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  1. take5

    Is HiFI Dead?

    Hi fi is now not on the radar of the vast majority of young people and never will be. The world changes and moves in a different direction. With much respect to you, trying to “spread the word” is not going to change the inevitable. It’s too late. It’s gone. Had its day. How many of those neighbours were converted to the cause and now think off Hi Fi as a hobby, and spend their hard earned on this hobby? How many of those you have assisted now think of Hi Fi as a hobby, and spend their hard earned on this hobby? I suspect , given the age of Hi Fi hobbyists , that more of them die each year than young folks are converted to the cause. It isnt dead yet, but in 20 or 30 years, it will be even more of a minority than it is now, sadly. Thats not to say it isnt valid and worthwhile for those involved, at the moment.
  2. take5

    Is HiFI Dead?

    Much as I like the positive waves given out by Oddball, in respect of hi fi, I tend to agree with that other great philosopher of our times .
  3. take5

    Is HiFI Dead?

    Hi Fi isnt dead.......yet..... It just smells funny.
  4. Looking for a CD player. Doesn’t have to be the greatest thing out there in terms of sound quality etc, and I’m not looking for high end/expensive. Apart from something that works perfectly, the only facility it MUST have is the ability to record/repeat a little section, and then listen to that on loop. And then it must have a pause button. My current CD player ( which I’ve had from new 25 years ago ) has this. It’s a NAD 5440. In this machine this function is called an “A-B” button. My current one still works fine, but I’m looking for a spare, for the time when this one goes on the blink. Another of this model would be great, but open to other ideas. If you have what I’m looking for, but dont want to sell it, I would love to hear ideas about what else to look for. Grateful for any advice. Thanks
  5. After 3 years of trying to sell these lovely jazz magazines, on all 3 hi fi forums, I have some news.... SOLD.......... (Away from the forums,to a jazz pianist ) I thought I would celebrate with a little music. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=nqS2zYoDb34
  6. Ive decided to keep the APOLLO rack for the moment. So, this thread is finished/closed. thanks
  7. I have now sold the following. 1)The tripod rack . Number 2 on my original list 2)The speaker stands ( possibly for Saras ) The same buyer also bought the stands for Snell/Audio Note that I had for sale in a different thread. 3)Slab of granite. So, that just leaves the APOLLO rack, with lovely glass shelves. Just £10 !!!! Form an orderly queue. No pushing at the back. That’s just a little more than the cost of a couple of pints of Guinness. You know it makes sense.
  8. Hi, the M62/M1 junction is a long way for me, along a motorway that I almost always get held up in a traffic jam. So I wont be able to do that. I could possibly meet halfway. How about A6/Peak District/ Snake pass ? However, my price for the stands is already low, so I would need you to cover my petrol costs. PM me if this will be possible thanks
  9. Barry, strict orders... what’s to be done !!!! Sale now agreed with Tristan for the Tripod rack, number 2. Subject to payment and collection
  10. Ive been advised elsewhere that the speaker stands may be for Linn Saras.
  11. No, its not the name of the latest film by Richard Curtis, starring Hugh Grant.......... It’s my sale thread!! RACK 1.... Brand name is Apollo. 3 tier. Glass shelves, which all say Apollo on them. It dismantles. Few scuffs to paintwork Price is £10 Rack 2....No brand name. 6 shelves including top one. Shelves are kind of vinyly veneer over wood. It dismantles in to 3 sections. Price is £10 Slab of marble.... this came to me with a turntable and I used it for that. Grey, with flecks. It’s heavy. !! Dimensions 48cm x 40 x 2 That is it sitting on the rack in the pictures. Can take close ups if needed. Price is £10 Speaker stands.....dont know the maker. ( but open to advice ! ) Look designed to sit flush to wall Dimensions ......top plate... 30 cm x 17.5. Top plate is 50 cm high Price is £30 postage is out of the question for anything. I live in West Lancs/Merseyside and collection from here is welcome. I go to Scotland regularly, so could possibly bring anything up there
  12. Well, I could have passed pretty close-by. Hamilton services ? But I drove up on Sunday morning, and I dont have the stands with me !!! I will be back up in a month. If you can meet me on the M74, please get in touch. thanks