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    Any other fans in here? I used to play quite a bit, but boy, I have let that slip. I was pleasantly surprised to see that the BBC have currently got the World Championship on the red button, so I was able to tune in to some last night.
  2. browellm

    HiFi Shark

    Only just come across this site. It's probably been around for ages, but hey. It's main function is a "classifieds aggregator", pulling in classifieds from places like eBay, The Wam, Audiogon, Audiomarkt etc. into one unified set of search results. Bloody good it is too, and potentially very costly
  3. browellm

    Star Wars

    Not much to go on, but we're a year away. [video=youtube_share;OMOVFvcNfvE]
  4. browellm

    Corbyn Wins

    Foresight I think is the word you're looking for
  5. browellm

    Corbyn Wins

    Lel. So much gold in this thread.
  6. browellm

    Ken livingstone

    I'm not entirely sure why Ken Livingstone is still allowed out on his own.
  7. browellm

    Who are the new owners?

    Plenty of time on their hands between striking.
  8. browellm

    Who are the new owners?

    Unlimited gold if this weekend's posts are anything to go by.
  9. browellm

    Who are the new owners?

    Niko Kranjcar as head moderator?
  10. browellm

    Who are the new owners?

    I lol'd.
  11. browellm

    Glastonbury Roster 2016

    Probably right. It's been quite some time since I listened to it.
  12. browellm

    Glastonbury Roster 2016

    The first three albums are pretty good. The rest, not so much.
  13. browellm

    Horny Avantgarde Acoustic Owners Club

    I missed that thread the first time around. Although the details are no longer available from the link, that chap is almost certainly the guy that sold me the Uno Nanos. He was in the process of moving in 2010 around the Malvern area and had some green Trios and a full TW/Tron setup as well. I mean, how many can there be?
  14. browellm

    New iPhone SE - More gadgets from Cupertino?

    There are so many contradictory statements in your original post, I'm not sure I follow you.
  15. browellm

    New iPhone SE - More gadgets from Cupertino?

    It's got most of the internals of a 6s in a 5s case and is massively cheaper. Not everyone wants a Dom Joly slab. It's going to be massively popular and Apple will sell a shitload.
  16. browellm

    Recommend me a SUT for an IO

  17. browellm

    Recommend me a SUT for an IO

    I'll have it if you don't!
  18. browellm

    Auralic Aries Mini

    Can recommend Squeezebox.
  19. browellm

    Amp Repair in the Surrey area
  20. browellm

    Personal Car Leasing

    PCP > PCH, imo.
  21. browellm

    Doctors and antibiotics
  22. Probably got the most enquiries about this: Iron & Wine - Kiss Each Other Clean Cleared the room with five minutes of Magnolia Electric Company. Bloody heathens.