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  1. Something along the along the lines of what Nial posted in this thread would be the way I would go. A high efficency 15" driver in an Onken loaded cabinet with a 4" horn loaded compression driver on top. Would humble most systems.
  2. Thanks Bazzer, I see the variants are randomly distributed. Not really interested in a lottery, will sit back and see how the early reviews look. Cheers
  3. Are they available anywhere yet Barry?
  4. Pics work for me Loz. Nice looking speakers.
  5. Their first album is brutal and brilliant, I would not consider it heavy metal in the modern context. Start here, I would give anything to have been in the crowd at this concert
  6. Me neither, not seen it before
  7. Well done Mad Moon, over to you. Spy vs Spy is just one of many Aussia bands that never made it far outside of their homeland. Oz has a whole canyon of unexplored music for many UK/US music fans.
  8. Looks like Bignose has it, but if not
  9. Its a band and they are Australian.
  10. Oh I love a bit of Rammstein at 100dB.
  11. It is impressive to see Fuji continue to invest into R&D and innovation when it seems most of the investment these days is flowing into camera phones. I love my XT-2 with the only reservation remaining with the EVF and my ability to judge exposure. I am yet to find the right setting that gves me 100% confidence on every shot. cheers
  12. Tim you have had some great answers from The Flash and Uzzy, while a simple ported passive speaker may look simple enough and consist of nothing more than the sum of its components there is a lot more to getting it right. It takes a blend of commercial nous, marketing, design skill, distribution, market insight and luck to bring a product to market that consumers actually want to buy.
  13. So what do we do then if we dont give people the opportunity to vote again knowing all that they have learned and observed over the last three years? Based on your straw poll leave should piss it in.