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  1. I am a Impulse Lali and S500 User. I upgraded the Speakers from Snell K's as I wanted a fuller sound.
  2. Had My S500 since 1992 so it's ass old as my Son! Last time it went it was repaired by Audio Labs in Leeds. They are no longer about due to retiring so I have to hope it continues on and rely on posting it for repair. Not looking forward to that!!
  3. telecat


    Will you be purchasing the CD/DVD re-release of "Sunburst Finish"? It looks too good to avoid for me.
  4. telecat


    I avoided the SHM-CD's but I did buy the Queen SACDs that were similarly labelled. Mainly because the Original albums did not have a good Production reputation.
  5. AI500 and Impulse Lali User. Mine are still on the original drivers etc and going strong. I think the Impulse range is suited to the 500/700 series.
  6. As a AI500 Owner myself I will keep an eye on this. I found uprating to Mullard valves did improve the sound but have thought about KT77's as they are supposed to be a different sound altogether.
  7. I have had the turntable for a number of years and fitted a LinnK9 to the RB300 arm. I was thinking of an upgrade and quite liked the sound of a Eroica H. The Amp is a S500 Audio Innovations and the speakers Impulse Lali. Any thoughts on the combination or alternatives?
  8. telecat

    Sony uhp-h1

    Anybody using one of these especially in a Transport Mode? Seems to output 24/192 from the SP/DIF so wondering if they would be a good match to a Chord DAC?
  9. My Solution was to move to a semi detached with another semi on the end. I'm about 20 Metres and three rooms away from a party wall.
  10. Or things could get really expensive if you listen to the DAVE!!
  11. Using a Denon2900 for SACD and DVD-Audio at the moment but to be honest I want to use the DAC64 so looking for a transport that can output at that level. Having said that did anyone find out about the Techniques that was mentioned earlier?
  12. I would not rule out the Cambridge Audio 752BD. Essentially a Oppo underneath and it seems to output more formats though it's Digital out's.
  13. Given the DAC was designed as a no compromise design for a QDB76/Indigo replacement I suspect it does better than virtually anything else at that price. The only thing Rob Watts appears to have missed is the Memory which he is working on.
  14. Going back to the Snell K's I heard them initially with the Sugden A25 and Audio Innovations 300. Both worked really well. I preferred having a bit more power so tried the A28 and Ai500 with which again they worked really well. Hence I am not surprised that a Sugden sounds good with K's. Obviously the Oto is a decendent of the Ai's so should be a good match too.
  15. As I remember it the ASL link was really designed to partner the Discrete with the Crop of DVD-Audio/SACD players as it has the capability of handling 24/192 and DSD signals and carrying them to the Discrete. The remaining SP/DIF and AES/SBU inputs only handle 24/96 at maximum. Hence you will be OK with most servers providing you limit them to 24/96. I know Audio Synthesis do not produce any kit from reading posts but the guy is still active. it MAY be possible to fit the ASL to a server but that would invalidate the warranty and it is dependant on finding somebody who can do the work.