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  1. Sumdumgi

    What are you listening to right now?

    Came home to find my wife had this on the main system, haven't heard it in years but actually there is some good stuff on it
  2. Sumdumgi

    Wam spotify playlists

    Someone put a Kegworth 2018 list up a while back of stuff he had heard being used by exhibitors I've linked it from Spotify but clearly not the same way the other lists have ended up here If someone tells me where I'm going wrong I'll edit this post.
  3. Sumdumgi

    What are you listening to right now?

    Saw him the other night at Stockton Arc, absolutely fantastic.
  4. Went to see The Proclaimers at Newcastle City Hall last night. It was without doubt the best audience participation gig I've ever attended. I even managed to sing along with the songs I wasn't familiar with . Virtually all their remaining dates are sold out and it's easy to see why - it's a great night out. Excellent support set from Jack Lukeman too
  5. Sumdumgi

    Over-priced Hi-Fi Kit

    This. I don't consider anything overpriced, there is stuff I can afford and stuff I can't, stuff I feel in my own mind, given my own financial position can justify. I'm not an engineer nor an accountant, I can't examine the innards and do a detailed analysis encompassing cost of design, production, packaging, shipping, retailing and a considered view on profit margin. I go in a dealer/look online, have a demo, decide whether it sounds good to me, whether it looks OK to me, decide whether I can afford it, whether I'm prepared to pay the asking price and subsequently buy or not. We've all got different sense of value against items which are routine parts of daily life, cars, houses, TVs, Holidays etc etc ...
  6. Sumdumgi

    What are you listening to right now?

    These days I can snooze quite easily without musical accompaniment 😂
  7. Sumdumgi

    What are you listening to right now?

    Long afternoon Jeff Now playing - Tom Baxter - The Other Side of Blue My favourite album of 2018 thus far. Off to see him Wednesday night
  8. Sumdumgi

    DACoff - Coventry Sunday 14th October

    Interesting. Personally those 3 test tracks I'm not familiar with, I suppose in some ways comparing presentation with unfamiliar music may be advantageous but I'm always more interested to hear kit with music I know inside out. Some of my own personal test tracks are perhaps not even considered well mastered or great recordings but it's what I like and what I know. I also consider how equipment replays poor recordings, some people might avoid them but my primary consideration is always the music and I'll be forgiving about audio excellence. Am I right to assume other stuff was played with each DAC ? As Beeray says above I'd be interested to have a quick list of stuff off the top of someone's head.
  9. Sumdumgi

    Random image of the day 3

    I was on the Isle of Skye last week, bit of a disaster photography wise having some of the worst weather I've experienced in 20+ years of travelling in Scotland. Caught this with my iPhone, had my camera but the battery was flat and didn't have time to change it to catch the moment otherwise it was gone. We were walking on the beachside rocks at Staffin looking for the fabled dinosaur footprints and this happened. Double Rainbow by Les, on Flickr Long Time Dead by Les, on Flickr End of a Long Rainy Day by Les, on Flickr Caught in The Rain by Les, on Flickr Double Rainbow is an iPhone 8, images 2 and 4 with Fuji X-T2 and XF 18-55mm. Image 3 Leica Dlux 109
  10. Sumdumgi

    What are you listening to right now?

    Yeah, I do like Frost and I have that. If Pineapple Thief All The Wars hits the spot try Your Wilderness and Where We Stood. The latter live album is excellent and with Gavin Harrison on drums it’s a belter.
  11. Sumdumgi

    What are you listening to right now?

    I’m going through a Pineapple Thief Phase - Some of it prompted by the fact a few albums are in the sale at Burningshed. I think this is definitely one of their better releases.
  12. Sumdumgi

    Wam spotify playlists

    What negative impact on the forum is it having ? There may not be people posting but it’s a decent piece of reference - I’d reckon quite a few people still refer to it. There are people wanting stuff transferred from the Linn Forum to use as reference - there may well be a low postings count on them too - should the Wam not accommodate that ? And doesn’t a 13 year old consider the majority of music outside listening by his peer group as ‘old people’s music’. Nothing wrong with keeping it at all.
  13. Sumdumgi

    Random image of the day 3

    Hope it went well ! Get her one of these Richard