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  1. Ian

    Pro-ject new turntables

    I went for the Classic a couple of years ago with absolutely no regrets. I wanted a good, modern, straightforward, no mucking about TT that looked, erm, Classic. This absolutely fitted the bill. I picked it up (new) at a great price too. Maybe the current range will be discounted to make way for the new models as often happens ?
  2. This 909 is in beautiful condition with only one minor cosmetic issue being in the top left hand corner of the front panel as shown in the last photo. The service was for 4 x replacement pcb mount caps and 7 resistors. The receipt will be included, the cost being £134.53 (£97.11 Net, £22.42 VAT and £15 Carriage). A stunning amp in every way, only selling to put the funds towards something classic and valvey I've just bought. Original box (decent condition) with internal foam packaging. No manual, but, y'know, plug stuff in at the back and off you go £460 delivered (DPD - mainland UK) excluding insurance, which I strongly advise. payment by BT please. Collection from Nottingham (8 miles east of city) would also of course be welcome. Cheers.
  3. I've had these for ages and am sure they work fine but I'm unable to test them. As such I'd like to sell them on the basis that if any fail I'll refund you proportionally if that sounds ok. These are priced at £100 at Hot Rox, so how about £35 delivered ?
  4. On recently asking GC about the use of a Quad 909 with a 25R he similarly advised.... The input impedance is rather low for the 25R so may not be a great match and If you change the line stage valve in the 25R to a 12BH7a that will reduce the output impedance of the amp so that it will be able to drive the Quad properly. This I did with much improved sonic performance. I appreciate gain is a different issue to impedance matching but thought I'd post this as it has relevance. Additionally, even with a 5751 in my 25R with the 7 and Harbeth P3ESRs gain is high as you are experiencing. I considered sending to GC as you mention but in the end decided I couldn't be bothered and just live with it
  5. Ian

    Valve bias - Radford STA25

    You'd be welcome of course, but it won't be as good as the 909
  6. Ian

    Valve bias - Radford STA25

    Really grateful for that Richard, especially as my recollection was incorrect ! Cheers.
  7. Ian

    Valve bias - Radford STA25

    Hi, It's been a very long time indeed since I owned one of these and am going back to my roots. Do I recall correctly that to bias the valves you place the two contacts of a volt meter in the 'test' sockets and then adjust with a screwdriver to 2v ? I'm unable to find clear confirmation on the 'web. Cheers.
  8. Ian

    New Preamp, Croft or Tron?

    As a 25R owner for 5 years this is really interesting to hear. I think my personal limit surrounding spend and the law of diminishing returns ends with the 25R, I couldn't spend more. If there's one pre I'd love to try/hear though it's the Tron. Same sort of design and manufacture philosophy really, and one which really appeals to me. I am exceedingly happy with the Croft though. Presumably you've seen this...…. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Tron-Convergence-50W-Solid-State-Power-Amplifier-MINT/113697507849?hash=item1a78e64a09:g:ZPUAAOSwBlRcdCtK&frcectupt=true Sorry, just spotted the last line of your post
  9. Hi Simon, I wish to give you a measured response despite thinking the 909 is the most enjoyable power amp I've had in my system. The Croft 25R and 7 and Harbeth P3ESRs has been my unchanged rig for a number of years now. Every so often I like to pop alternative power amps in there. This process (bit of fun !) has been by no means exhaustive. I try mostly Quad and have had a 303, 306, 405, 405-2, 99, Croft 7R and now the 909. Of all of these I've kept the 303 and 7. This is not to say these are 'the best', just the two I prefer and am fortunate enough to be able to keep. To be fair the 303 is one of the 'cheapest' power amps I've ever owned and one I enjoy the most. As I said earlier I've owned a 909 before, with Quad 11 or 12L speakers and a pre I can't recall. I'm always a bit wary of saying things that might encourage others of spending hard earned cash as when all said and done, this is just my opinion. However, I would say the Croft 25R and 909 is amongst the most enjoyable combinations of amplification I've owned. But then again, they're all pretty darn good ! I would say it is essential to follow GCs advice and stick a 12BH7A in the line stage of the 25R though. And we are of course talking about different power amps, the 909 is not the QSP ! Oh to have a power button on the front though - that's an upgrade !
  10. Ok, I know I said I avoid first impressions, but **** me I'd forgotten how good the 909 is. I do recall a mid-range thing going on from quite a few years ago when I last owned one and it's still there ! Wish I could recall what pre I was using with it then, just for interest.
  11. Of course. I tend not to go for first impressions so watch this space (for a little while !). I think I've said in the past that the Croft 25R/7 combo ended my box swapping but it is fun to have other boxes pass through occasionally. I've always fancied hearing a Quad QC24 with other Quad power amps but these rarely pop up on the used market. The QSP certainly has been a bit of a bargain recently, you've got a lot of amp for your pound there.
  12. On the latest purchases, my word, nice one !! The QSP trade in fell through and I've just bought a serviced 909, which tbh I don't expect would be significantly different from the QSP. Slotting it, and the 12BH7A in the system tonight. Thinking of also auditioning with a cheeky mid-week beer .
  13. Ian

    Wanted - Quad QSP

    Thanks - I was tempted but got sorted with a serviced 909. Cheers.
  14. Ian

    Wanted - Quad QSP

    Before I go for a new one @ £699 or a used at Moorgate @£599, just checking anyone's looking to offload one. Condition is all, would need to be NM & boxed. Cheers.