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  1. The track you played while I was in there really worked, it grabbed me, one of those moments
  2. A huge THANK YOU to the organisers and wammers that made today happen, I know what a huge amount of work it is, and we appreciate it! Amy and I really enjoyed the day guys. As usual I forgot to do loads of stuff I should have . Needless to say you were all my favourite rooms (as Amy kindly pointed out!).
  3. You'll be fine with Paul, he has a blood transfusion machine that i'm sure he'll share with you over night .
  4. I honestly don't know, but with a fog machine you could pretend you were at a Jean Michael Jarre concert
  5. Here you go guys this is what you need .
  6. I'm really looking forward to it as a punter this year, I think it's only the 2nd time as a punter since the thing began if i remember rightly! It'll be different for sure, but nice to meet up with old and new friends .
  7. Ah yes as you drive in to Swanwick on the left? The Pantry, they have GOOD things in there.......
  8. Tell you what @occasional thinker those pies you left here were fantastic, we had them for tea with mash, peas and gravy, fabulous thank you
  9. Nice one mate I bet that's a bit of a relief, congratulations, see you soon .
  10. I enjoyed that, I honestly did Rosie doggy has a new friend anyway, Dave is the besterest person in the world and he had lots of cuddles and kisses . She is sulking now you have left her .
  11. Actually I should thank Dave for the lovely pies and pasty, Donna was very excited when she got home , and Dad for the Toblerone, it's nearly all gone now . I really did, Dave and Dave brought some great folk selections (mainly).
  12. Thanks for a very enjoyable day guys, sorry a had to pop out have way through to retrieve the kids from a closing school. Dave (occasional thinker) deserves some kind of special SNOW award for making it through the weather from Sheffield to Derby and back to Swanwick and home again, dedication that! Curry was mainly Donna with some chicken input from me, glad you enjoyed it, i've had it for tea too... Enjoyed nearly all the 'music' . Pleased you enjoyed the direct cut blues Dave.