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  1. I’ve got the original vinyl, original cd, 2009 box set stereo remaster and the mono remastered box set version too. Do I need another version - course not. Will I buy it - of course I will
  2. Sumdumgi

    What are you listening to right now?

    Bruce Springsteen - Western Stars
  3. Sumdumgi

    Random image of the day 3

    Framed by Les, on Flickr Fuji XT3 with XF 18-55mm
  4. Sumdumgi

    Random image of the day 3

    Abandoned Brass by Les, on Flickr Fuji XT3 with XF 18-135mm Tallinn Artist by Les, on Flickr Fuji XT3 with XF 18-55mm
  5. Sumdumgi

    Random image of the day 3

    Reflection by Les, on Flickr Tallinn Old Town is one of the best preserved Hanseatic town centres in the world, it is breathtaking but adjacent is a growing and thriving modern urban area. Close to the port these unfinished buildings will form part of an extended business and commercial centre with hotels and leisure facilities. Fuji XT3 with XF18-55mm
  6. DENNIS - a local band to me who write and perform what they describe as ‘pit pop rock’. The band does feature traditional guitar, bass, keyboards and drums but members of the band include players from local brass bands. Formed 7 or 8 years ago they enjoyed some limited success with EPs and this is their first album release from 2016. A new album is in the pipeline. They have a very good reputation for live performances and were at Glastonbury a couple of years ago. I’ve seen them a good few times, they are very supportive of local causes and very much identify with their local roots and community which is located within the old Durham Coalfield (and the area were the hit film ‘Billy Elliott” was centred). The short EPs are on Spotify too. Hope you enjoy. This track is actually on The Caroline EP but I love the video
  7. Sumdumgi

    Sunday The Cure Live From Glastonbury

    Caught up on iPlayer after my hols - brilliant
  8. I'm a fan of sorts I suppose, have a few bits and pieces by him but not this. I quite liked it overall and definitely will revisit or indeed add it to my collection. Its a 3 from me.
  9. Sumdumgi

    Random image of the day 3

    Halo by Les, on Flickr Just back from a cruise around the Baltic and working through my holiday photos. This is from the journey across the North Sea to our first stop in Copenhagen. The pic doesn't do it justice, it was a balmy day on a mill pond North Sea and the whole atmosphere was quite surreal. Fuji XT3 with XF18-55mm and 6 2/3 Hoya ProND100 filter
  10. Sumdumgi

    X-T3 and Lightroom

    Sorry can't help at the minute Richard. Having had my XT3 just 3 weeks or so I've yet to shoot RAW as I've just been away on a Baltic Cruise and just got back yesterday. Generally shoot all holiday pics in jpeg so a fair few to sort through. I've stuck with LR, tried a few things but as you say the ease of use and it's cataloguing suit me particularly as I transitioned from Apple's Aperture which is a very similar format and user experience. With my XT2 RAW was around 20% of my photography, I never had a problem with LR and Fuji, perhaps it's something that impacts upon the needs of more advanced photographers and image processors. Just sitting going through my holiday pics now and they seem very similar to the XT2 jpeg output but that's not an observation based upon any meaningful examination. I'll be experimenting with RAW and the cameras full facilities from now obviously starting thursday when I have a trip arranged with a couple of friends. As HHM says you could process to TIFF in Capture and catalogue and process in LR, or perhaps use large capacity cards and do Fine/Raw and you could use the Raw only if needed. Your images taken on a multitude of cameras and processed in different software as jpeg and Raw have always been of a very high standard Richard, I cannot believe that the XT3 in your hands will produce anything less than top class results.
  11. Sumdumgi

    WAC (album club) Participants required.

    I’m away for the next couple of weeks but I’m still interested Barry 👍
  12. Sumdumgi

    What are you listening to right now?

    Vinyl by Les, on Flickr Tom Baxter - The Other Side of Blue