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  1. Any builders here?

    moo-fi. Im not discussing building regs. Go do another thread, please. triffic thx! but can you take your cool gang with you- the sweet shop's open! teehee.
  2. Any builders here?

    Teehee. a fire in a shower.. mm lets think how could I possibly put that out? another childish reply. This place is full of 11 year olds.
  3. Any builders here?

    You actually read it? yes its a good opening post. If you have a sensible answer to one of the Q's, reply. If not you are wasting your time. Ah fourlegs finally lets slip he's a child as well not "an architect of 35yrs". Ignored. Im not interested in your opinions now.
  4. Any builders here?

    I did with the shower. Im certainly NOT with re. to the extention. I said so but you can't read obviously either. Its like a flaming kids classroom this! ooh follow 'flash' he's cool! lets club together! ooh yes lets!! teehee. children.
  5. Any builders here?

    Oh just go away- total timewaster. I said re. a simple shower- you just crack on with it, then in brackets [NOT THAT I WOULD DO THIS RE. THE EXTENSION]. Flash, read (all) then reply. Read, then reply. Its as simple as that. Not read a bit & assume the rest. I will put you on ignore.
  6. Any builders here?

    I am on here asking, bc he's not bothered to get back to me fourlegs.. so Im just gleaning some info if I cann rather than relying SOLELY on his answer: he might have reasons to want to use a particular method as it fits his timeframe, or he can get maximum capital out of the build. Its perfectly reasonable to ask another opinion bar my builder's. For goodness sake, if you can't help- just don't!!
  7. Any builders here?

    More assumptions. He had the plans then. 2 months is his, & normal wales time. PLEASE STOP ASSUMING!! IT IS 99% LIKELY TO BE INCORRECT. PLEASE.
  8. Any builders here?

    Look this is wales. You crack on with things here, if its a simple thing like a shower that is [not re. the extension that is entirely different]. I got a competent handyman who's fitted many to double check the electrics that's all, otherwise all I did myself including the plumbing. "Ventilation must adhere to building regs abc & signed off unless not properly.." oh ffs/ you just open the window. A fire? in a modern mira unit you turn off after 15mins so no power's getting to it? for goodness sake. The point of the pics was to show I'm competent, rather than incompetent as your assumption was. Its not to then query xy&z about it- yr wasting yr time. It works well, & it ventilates fine, cos its got a window. Then stop replying.
  9. Any builders here?

    This is what I've done. Its been sent to the planning dept. They're giving me the green light (fingers x'd). I said from the beginning I am not building it, but getting a builder to. I said the builder is very experienced & fastidious with re. to building regs. I said it is up to my builder to build it according to regs, which is just common sense, in order to mitigate against a client not paying him if x&y don't adhere to building regs. He gives you the final bill. You don't pay it of x & y fail building regs do you? that's one of the things you pay any competent builder FOR. Enough with building regs already.
  10. Any builders here?

    I've applied for planning. If there is anything I cannot do re. regs, I will not get planning for it surely. I have gone thru all the details with my arch.chap 1st, then gone via correct procedures re. permission: the council have seem the plans (as simple as they are) & no mention of 'no- you can't do that/ you must have xy or z' has been mentioned even during a call to the very guy it seems who said he'll be likely giving me the green light very soon. The dungeon I haven't stated as being a 'dungeon downstairs for sexfest tuesdays & verymetal thursdays' but a storeroom. Can you tell me if you are a builder?
  11. Any builders here?

    Aha there we are, we're on a more similar page now fourlegs- great thx. BTW when you say you rescued a job.. what are you then, apart from a hifinerd like me, a builder or consultant of somesort? My chap is 2/3rds of £bigwig's, not 1/3rd (not £750- cheap! but then Id not trust anyone offereing this fig) but £1.6k. Add a ruddy 'bat survey' I had to have to get all of 2ft extra/ max height I need @ £600 (for 1-1/2 hrs 2 ecology weirdys sat in a flaming car & not much else, then 12 pgs of OTT detailed docs emailed, prob just subbing my house name for the last).. & Im £2k before I damn started. I didn't know you see, that I could approach my arch.Chap re building structure advice/ the Q's Im aiming at here. As my builder has been so damn hard to get hold of I thought here might be a good place to get some thoughts; I still think it is (if I can wade thru the facetious replies from the usual bunch) as all possible opinions are welcome to hopefully get the very best/ cheapest way to get it built. My builder's coming tmrw for a more solid chat: he's no1 here (rebuilt my chimney + other stuff so I trust him & get on very well with him too). Mentioning the green light re. planning (fingers x'd) should give him the impetus to give me a quote, finally. I asked him for one 2 months ago. This is welsh timeline re. builders for you, esp him. Infuriating. He is responsible for ,many chaps/ oversees them etc, & has a list of jobs on at same time so you fight to get him. He is though, the most costly, but Im getting his quote 1st as 1) I trust him 2) he's done good work on the whole for me before: a logical 1st move. Good advice re. door. Ive seen a very comprehensive Youtube 30mins of a drummers' soundproofing of a stock horrid garage, which tho way more comprehensive than I can afford (ie an ideal inner box isolated from outer grg shell) gives good ideas about how sound permeates. Yes gaps, so door: I need a thick heavy 6" or so door with good seals. Yes the downside will be a 'dungeon' I realise this, but I'll ONLY need to spend 1.5 hrs broken into 3 half hours, per day in here, in order to make my builds/ a meagre but ok living. Thankfully most of each build is done elsewhere, music on, no dust, & warm (the basic 'study' room above it's function: in terms of property/ value.. call it a small adjacent bedroom, albeit via the master bedroom: ideal for a new couple/ baby?).
  12. Any builders here?

    I didnt put these up before, [I dont like blowing my own trumpet as many seem only to do on forums] as the thread became a string of rude replies, as alas seems often the case on here (not doing HFWW any plaudits at all). So to quell one assumption.. here's my bathroom: if you may recall a total stripped mess before. Bath & sink reinserted/ fixed, tiled, shower fitted/ screen & smart n tarty finish stuff ALL by me. ALL with no prior experience, & it must be said with many very kind replies (either side of the childish nasty ones so I 'pulled the plug' on the thread) from fourlegs, Dave H, gintonic amongst others. It cost me total £250.
  13. Any builders here?

    Ok thanks fourlegs, I appreciate your time to reply.. but I am all to easily 'assumed' xyz you see (it happens in every aspect of my life- I cant avoid it, it seems). I haven't actually got an architect per se.. but an architectural consultant: this confuses you as much as I, but, I am to believe he does the basics an architect will for less. He seems very knowledgeable, has got me quickly to the point Im at (in 4 weeks nearing the green light from council) answering the many Q's Ive asked comprehensibly. The Q's to HIM being protocol / process / stages / basic plans; the basic groundwork for the builder to come along.. & build. No he's not costing £2.2k the bigwig architect who quoted me after a brief overview I gave him with the 7 yrs degree. He's maybe 2/3rds this cost, but has (so he says & Iv no reason to believe otherwise) many more years of experience, actually, than the local bigwig architect- I could tell he wasn't the right man for the job for my 'small' job when his big flash new rangerover rocked up. I gave him an espresso & hoped the time would be quick enough not to be charged.. he had the decency not to, after my pls pls pls email! I am asking here, about the structure. Nothing about building regs, for now. Structure > Cost. Way forward on this avenue I need to choose, very very carefully due to COST and SOUND issues. Thanks
  14. Any builders here?

    I am not asking about building regs as its nothing to do with me as a client. Ive said this more than once. I am paying an architect. I am paying a builder. BOTH will be paid by any client to adhere to building regs. If they don't & it cannot be signed off, I won't pay the final bill. The short, rude replies here are nothing but being facetious & attempting to scupper me &/ or desperately trying to impress 'net buddies' & I'll just ignore them. I am just asking about the construction. Timber or something else. What are the solidity issues/ cost issues of one vs the other. Mass, sound etc etc.. this is what Im asking on this thread. I have asked in a friendly way, please if you have a reply, ie if you are a builder.. could you just have the basic decency to make it friendly too. Thanks.
  15. Any builders here?

    Thanks for the reply. I'm not understanding this insistance on building regs etc. My builder is always on about building regs "no I cant install your logburner without a vent" [pls pls I say, as it'll only just introduce cold air across the room.. which it flaming does/ ridiculous thing]. It is not my department. It is a builder's: I pay a builder > its part of his remit to build it with building regs in mind. . the very rule book he builds on/ adheres to (or he could come unstuck by a customer not prepared to fit the final bill if it falls short on the buildiing regs couldn't he). And why this 'heat leakage' issue? there is no heating in the lower room. There is no central heating in the upper room. There is no Cheating in the house. The main house is a fridge. A ceiling between the two floors will, by default, have the std rafters/ noggins/ insulation/ wiring/ boarding out above & below, or it won't pass building regs. That goes without saying. And heavy 2x carpetting on top? Another Q I was hoping to ask by now was whether the upper room will be a decent enough 'lid' on the sound from below as it is, not for s'one being in there, but from the potential pov of a council twerp with a monitor sent by my sod n'bor; this is what Im aiming twds, in case this arises (a dead cert probablity base on their obsessive targetting behaviour twds me- it will be exactly this scenario I very likely will face; I MUST mitigate against that "meter reading" going into the red & potentially curtailing or even stopping my work). My (possibly if I can afford him*) builder's here for a cuppa any day, I just wanted to be in a better position to tell him what was the best/ most cost effective, yet solidly built way to progress was. HE will point at building regs abc, within the discussion. He's vastly experienced* & sticks to the rules like a limpet (page1 you expect from any competent builder). The thing thats different here in rural wales to england, is that quite often folks just crack on with it: Im not suggesting I do so, no Ive gone the sensible/ rulebook avenue re. planning, but an extension is far more a run-of-mill thing here than england, far less red tape & detail- thank god. For eg I put in for planning only 4 weeks ago: I was told 'no objections, so I can't see why we won't get you permission by next week'. Thanks for your input, do keep it coming: Im still needing more opinion on those 2 primary Q's Im asking if poss (before I need to consider the detail of building regs, tho I don't feel is my job to). thx Abbot