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  1. To The Harbour by Les, on Flickr A Fisherman's House by Les, on Flickr Walking Out To Sea by Les, on Flickr Zetor Tractor by Les, on Flickr First day out of 2020 with the camera and a trip to Saltburn and Staithes on the North Yorkshire Coast. All Fuji XT3 with XF10-24
  2. It does seem a bit of a mess and very much at odds with my experience of their customer and product support over the last few years.
  3. The Play 5 was first released in 2009, the Play 3 in 2011 so I guess that the main control hardware will be different taking into account the time and the fact the number of speakers/amplifiers differ within each unit. It’s difficult to validate that though unless there are full design/component specifications around on the net - it doesn’t seem so ...
  4. Although you presumably have had the Connect for 4/5 years it was released in 2008 so the design and technology is pretty old. It’ll still be useable with the current software and if you do have a mix of older and newer Sonos models there is a workaround to use them together. Your Connect won’t be ‘bricked’ and I’d be pretty sure that it will continue to work for some time to come. Problem is the current streaming marketplace has products offering Spotify Connect, Bluetooth, Chromecast and Airplay 2 and if Sonos want to remain competitive in terms of product range they need to offer all those facilities too. Moving on from an 11 year old design will dismay some users but I understand why a manufacturer in the technology business doesn’t want to continue to support products in excess of 10 years old when they cannot be upgraded to keep pace with anticipated product developments. I traded my 7 year old Connect for the discount a while back and the Sonos Port went into my sons system and he’s very happy with it. I went with the new Prisma NP5 as I wanted AirPlay 2 and the ability to stream higher resolution files from my NAS. It’s disappointing I admit but at least there are many, many good alternatives (including the Sonos Port) out there although the Sonos software is better than anything else I’ve used including the Primare App which still is quite flakey.
  5. Oscar Peterson was a great favourite of my late Dad particularly his performances of Gershwin. Peterson (along with Frank Sinatra) were musical constants throughout my childhood and teens. I have quite a number of inherited Mono EPs, Singles and vinyl Albums from the 50s by him I treasure though play infrequently these days. Thanks for the prompt - now playing
  6. My wife uses ours (through Sonos) regularly to listen to radio and to a range of playlists on Spotify. She also compiles shopping lists, uses it to remind her of events and list ‘to do’ things. It also provides recipes, turns on the lights when you ask and plays games and quizzes with the grandkids and ‘she’ answers a whole variety of questions using Google. All of these things can be done by other means and methods but at one time we were all spinning 78rpm records on hand wound record players sitting in rooms lit by oil lamp, it’s called progress. Actually I was very much in the ‘unnecessary’ camp before Alexa turned up in our house and have been pleasantly surprised at how useful ‘she’ can be.
  7. My thoughts too. I’m on my third Skoda. My first a 4x4 Yeti with leather interior was a very good car, well-specced, finished and a good drive. I then had an Octavia VRS which again was first class inside and I found it to be excellent. I’ve just bought a 2.0 4x4 SEL DSG Karoq, with leather interior and lots of toys and gadgets. It drives really well and looks anything but cheap inside.
  8. I enjoyed the Duran Duran programme but didn’t enjoy Copeland. It’s quite simple, my taste differs to yours, sorry if you find that difficult to comprehend.
  9. Each to his own, I thought it a bit tedious and Copeland rather irritating.
  10. One of the most significant albums of my youth. Love it.
  11. I’ve had Luminar 3 a while and the plugin Luminar Flex. Their business model seem flexible. Get everyone to commit to buy Flex or Luminar in 2017/18 with libraries, take their money then announce Luminar 4 as a complete solution and charge everyone for an upgrade Theres a lot of unhappiness on the Luminar Forums with their pricing and release strategy. As to the software I’ve been with them through Luminar to Luminar 3 and Flex. It’s always had the feel of potential but not quite there and personally for me that’s still the position. I just think of it as very moderate and despite the fact I spent a lot of time going through the support videos, tips and FB articles the gloss marketing doesn’t reflect its capabilities. Flex was a good idea as a dedicated plugin but not sure what their intentions are with it now, I wouldn’t bother. The Nik plugins are far, far better and work well with LR. If you want something for tinkering with a range of inbuilt effects that can be altered to taste try this - The free trial seems to run for ever, you cant save your work but it gives you a chance to test it extensively. Its only £19.99 at the moment and to be honest its worth that. They have another version which will operate as a Photoshop plugin.
  12. Just an update on the NP5 and the App from my perspective. The update on the App seems to have made it more stable however my NAS still fairly regularly disappears in the software although the playing music continues and the lights on the NP5 remain as they should be. There is clearly an issue with playback from my Synology NAS whereas Chromecast for Tidal and Spotify Connect are operable. This disappearance makes it impossible to stop the current music and obviously select anything else without rebooting the iPad App or in some circumstances reboot the NP5 itself. I’ve resolved the issue over artwork by resizing it to 500 px with Perfect tunes (DbPoweramp) and rebuilding and reindexing the library which took endless hours. Primare asked for feedback on the App in a Facebook post over Xmas for their return to work on 7 January so I have submitted details of my setup, the problems I have experienced including screenshots. They have yet to respond but of course they may well of had a significant number of reports to consider. I have found the App very frustrating, I find DS Audio (the Synology on board audio replay App) to be rock solid and it actually finds the NP5 without issue and can direct audio to my Qutest using Upnp/DNLA. Trouble is DS Audio is not terribly user friendly but it’s baffling why it has a rock solid connection which the Prisma App can’t replicate.