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  1. Sumdumgi

    Random image of the day 3

    Great sense of perspective and scale. Absolutely love it 👍
  2. Sumdumgi

    What Do Artists Do All Day? - Mahtab Hussain photographer

    I’ve seen much better compositions on the Wam and no matter what the quality is like if the composition and context of the photograph are moderate the ‘best’ camera and processing in the world won’t rescue the image for me. Clearly that programme was about a particular project, maybe his body of work is different but that example didn’t encourage me to look at anything else he has produced.
  3. Sumdumgi

    What Do Artists Do All Day? - Mahtab Hussain photographer

    I watched it but thought it was a bit mundane. Thought his images were very average and nothing special. He did have the most amazing hair ! In the last series they featured the street photographer Dougie Wallace which was excellent.
  4. Sumdumgi

    What are you listening to right now?

    Having a vintage vinyl day. Black Sabbath 1971 vinyl sounding pretty decent.
  5. Sumdumgi

    Twitchers Thread

    +1 !
  6. Sumdumgi

    Your Pet Photos

    Very sorry to hear this Barry, it’s so hard to lose a faithful friend 🙁
  7. Sumdumgi

    Abbey road studios

    Brilliant Colin, what a fabulous experience
  8. Sumdumgi

    What are you listening to right now?

    I never get tired of this, it's a simply stunning piece of work.
  9. Sumdumgi

    Naim ND5XS

    Surprised this is still here, great piece of kit - I wouldn't part with mine. Great control App, with integrated Tidal and Spotify Connect as well as internet radio and built like a tank.
  10. Sumdumgi

    Random image of the day 3

    More recent holiday shots Service With A Smile by Les, on Flickr A Nautical Hotel by Les, on Flickr Both Fuji X-T2 with XF 18-55mm
  11. Sumdumgi

    Fuji camera hierarchy confusion

    I still have no misgivings around going to Fuji for my main camera. I still have a Nikon D7000 with a few primes and a 55-300 zoom for occasional use, I just couldn't part with it. I also have a Leica Dlux 109 which is a terrific walk around. Thing is for most use I carry my X-T2 with an XF18-55 and XF14mm. Goes in a smallish bag and still room for a couple of ND filters and spare batteries. the 18-55 is perhaps the best kit lens I've ever used on any camera and the XF35 1.4 is just amazing. It doesn't stop me looking at other cameras of course. I've gone from X-T1 to X-T2 and I wouldn't bet against me getting an X-T3. Problem is I still have my X-T1 body and I wouldn't bet against me hanging on to the X-T2 either
  12. Sumdumgi

    Fuji camera hierarchy confusion

    Here is a comparison between the X-T2 and the XH-1 John. There is not much new between them the principal differences - Sensor-Shift in-body image stabilization DCI 4K F-Log 120 fps at 1080p Addition of a touchscreen and an improved viewfinder A top LCD screen Minor improvement to focus system Since the X H1 was released there have been firmware releases which upgrades the X-T2 video capability to include V-log and slomo video plus a boost to focusing and introducing focus stacking but in essence the XH1 I think was aimed at videophotographers. It wasn't widely highly rated simply because of it's pricing point being, at the time of release, a fair bit more expensive for very moderate improvements. Its a very good camera but for stills the X-T2 is better value for money imho. The real test will be X-T2 to X-T3, lots of leaks but no specs yet until it's released at Photokina.