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  1. I watched the Pet Shop Boys on BBC4 , passed on all the other acts. Enjoyed it, never a massive fan though we did go to see them in 2017 at a superb gig in The Sage Gateshead. It was colourful and unashamedly singalong. They have the knack of finding a memorable hook in their melodies. It might not be cool on the Wam to like them but there is room in my life for some well-crafted pop and the Pet Shop Boys have never been short in delivering that.
  2. Watching the Pet Shop Boys at Hyde Park on BBC4 - very enjoyable too
  3. Are the 24/96 tracks and bonus material not on DVDs ? Just looked the box set up and that seems to be the case so playback using analogue output on the DVD player or output digitally through coax/optical into you DAC. Have to check the DVD player specs to see how it outputs and whether there are restrictions based upon connection.
  4. I thought it was dreadful and had to force myself to listen all the way through in the vain hope it might redeem itself. Sorry, it didn't.
  5. I'm a fan and I love this album She's a very interesting artist, a real technology freak and innovator - I have tickets to see her in November. Her music can be simple and accessible as well as hugely complex and I've followed her since "Speak for Yourself" almost 15 years ago. It's great to see someone else on the Wam appreciating her music. If anyone wants a quick introduction to her varied talents I recommend watching her Tiny Desk Concert as well as this album.
  6. My son works for a Jaguar Landrover sub-contractor and has been involved in developing parts for the new model which will be produced in Slovakia. Indeed he was directly involved in preparing the specific vehicle given to Hammond for the review. Its been interesting to follow its design and build with him.
  7. The Pineapple Thief - Someone Here Is Missing
  8. The Peloton by Les, on Flickr Stage Leaders by Les, on Flickr Struggle at the rear by Les, on Flickr All Fuji XT3 with XF 18-135 Popped up to see one of the stages in the Ovo Energy Tour of Britain this morning. I know nothing about cycling but I did recognise Mark Cavendish who I've seen on TV. He was not having a good day and struggling at the back after two long hill climbs on the moors above Stanhope in Weardale. There was an even worse one just up ahead . Impressive to see it up close but my goodness it was quite surprising to see the number of vehicles 'managing' the bikes. There must have been 50 or so motorcycle outriders including both race officials and police, maybe somewhere around 75 support cars, two AA vans and an ambulance - plus TV and media vans/cars and a helicopter. Most enjoyable.
  9. Thanks for this. If there was a quick fix to get SACDs ripped like many I suppose I would jump on it. With 20 or so discs it’s not important enough for me to seek out a compatible PS3 and mess about when I have a perfectly good Oppo player and the CD layer already ripped to my NAS.