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  1. It's been a tremendously difficult decision to move this little golden gem on, but here we go. It's in near mint condition, boxed and with new Sovtek EL84 and GE5751. I'm 8 miles east of Nottingham and would very much prefer collection only. I'll be nipping up to Leeds on 1st March and can bring to Kegworth but would require payment by BT beforehand. Any visit and listen in my system is very welcome indeed. £1300. No offers please, I think this is a fair price. Cheers.
  2. If you can live with the shortcomings of the P3ESR in the bass dept, and I can, a properly serviced 303 with them is a gorgeous pairing. Bear in mind I'm talking from the perspective of a 12 x 12 foot listening room though, which is an important factor.
  3. 23R and 7. Don't write off the lower cost Croft power amps ! A quad 303 is gorgeous with the 25R also.
  4. After listening yesterday pm/last night the Leben is tipping the balance. I've decided to choose which within three weeks so I can offer what's being sold for Kegworth collection. Might treat it to some Mullard EL84s.
  5. Just joined the clique, CS300x.What a stunning bit of kit, the word vivid very much comes to mind. Speakers are Harbeth P3ESR. Currently have to decide whether to keep this or my Croft gear, life is hell ;-). At the moment the balance is tipping towards the pretty one !
  6. Power is no issue, the volume is at 10 o'clock and there's plenty of noise, a 4 x 4m room really doesn't require a lot of filling. The Leben is as beautiful as I recall, perhaps a tad more luxurious sounding and a bit airier than the Croft, where the Croft goes for tonal accuracy. Right here and now I feel a bit daft, I've basically got two sources of amplification that differ a little in presentation but both sound utterly wonderful. The Leben definitely smells better, I'm not joking !
  7. No remote with the Croft, and I've insulted the Leben already, It's xs not sx !
  8. Hi All, I haven't really started many topics in a while as I've had nothing to say, my system being constant for the last 5 years or so, Croft 25R/7 being the amplification. I've hankered after a Leben in my system for a long time, Gregs' (Nagraboy) fault , he's brought his over a couple of times. It does sound rather sublime, though I've only listened for fairly brief periods. So....... I'm picking one up this afternoon and can only keep either it of the Crofts. I am pretty lucky in that I won't need to move anything on for a month or so, so time is my friend here. My main concern before hearing one was that 15w per side simply would not be enough for the Harbs. In a 12 x 12 foot room, it's plenty, trust me. And I have a witness ! This won't be about which is best, simply which I prefer. I have to say I feel very loyal to the Crofts, I've been extremely happy with them over the last 5 years. Why am I doing it ? Well, it would seem I I finally weakened and got wantitis, I hang my head in shame for such indulgence, I thought I was cured !
  9. My word, I'm thinking of going 2 matching TT DJ style !
  10. Surprised this has had no interest, this is a lovely bit of kit for the asking. And trust me, Greg looks after his HiFi meticulously. I'd have it myself but then I'd have two !
  11. Ian

    leaving a cd player on

    A no from me but I have to turn mine on (Quad CDP2) 15 or so minutes before playing or else the b****y thing won't open. Huntingdon calls I think !
  12. A very specific question I appreciate ! Harbeth recommend 15w minimum power and a 15w Leben (Nagraboys') drove them a treat. I recall absolutely years ago powering the Harbs with my original Quad IIs and being underwhelmed with the volume out but wondered if age/old valves could affect output ? A view from someone with a modern 'Classic' pair would be very gratefully received. Cheers,
  13. Miles Davis Original Mono Recordings 9 CD box set at Amazon, £23.99 I've had this a long time, nice package, great sound.
  14. Ian

    Harbeth Owners Club

    My P3ESR right next to the wall also, with thick curtains behind for evening listening. They sounded a bit better when I moved them away once but in my 12 x 12 foot living room this can't be a permanent arrangement. So it's either close to the wall or not having them, the latter simply not being an option. If these speakers aren't performing at their absolute best in the current position, well I've been exceedingly happy with them for the last 5 years !
  15. Ian

    New Preamp, Croft or Tron?

    Yes, by 'fidelity' I just meant general 'top notchness' music and enjoyment wise (though I don't think this is a commonly respected term of Hi Fi) !