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  1. That's really nice Richard Popped in to Beamish Museum yesterday. Beamish Tramway Staff by Les, on Flickr Fuji X-T2 with XF 18-135mm
  2. Haven't been out much recently but met some great people during the week at a Photomeet on the Weardale Railway. Straight Lines by Les, on Flickr Fuji X-T2 with XF 18-55mm
  3. I was bored and turned it off half way through Like their early stuff but they were doing my head in last night. If you are there a great atmosphere but I just thought it seemed very repetitive. Turned over and watched Royal Blood on iPlayer, thought they were terrific.
  4. I think they are a very marmite band to be honest. I really enjoyed it though honestly I think in concert a hall is better than a field or stadium for them. Their records are invariably well-recorded and in part can take some time to appreciate.
  5. Very much enjoyed Radiohead
  6. Looking forward to the music but not the inane chatter from the likes of Jo Whiley. I will end up watching highlights on catch up so I can fast forward the presenters. Some stuff is live on iPlayer of course which is good. There will undoubtedly be some great stuff.
  7. The Electric Soft Parade - The American Adventure
  8. Remastered 25th Anniversary Edition. Not listened to this in a long while. What a fantastic pop album it is.
  9. Hadn't listened to it in ages, love it though. It's a monster album ! Been listening to the 'live' CD from this today. Spoonful, NSU and Sleepy Time - absolutely bloody awesome
  10. Enterprise
  11. Saw them at The Sage Gateshead last night. It was spectacular, that's the only word to describe it !
  12. First listen in a good while. CD
  13. Goldfrapp - Silver Eye
  14. Yes it's unfortunate. Hopefully it will continue to work as it does for some time to come. Tonality seems fine so if necessary it might one day be the option. I'm not massively impressed with Luminar. It seems slow, exporting images seems to take much longer than LR6. I've been using it standalone but over the next few days I'll use it as a plugin for LR6. It has Dehaze which I don't have on my standalone LR6 - that's not worth £64 in itself I'm always suspicious of software advertised at a big price but constantly discounted. The Luminar Creative pack is over £250 but always available at £64 on the Macphun site. The sort of marketing that makes me raise my eyebrows - but maybe that is just me !