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  1. Mondie

    Apollo 11, 50 years ago

    Dunno, but this is starting to show all qualities of a huge scandal, involving the rich, the famous and their politicians. Look at the mounting case Electro. This is the Miami Herald article from last November, which started it all again. It explained how a rich and powerful hedge fund manager got away with a very lenient sentence for abusing tens or hundreds of young girls, many of them teenagers and some as young as 13 or 14 years old. Last weekend, Jeffrey Epstein was arrested and the news cycle started spinning big time. New charges of sex trafficking were filed this week and he is looking at 45 years to life in prison. The potential fallout however is huge given his vast network of rich and powerful friends, which includes the Tango Rapist, Donald Trump, Bill Clinton, Alexander Acosta, Alan Dershovitz, Woody Allen, Prince Andrew of the UK, Kenneth Starr, Lawrence Summers, Tom Barrack and Bill Barr. Some juicy stories making their rounds, obviously strongly denied by the accused: allegations against Trump of raping a 13-year old girl, similar accusations against Dershowitz and Epstein himself. While some of those allegations may be fishy (maybe not?), there are better researched and validated accounts of Epstein/Trump comradery, like a party with 28 young girls and only two male guests (Epstein and Trump). A summary of confirmed and unconfirmed Epstein/Trump stories here. The fallout is just starting, today Trump's Labour secretary Alexander Acosta resigned because of his role in the fishy 2008 deal which kept Epstein out of prison. Only hours ago, NY investigators have said that Epstein has been recently paying large amounts of money to persons identified as possible co-conspirators, accusing him of witness tampering. And then, there is this New York Magazine story speculating that Epstein never was a hedge fund manager, but ran a clever sex trafficking ring for the rich and famous, blackmailing them to invest large amounts of money in his so-called hedge fund allowing him to charge large fees on those investments. I am sure this is only the beginning of a huge scandal, which has the potential to shake up parts of the US establishment. Once the first bird starts singing, it will all come undone.
  2. Mondie

    Apollo 11, 50 years ago

    No, as it wasn't Kennedy that did it with his own hands the first time Clothy. Kennedy did demonstrate the power of leadership and that's one of many things that Trump will never do.
  3. Mondie

    Apollo 11, 50 years ago

    Yes sure we are, the tango rapist lacks the visionary leadership, conviction or influence to ever deliver on that. Just like so many of the other commitments he makes. You cant fly to the moon by posting illiterate shite on Twitter, any more than you can manage a nation. Grade A Bellend supported by the dim or those who figure they can be enrichened by doing so.
  4. Mondie

    Adding mass to CDs

    Thanks Tony, nothing too sophisticated there. MWD systems I operated in the 90's were using CRC to verify decoding accuracy.
  5. Mondie

    Adding mass to CDs

    You sure, it is just using an interpolation algorithm across missing data points. Nothing too sophisticated about that unless I am missing something?
  6. Mondie

    Adding mass to CDs

    A CD weighs 14gms and given its specific stiffness, any induced wobble from mass unbalance is going to be tiny especially at the low rotational speeds a CD undergoes. I am struggling to see how adding mass achieves anything other than potentially adding some flywheel effect for the CD transport.
  7. Mondie

    The ‘end game’?

    The concept of the endgame and the pursuit of it are dependant on the individual's motivations. Some are in it for the music and the kit is just a means to get there. For others, the kit is a key part of their enjoyment of the hobby. And for people like me who are in pursuit of the best sound as they see it and once attained, want to get off the treadmill, it is for these people that the expression endgame resonates most strongly. Audio is a marketing & hype driven industry, very little is new or innovative and even less pushes the state of the art to a higher level. This is why so many end up in the churn of kit changing, going around in circles and never finding something that provides long term satisfaction.
  8. Mondie

    Guess the album cover

    No idea on that album PM, never seen it before. The JF album I posted is indeed fantastic, very much worth checking out along with 'To record only water for ten days' Cheers
  9. Mondie

    Guess the album cover

    Well done guys No idea on that one monkey, give me more ...
  10. Mondie

    Guess the album cover

    Here's the full cover, artists initials are JF
  11. Mondie

    The last album i bought was

    how does it sound, I have been tempted by that?
  12. Mondie

    Guess the album cover

    oops, sorry I am managing unintentionally to be obtuse. This was the Brucie cover And a bit more of mine, any takers?
  13. Mondie

    Guess the album cover

    Nope definitely not prog. Released in the last decade or so.
  14. Mondie

    Guess the album cover

    And here's a bit more of mine
  15. Mondie

    Guess the album cover

    fair call Bazzer, here it is