prologue 7s and it didn't work at all. Not in sound terms, it just buzzed horrendously. That was many years ago. I wish I could remember its name but my brain cells keep giving up on me. I remember it was highly regarded in its day. The Dialogue Premium Poweramps are excellent, though, and I imagine the HP have the same sound but just extra power. Definitely worth a demo.
  6. bohemian

    What are you listening to right now?

    Cheers, I asked on Zappateers, but didn't get any sensible explanations.
  7. bohemian

    CD mats- WTFoo?

    The word gullible is actually not even in the dictionary. But, I was young, and foolish......... now I'm old and foolish.
  8. bohemian

    What are you listening to right now?

    Does your copy have "For Calvin" as the first track or "The Grand Wazoo"? I hear there are different versions and the one with Calvin first is supposed to be the correct order. Mine has Wazoo first. I really cannot get 'into' that track. The rest of the album I love, but the Wazoo is impenetrable to me. what's your take on it, Jeff?
  9. bohemian

    CD mats- WTFoo?

    I still have my Auric Illuminator pen and liquid! I saw it the other day and had to giggle.
  10. Double booked for me and Bohemia. Sat and Sun so we can enjoy the setting-up and renewing acquaintances (me) and watching the rugby (her). Apparently it's the Calcutta Cup - so I'm rooting for India. Looking forward to the weekend.
  11. Thanks for the suggestion, but not so sure the wife will go for that solution!
  12. bohemian

    Doncaster Bake Off, 3rd August

    Is this in Doncaster or in Pembroke Dock as per info on profile? If the former, Is it easy to get to from Doncaster Station? May I register interest and confirm later?
  13. bohemian

    What are you listening to right now?

    free download from Naxos. 16/44 flac