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  1. Glad we've got a broad range of things going on here! terrific.. keep it coming. That Damian Rice + whoever the lass is (recognise her) sounds v. similar to a Kathryn Williams song. Id not put KW in her mind.. too twee/ B&Sebastien etc/.. too pale for me. Tbh Id even consider (proper) Dinosaur Jr folk.. albeit noisy very-metal-folk! I'd strongly recommend anyone to sit for 15 mins & properly immerse themselves in a new (probably, as likely not known) slant on folk below.. tho this guy's been doing this/ his very own thing in the genre for decades, unassumingly & quietly, but utterly brilliantly:
  2. Stretch it a bit to £180- £200 if I were you & try & find a roksan caspian cdp. Uk made & like a tank too.. metal where you want it/ & excellent big spacious 'analoguey' sound. total bargain.
  3. Spot on Pete. I just dont want 4legs to elaborate on a recipe, very kindly so & it looks great, as its just not answering the OP q.. its a waste of his time. Quicker 4legs? huh? your fine recipe would take -far- longer.. theres little doubt about this old boy.
  4. mortar & pestle?? flamin eck- never again will I use one.. even if I have 3 days off & all of 4legs ingredients piled up around my fat tum like xmas pressies round a tree. Threads about a quick, decent-ish curry. NOT a full on extravaganza chaps. Look just do another thread for that ok?
  5. Erm.. where dya get 55mins from.. kit thing takes 10mins prep 4legs. Perfect for a midweek fairly good curry to make quickly when Im shot after work/ & is pretty decent too.. just what I am asking for tbh. If you read the OP, youd see a long post telling me how to make one of your super fullon from scratch curries is fundamentally not wanted. Here/ for this thread that is. Yr wasting yr time thats all- kinda annoying for me to need to explain.. much more for you surely.
  6. Me ain no flippin yoof innit nivaaa. Thats the brownest meal Ive ever seen. Even the white bits are brown.
  7. Erm.. this is exactly what I dont want to do. Grinding seeds, using a multitude of ingredients, chopping fresh ginger & chopping fresh herbs.. then 4 hrs.. for goodness sake. Ive said it a few times now, this is not the point here, for this thread. It will be far superior YES of course it will & (Im a decent cook so could do all this IF I had 4 hrs the patience of a saint & lord knows how many ingredients. I DONT).. but, if you read the thread I just want in this day & age a decent ready-mixed curry base so I can make a 1/2 decent curry in 10mins, leave to cook for 35mins/ then rest for 10.. & seemingly I cannot for love nor money find it. And that is ridiculous in 2017. But Ive stumbled on this pataks kit & this is just the job ~almost bang on so Im happy. 5 mins to prep/ 30mins cook. Thats what Im on about here.
  8. No but its not the point of the OP. Im capable, morethan tbh.. but I'm damn tired after work, & I dont have the energy: I want a happy compromise between crap jars Im sick & tired of, & whole hog do it from scratch, or 'go to a restaurrant' ( who said this?!).
  9. Yes but its a huge step.. hence the OP. The korma btw isn't too good, has that chemically sweet flavour combined with the coconut sauce, a bad combo. But add alot more coconut & reduce its pretty good. Texture is really good, really authentic restaurant. But tikka masala one is better. Spices are excellent in both. This is a BIG step up from the jar monstrosities, including the best (imoho) the lloyd grossman odd one. And a mile away from pataks jar sh*te (even the half-decent Phal one).
  10. Would you adam & eve it... local tesco, in the bargain shelves there's a diy kit thing by Pataks (for £1!): & its by -far- the best yet. 'New' Kerala Korma & Tikka Masala kits only ones I see so far. Good real spices in a do-da 1, paste ina do-da 2, & sauce in a 3rd do-da. Impressive. I hope they start regularly selling them.. about the best thing in the whole flippin shop!
  11. Yes I had thought maybe this too.. I'll find out whats going on under its chuff on next rainy day when I fit mickbalds -very kindly- donated early board. from 40 yrs ago!
  12. Thanks for all the info.. never thought there'd be so much tbh! well Ive gone thru the links you kindly added chaps- gintonic's 1st one had 2 vg pics (so far as I can determine) with the pinky background.. just what I need/ sniffed I hope the same 50-500x 8 led usb jobby out on ebay & only £10.29. I'll report back with a pic if I can. thx alot
  13. Yes thats the one.. wow never thought Id see one again/ big thanks will PM you now!
  14. Chaps- I cant see what state my denon dl110 stylus is in, & thinking all I need (bar sending it to AO.. which is fine.. but will cost me £20 min: a waste if the cart is a gonner) is a basic, cheapo microscope thing. Ive no idea if the cart is 300, 600, or 900 hrs.. ie VG still, 2/3rds gone, or nr shot (sometimes I dont even know what day it is, & have to ask). Is this something that anyone's done or has something they use? I did have one shaped like a small mini-maglite.. but broke aeons ago, but it did do the trick, very basically & quite a fiddle it must be said. Thanks Abbot
  15. Chaps- Ive been searching in vain it seems for an sme cutout Lp12 armboard on ebay.. sigh.. used to be a good few. As I cant find one, Im wondering if its possible to buy an easily found linn arm type & modify/ extend the cutout hole (for a mission 774 bicht actually). Anyone know the relative positions of these two main cutout sections? ie.. do they happily intersect? thanks Abbot