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  1. Sorry Gordon this has SOLD. I don't visit as often these days of impoverishment. [emoji4] Sent from my FRD-L09 using Tapatalk
  2. Bump £165 Posted. Bargain! 120v USA Voltage you'll need a step down.
  3. Souther Clever Clamp. Good decision. I had one of those on a clearaudio reference TT with a Souther triquartz linear arm I sold for £2500. Not such a good decision...
  4. Cheers Bob. Its like some advanced alien thinking, tiny footprint high watts. I think its great, but as usual print and design doesn't pay very well!
  5. Well, too true, thanks Lawrence. Let's have a final offer to blow the dust of wammers groats. I accept 120v might put some off, so... £160. Erm... That's seriously it. Sent from my FRD-L09 using Tapatalk
  6. I put spotify from my macbook through my femtosecond clock then out to my stello DAC which had a ton spent on it on mods and the sound is fantastic. Don't bother with the chromecast really. I tend to tar it with the same brush as the apple airport which was dire and always dropping out.
  7. BMUP... £180... Cheers guys, always liked the look of those Ocellia speakers of yours. I really liked my big wooden horns and wish I'd kept them. This little amps a great looker, knocked it down a little as appreciate buying a step-down transformer is an additional expense.
  8. Ed Straker from UFO would have one, with a Transcriptors Hydraulic reference. Lol.
  9. Classic little 200 wpc amp, hefty little lump. Its unusual as its a magnetic field amplifier*. 120v USA Voltage you'll need a step down. Airlink do some nice ones.) This is in very nice conditionand had me frankly astonished when Bob ICHM brought it over to have a listen, I greedily had to have it. Only for sale as I'm getting back into cycling and can't afford two expensive hobbies! These are scarce and generally go for between £200 and £350 (generally ratters too) very very rarely appearing on these shores. Many of them were black, so its nice to see a silver (toward champagne) one. The LEDS are cool on the front too. £200 posted tracked - its heavy at 13lbs for a 7" cube! Limes not included. Looks expensive so high on "WAF". Looks hardly used, Bob Carver upset a lot of people with the high end sound of his amps given the relative price point. *"Magnetic field coil power amplifier" - audio amplifiers of the vacuum-tube era used transformers, incorporating coils of wire, to convert the high-voltage, low-current output of the output tubes to a low-voltage, high-current output suitable for loudspeakers. Output transformers are no longer necessary with amplifiers, including Carver's, that use transistors. Carver's U.S. Patent 4,218,660, first applied in his model M400 power amplifier, describes a power supply whose input switches on and off at an ultrasonic rate to adapt to the varying power demand of the amplifier. The innovation is in the power supply, not the amplification circuitry, and in the use of switching, not in the use of a coil or coils.
  10. Sold chaps. Thanks very much. Sent from my FRD-L09 using Tapatalk
  11. Bit of classical Charles-Valentin Alkan, very interesting piano, beautiful and contrasty. Death by falling bookcase was never a good way to go.
  12. £200. Final punt, thats a lot of little amp for the money and it sounds stellar. Collect Bolton Lancs. Posted very reluctantly due to couriers lack of care for £230. These are classic amps with something of a following, factoring in the recap on this one makes it a no brainer.