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  1. Sumdumgi

    Pineapple Thief

    Arena is a nightmare. Problem with Academy is the tide of lager and beer swilling around on the floor - plastic glasses and standing audience doesn’t mix well in there.
  2. Sumdumgi

    Pineapple Thief

    Top notch Jeff, sh*tty venue though.
  3. Sumdumgi

    Pineapple Thief

    Great gig last night in Newcastle, range of tracks from Dissolution and a few from earlier albums. Band in fine form and sounded brilliant. Setlist - Far Below In Exile Alone At Sea Threatening War No Man's Land That Shore Uncovering Your Tracks 3000 Days Shed A Light Part Zero White Mist Nothing at Best Encore - Not Naming Any Names Snowdrops The Final Thing On My Mind
  4. Sumdumgi

    Floor stander Virgin

    Have a look at these - Good people to do business with and they will take your 21s in as a trade. Speak to Simon or Steve ( I’ve no business interest - simply a happy and regular customer over the years) Obviously I’d recommend the Twenty5 23 if you can find some in your budget.. They would be a big upgrade on the 21s
  5. Sumdumgi

    Man caves...

    Fantastic build Nice kit too.
  6. Sumdumgi

    Measurements, Compatibility and Ears 👂

    Fair enough. I find that removing purveyors of the same fixed positions that have been peddled ad infinitum provides a better and informative read.
  7. Sumdumgi

    Measurements, Compatibility and Ears 👂

    You can start by putting Purite Audio on ignore, it improves things no end. Only trouble is when people quote him his words appear and the ignore button doesn’t get rid of his comments in the summary of new posts area. I notice his last comment in the summary area promotes RME units as a solution for someone. I always thought that dealers were forbidden to promote/recommend products that they sell ?
  8. Sumdumgi

    Random image of the day 3

    Durham Cathedral has always had a no interior public photography policy. The only opportunity to photograph it's interior has been to join one of the quarterly photo sessions where 200+ people pay £10 and jockey for position (nightmare and pointless) or a couple of local photographers run private sessions at around £40 a couple of times a year. It seems the regular complaints from tourists and locals have now been listened to and a week or so ago restrictions were lifted. Still no flash and no tripods but it is now possible to photograph this fabulous World Heritage site yourself and living on it's doorstep I'm really happy that common sense has now finally prevailed ! Head by Les, on Flickr North Transept by Les, on Flickr Choir to Nave by Les, on Flickr Fuji X-T2 with XF 10-24mm
  9. Hurriedly scribbles out extra lottery ticket .....
  10. Sumdumgi

    Awesome You Tube Music

  11. Sumdumgi

    What are you listening to right now?

    Barton Hollow - The Civil Wars
  12. Sumdumgi

    This is brilliant. It indicates that it’s only available temporarily so I may have to spend some time with it later. As you say the results are not consistent but trying some very old black and white images from my wife’s family history project produce some fascinating results. Thanks for this 👍
  13. Welcome back to the Xf World Richard