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  1. I'd have been arrested if they saw my TT.
  2. Yep, you are correct.
  3. I nearly bumped right into the fella with the yellow camo trousers on the stairs a couple of times but fortunately didn't, probably because of the yellow camo trousers.
  4. Just sent my Allnic phono stage off to him today!
  5. So many thank yous to do: Anthony - great organisation and the innovations of the marquee and P&R were fantastic. All the volunteers that do the front table. JVS for letting me share Simpson room. Myrman for the generous loan of his Modwright power amp. That was just the ticket to get the system sounding up to scratch. Guy - for organising the pub. Gregg for the intravenous brownies again! Kept me going on Sunday. Dom, mickyricky and Stu touch of cloth for their help up the stairs with Jim's ridiculously heavy speakers. Rudy for the Sunday tipples. Nice. All the visitors who came and listened over the two days. Hope you had fun.
  6. browellm


    Awesome tie, regardless. Great fans, great stadium and probably the best team left in the comp.
  7. browellm


    Dangerous as in stray elbows. Yes.
  8. browellm


    Internet radio support is scheduled for the next release. Probably 3-4 weeks away.
  9. browellm


    There you go, Dave. You're welcome.
  10. Rich, at the risk of being boring new new Audio Technica DD is a peach. Has a built-in MM stage too.
  11. I'd much rather have one than a budget belt drive like a Rega. It's £350 with a built-in phono stage and a lid. Go for it.
  12. Over on HA they're absolutely convinced it all comes from the same master, because one of them knows a production engineer who said so. (Ergo, they all are ) I think the master probably is the same, but I'd be very surprised if there isn't some kind of different post production workflow for vinyl editions. And I think the subject of real dynamic range increase vs subjective DR increase is as much philosophical as anything. If it's artificially fooling the meter because of phase changes, it's doing similar witchcraft to my auditory canals
  13. Yes, I think I mentioned that to Ed the first time I watched the video. It did seem an odd comment.
  14. I think Edd9000 has posted about this before. There's a very long thread about it on Hydrogen Audio too, if you're interested in further information.
  15. There's absolutely no better reason to purchase it than this:
  16. Tannoys aren't especially high efficiency. Using a high power amplifier with VOs would be utterly pointless. It could sound great, but it certainly wouldn't be *because* it had a substantial number of Watts available.
  17. I was sentenced to 100 hours community service. I reckon starting this thread counts for a least a minute.