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  1. Good luck Steve, I am sure you are in good hands. Look forward to seeing you back on the Wam soon
  2. Love this album, it is funky as f@@k. It is their first album and is almost a style all of ther own. Crazy Penis - A Nice Hot Bath With
  3. nobdoy got some old worthwhile kit they no longer want?
  4. I will be up for that, count me in now. Likewise, I will hold something once my speakers are in place
  5. Thats a very generous offer Keith but despite your suggestion of meeting somewhere for a quick exchange, I think tonights announcement has killed off any possibility. I am happy to spend a little on a second system because it will get used by the kids and may make a nice TV sound upgrade too from time to time. I owe you a beer sometime for your generosity!
  6. Some of you may have been following my very long and drawn out thread on the build of my end game 4-way active hybrid horn system. The speakers were finally completed in January and I have been waiting for all the sound treatment stuff to arrive before it was all to be shipped to me from Oz. Except now it wont be for obvious reasons. We have just moved into a new house with a fantastic listening room all chosen and ready for my new (and final) speakers. I dont think I can get through the next few months without reasonable sound in the house ended up spending too much time looking on eBay today for what I could have for my budget. For a budget of <£300 I would like some classic speakers and an integrated amp. To show where my head is at, a Nad C325BEE would be nice and I have a soft spot for late 80's Mordaunt Short speakers, some MS 45Ti or 55Ti. However, before splurging on eBay I thought I would ask if any members have kit collecting dust that they would like to offer. You have to be prepared to post though and I appreciate that is a step too far for some. Cheers, Simon
  7. Thanks Snoop, that looks perfect for my needs.
  8. Thanks Lurch and Rabski, does the USB power supply not cause some interference? I will have a root around on Amazon.
  9. Rabski - looking good! Would you mind telling me where you bought your TT light? I assume its LED and doesnt generate interference through your system like mine did before I donated it to the kids.
  10. Mondie

    Speaker rattle

    When I melted my voice coils I could gently push the cone in and feel/hear the voice call grabbing. Have you tried that?
  11. Mondie

    Speaker rattle

    As per my earlier post, I would be surprised if it isn't an overheated voice coil. I dont see a loose dust cap making a noise audible enough to bother you. Likewise loose connections etc.
  12. Its the 10,000th page of this thread so I thought I better post something. The new Smoke Fairys album was an obvious chocie, this is fantastic!
  13. Mondie

    Speaker rattle

    I dont know if its been mentioned but it sounds like the driver may have been overdriven and the voice coil overheated leading to the glue binding it togther melting. I know this from bitter experience.
  14. Mondie

    Front loaded horns

    They are fully active so will run them with my Bent TVC or ARC pre amps.