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  1. Mondie

    Speaker rattle

    I dont know if its been mentioned but it sounds like the driver may have been overdriven and the voice coil overheated leading to the glue binding it togther melting. I know this from bitter experience.
  2. Mondie

    Front loaded horns

    They are fully active so will run them with my Bent TVC or ARC pre amps.
  3. Mondie

    Front loaded horns

    Thread link below Bonzo. Low bass is a pair of Isobark 12" with front loaded 15" and TAD ET703 on top. The speakers are finished and will be hitting the water within weeks to the UK.
  4. Mondie

    Front loaded horns

    I have active 4-ways with front loaded TAD 4001's. Why are you asking?
  5. C'mon, this is an easy one. A post 2000 release from a British band
  6. This is really good advice, it is the best way to try and make sense of what you are hearing to identify why you are dissatisfied. It is sad to hear of your ill health and poor outcome after placing your trust in a dealer to do the right thing by you. Any of us that have been at this for decades can relate to why you might have wanted to dive into buying your ultimate system so the letdown must be doubly bitter This hobby on the face if it should be simple enough but since it was hijacked by pseudo science in the 70's, it has become fraught to obtain fair value. Mix in unscruplous dealers who are happy to play in the gray areas and make sprurious claims backed by bullshit science and its little wonder it has the hallmakrs of a placebo, faith driven cult. This is a kind offer, Michael is extremely knowledgable and has 'been there, done that'. His advice could be just what you need to set you back on the path to nirvana. Good luck and I hope you find what you are looking for soon.
  7. We are going to get smased again after the last one tookl 5 days to blow itself out. Cant wait to move out of this house in three weeks into our own place, at this rate it will have no roof tiles left;-4.2;5&l=gust
  8. A suspended floor is likely to act as a bass radiator, the degree of which depends on how solid the floors construction is. I would try them without as suggested and take a bet on decoupling being the way to go.
  9. Thats a great review Sam, RATM is about as close any band gets to being my favourite and I have a few of Toms albums, both solo and wth the NIghtwatchmen. I missed this release but its on the want list now. Cheers!
  10. I'm a big fan of Tom, how would you rate this?
  11. A superb album from the gennius that is Kate Tempest. I cannot think of a modern artist who's songwriting approaches Kate.
  12. Wow Nial, thats a stunning image!
  13. Listen to Nicky; you need big cones and therefore big boxes to get full range sound and proper dynamics. How tall is Nicky - are you ok for something appraching 6ft tall?