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  1. Open to sensible offers.
  2. Now sold. Well, after changing my mind about selling the Revel F208's I have now for sale an immaculate pair of KEF Reference 1 speakers finished in the beautiful and more expensive high gloss rosewood finish. They have their long and short bungs and their original factory packaging. They come complete with a pair of Custom Sound FS 108 'Definitive' speaker stands which can be filled with any type of ballast you chose. The speakers and stands are just coming up to 17 months old. If you're looking at this ad you probably know how well the Reference 1's are rated but here are some links to some excellent reviews to https://www.whathifi.com/kef/reference-1/review https://www.hifiplus.com/articles/kef-reference-1-standmount-loudspeaker/ https://www.cnet.com/news/maximum-fidelity-the-kef-reference-1-speaker/ Like l say the speakers are in immaculate condition other than one very small blemish which is on the side/bottom/rear. It is just over a quarter of an inch in length and even smaller across. I have pictured it in one of the photos. It was professionally repaired by a french polisher and you have to actually look for it to notice it (last photo). Otherwise they are unmarked. They also sound very impressive!! These don't come up that often on the secondhand market. New prices for these items are £4999 for the speakers and £439 for the stands. I've decided to look for £ for them (Also open to sensible offers). Shipping would be extra but even there being four boxes I could send them all by courier for £65. I'm just south east of Maidstone in Kent so if you're anywhere near you are welcome to come and have a listen before buying them. Thanks for looking. Photos:-
  3. No longer for sale. Please see my new thread for my KEF Reference 1's + Custom Design stands for sale.
  4. Back to the top with drop in price. £2650 + £75 shipping. Also open to offers! Forgot to mention that the speakers are just 16 months old.
  5. No longer for sale. Please see my new thread for my KEF Reference 1's + Custom Design stands for sale. Up for sale are my Revel F208 speakers. They are in absolutely immaculate condition. The piano gloss black being completely unmarked. They also sound brilliant! They come in their original packaging and boxes with their manuals. There are many glowing reviews of these speakers online. I will ship the speakers but you are most welcome to come and pick them up. I'm just south of Maidstone in Kent. Just to add. With the forward firing bass ports and the bass and treble adjusters on the back panel of the speakers these were the only speakers I've had in my smallish listening room that produced absolutely zero bass boom or overhang. Pretty good for speakers that have two 8 inch bass speakers in each cabinet! Photos:-
  6. tinturkey

    Wanted Exposure XVI Amplifier

    You have PM.
  7. tinturkey

    For Sale: Kudos Super 20 Loudspeakers. Immaculate

    More photos
  8. Hi, Up for sale are my immaculate pair of Kudos Super 20 speakers in light oak complete with the posh silver spikes. . They come in their original boxes and packaging with manual. Just under three years old with a history of being looked after. They have never had the grills on so completely no fading on the speakers. The newer version (with the active circuitry) now retail for £4550. Obviously they will sound exactly the same unless you would be using either Linn Exakt or Devialet amps. Would like £2200 with UK shipping included. Based in Maidstone, Kent. Your are welcome to come and give them a listen if you're nearby.
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    Did you receive my PM?
  10. tinturkey

    SALE Plinius KioKio Power Amplifier (SB301 equivalent).

    Not moving on to better things unfortunately. I've just spent £10.5k on a double bass so I'm actually downgrading to recoup a bit of cash!
  11. tinturkey

    SALE Plinius KioKio Power Amplifier (SB301 equivalent).

    Open to sensible offers.