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  1. Ian

    Are you keeping your old stuff alive?

    Radford STA25 and Quad 303 here. I find the older gear far more satisfying to own with SQ as satisfying as anything out there. It's just lovely. I mean this isn't electronics, it's art...…..
  2. I think I've rediscovered 60s Jazz, those old records sound stunning.
  3. I really haven't appreciated just how lovely this can be until just now. Older (early 60s) jazz pressings sound gorgeous. Note: This isn't a vinyl vs. other stuff post, just one saying how lovely it is because this is where you do that sort of thing !
  4. I've enjoyed my TT (Project Classic) for a couple of years now but always wondered what the benefits of an improved cartridge might bring. With the fitted Ortofon silver spinning vinyl was a treat and rarely a disappointment but enter the Goldring 1042, fitted by a lovely chap at Nottingham Hi Fi. It's gorgeous and releases the potential of this fine spinner I feel. Pretty much improved in every dimension, and significantly. I appreciate records aren't loved by all, and it's as far from streaming as you can get, but a joyful thing to do if you fancy it. Anyway, got to go, I have to flip to side 2 !
  5. Advantages (of pre and power): More boxes to play with !
  6. Ian

    Valve amp suggestions for Harbeth 40.1

    The most wonderful sound I've had from my P3ESRs is with a Croft 25R pre and Radford STA25. Within your budget, even if you go for a Radford Revival one. Different speakers I appreciate but wished to throw this in the mix ! Having said this a well fettled Quad 303 is hard to beat for a beautiful balance of smooth and detailed. There's plenty of room in your budget for a back up one from Amplabs ;-).
  7. I truly hope they succeed in their aspirations. For now, given the very reasonable prices combined with the thorough testing process (and printed branding appeal) they've got to be worth a punt. A Brimar liveried Morris Minor though - that must be a beautiful thing to see.
  8. Forgive me if this has been posted previously, but it's news to me. Very interesting indeed. Prices seem very reasonable too. https://brimaruk.com/valves/brimar-tube-range/
  9. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/LEBEN-CS-300X-CLONE-AUDIOPHILE-TUBE-AMPLIFIER-PANDORA-HANDMADE-FROM-RUSSIA/173902077052?hash=item287d5f1c7c:g:vZMAAOSwxc5chOY6
  10. Ian

    Croft and Sugden

    I think it's generally regarded that Croft and Harbeth are a winning combination. For the past 5 years I've had the 25R with the 7 and it's glorious. Not sub £1000 but prior to that I had the 25 and whilst the 'R' version is an improvement, diminishing returns apply and I was truly happy with the 25/7. I might be moving the 7 on soon, I've not decided yet. I've played about with a few power amps in my time and the only one I consider to be an improvement on the 7 is some vintage iron that left me penniless
  11. Ian

    I dug out something very old from the loft.

    I sometimes think there's a dimension to gear surrounding family, heritage, age, past, and appearance that is more rewarding to the soul than ultimate SQ and mere monetary worth and I'm guessing this is where you are with this lovely looking bit of kit. I love that dial !
  12. I could print this and frame it...………………..
  13. I've had a Croft 25R/7 and Harbeth P3ESRs for years though have been waiting for a very (very) long time for a Radford STA25. The wait was due to the criteria being excellent cosmetics and a smart undercarriage. Finally one popped at for sale by Will at Radford Revival who was selling it on behalf of a customer. It was indeed in lovely condition and he'd previously serviced it, replacing the caps, some resistors and a bit of re-wiring. It really is lovely work. Everything else is original apart from a new Radford label ! I've had it a couple of weeks and it is indeed a show stopper and whilst the glassware was fine I've just today replaced them with GE signal valves and a quad of Gold Lion KT77 re-issue. Whether the new valves will make any difference I don't know but I wanted to take it as far as I could (NOS Mullard EL34s were just beyond my exhausted pocket !). I simply can't imagine improving my system, which is selected around my 12 x 12 foot room, beyond upgrading my front room to a larger one ! the 'Wam has played a huge part in getting to this point and has given tremendous fun along the way. Advice has been passed right up until a couple of weeks ago with Rabski having to remind me how to bias the Radford as I'd forgotten how to from years ago. This is a great hobby/passion/obsession (!) and this is a great place to share all that revolves around it. Anyway, I'm hoping for the cold, blustery and wet bank holiday weekend weather to continue so I can justify staying indoors . I have an excellent peaty malt for tonight's final upgrade.
  14. Ian

    Bit of cartridge advice please !

    Thanks again for these, just spent a few minutes looking at reviews and given the heads up here this helps with the huge choice out there.