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  1. Well, I could have passed pretty close-by. Hamilton services ? But I drove up on Sunday morning, and I dont have the stands with me !!! I will be back up in a month. If you can meet me on the M74, please get in touch. thanks
  2. take5

    TECHNICS SL 150 turntable

    Sale agreed (through pink fish ) subject to payment etc.
  3. take5

    TECHNICS SL 150 turntable

    Hi, no plans to be in the South East, I’m afraid. if that changes, i will get in touch. thanks
  4. take5

    TECHNICS SL 150 turntable

    Still available. driving up to scotland soon
  5. Still available. driving up to scotland soon
  6. Hi I have a Linn lid ( possibly two ) in a box in the attic. happy to sell if you are ok with 2nd hand. I think they are both black. Im busy today, but if interested, let me know and I will look the box out over the weekend, and see what is there. thanks
  7. take5

    TECHNICS SL 150 turntable

    Thanks guys for your positive comments. Technics still available
  8. take5


    Now sold on another forum.
  9. take5

    TECHNICS SL 150 turntable

    Selling this Technics SL 150 turntable. I bought this last year from a forum member friend, simply to test some SME arms before selling them. It comes with an SME fit arm board, so it suited me perfectly. The arms have all been sold, so time to move on the turntable. It works perfectly and is in good condition, except for the lid. It is in good condition, and works as it should, but has some kind of burn on the front right corner. See the picture. I can take more pictures if needed. Hence my price of £90. Postage is out of the question. Collection from me in West Lancs is good, but I go to Scotland regularly and could perhaps deliver there or on the way. I’m sometimes south, so if interested, please get in touch. Thanks
  10. take5


    Selling my Linn Troika. Ive owned this for about 8 years. It came on an LP12/Exos that I bought. It sounded really good, but eventually, I wanted to try different turntables, so sold the LP12 and arm. The Troika sounded great, so I kept it. Eventually. I moved on to some really expensive cartridges ( I.O., Cadenza black , and FR 7 series ), and the Troika lay unused. I decided to sell it 5 years ago, and after setting it all up to check it still sounded great, ( it did ) put it up for sale on 3 forums. I found a buyer and we agreed that I would bring it to the WAM show at Scalford, where I was an exhibitor. (2014 ). I agreed to demo it there. I play tested it a few days beforehand and it sounded excellent. Sod’s law.... I get the the show, and on the Sunday morning, set up the Troika ready to demo. Nightmare... its only sounding on one Channel !!! A few guys came and tried to help me. Graham/Valvebloke in particular went above and beyond to try to help. Even trying to solder one of the leads for me. But we couldn’t get it to work properly. So, I just had to apologise to my “buyer”. It came home with me, and has lain unused, untested and unloved since that day. Time to move it on. Selling as it is for £110, including post. Collection/inspection is fine. I’m in West Lancs. It was sounding really good a few days before Scalford....and really good on only one side at Scalford !!!! It is hopefully not a big deal, but I dont know. Ive taken a few photos. I can take others if needed. You will see the remnants of Grahams solder on the white tag !!!
  11. I agree. Relics from a bygone age. To be honest I dont know why I’m not being offered money to take them away......... However, I’m happy to pay for one..... anyone ????????
  12. It’s actually something i know nothing about. But Sony sounds a good bet. Are you selling the one you show?
  13. Authentic patina sounds exactly what I’m looking for!!! If it works perfectly, please pm me a price and where you are. thanks
  14. I know... I know... I’m a dinosaur. A throwback to the dark ages..... BUT......... I’m looking for one of those Walkman type CD players. Battery powered, to be carried around. It doesn’t have to be SONY. Open to ideas. Anyone have one that they can rescue from the back of a cupboard. Thanks
  15. take5


    Still available... £500. I travel up to Scotland regularly, and may be in London area soon, if that helps