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  1. That looks like Brumjam's refurb? Paul@RFC also did my Ta'us which had cost no object outboard crossovers and were exhibited at Scalford last year with a Leben amp. Congrats, they'll sound fab. The bruises will heal...
  2. crimsondonkey

    Cancer Research UK "Bring & Buy" sale at Scalford 17

    Cool. Apologies to Jerry for the brief diversion.
  3. crimsondonkey

    Cancer Research UK "Bring & Buy" sale at Scalford 17

    Wammer's generosity and willingness to put themselves out and work for free on behalf of good causes has never been in doubt.
  4. crimsondonkey

    Cancer Research UK "Bring & Buy" sale at Scalford 17

    Good stuff, didn't see it advertised.
  5. crimsondonkey

    Cancer Research UK "Bring & Buy" sale at Scalford 17

    Great fund raising from everyone. Is there no raffle this year? Shame if not but best wishes for further success on the day with the bring and buy.
  6. crimsondonkey

    FREE dual cs505-3

    Cool I'll be in touch to arrange pick up
  7. crimsondonkey

    FREE dual cs505-3

    Can I have it for my daughter Phil?
  8. crimsondonkey

    nominations for the new wam tv presenter

    Thanks for the nomination Phil. In all fairness I think there's much better candidates for the job.
  9. crimsondonkey

    Where next after Impulse H6's

    In standard form the Focal inverted tweeter of H2/ Ta'us will sound too much especially with the volume turned up to relatively loud listening levels. A couple of us Impulse owners have had the tweeters replaced and crossover work to make them sound better than they ever could in factory condition.
  10. crimsondonkey

    Where next after Impulse H6's

    Buy another pair.
  11. crimsondonkey

    Leben gold plated knob appreciation clique

    Nice 👍 Should sound fab with your speakers. Still have my 600 and no intention of it going anywhere.
  12. crimsondonkey

    Scalford 2017

    Tel has nailed it. What I and what many others really cherish is a fabulous Scalford show just like the ones we've enjoyed together in the past. No-one wants it to fail, and everyone wants it to succeed - end of. Well since 1 or 2 obstacles standing in the way may be out the picture then yes maybe it might be time - lets keep things positive and lets see.
  13. crimsondonkey

    Six Pack - Anyone?

    You need to lift heavy weights to do what? I lift heavy weights but the key to a six pack is a low Body fat % which is more to do with diet.
  14. crimsondonkey

    Solihull Bake Off - 18th June

    James, will your TT be running as I wondered whether to bring a few records? Also, and if there's other stuff you'd prefer to hear or its too much faff then no worries, but could I bring my Leben integrated as since hearing your Oto drive your H2s I've been curious as to compare it with my lump? It does have gold knobs so even if we didn't plug it in it would add a bit of retro bling!