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  1. The WAD KEL84 is a super little amp, wish I'd never sold mine!
  2. freefallrob

    What forum changes do you want guys?

    Simplify the forum, the forum(s) page is far to long and has too many sections, subsections etc. Ditch the Mega store, it's expensive and difficult to use compared to the competition. Return the old classified system. The banner adverts on the pages are too big, make them smaller if they have to stay. The layout takes up to much screen space, make it more compact so you don't have to scroll as much. I likes Scalford a lot and understand it's limitations. I also like Kegworth a lot, but REALLY miss the larger rooms, if somehow a larger space(s) could be made available at Kegworth it would fly.
  3. freefallrob

    House warming bake off near Doncaster.

    I can confirm I am not a vegan type person, I have thought about becoming a vegetabelist but just enjoyed a bacon sandwich for lunch to much for that ;-)
  4. freefallrob

    Northwest Audio show 2018

    Will be there on the Sunday.
  5. freefallrob

    Cartridge advice please

    Don't bother with the 2M RED, it's not good enough at all, the 2M Blue is great however.
  6. freefallrob

    House warming bake off near Doncaster.

    Go on then stick me in number 12 if it's not taken please :-)
  7. freefallrob

    House warming bake off near Doncaster.

    I'm interested, need to check my diary though!
  8. freefallrob

    Help me find a turntable

    It is silly good for the cash, but not quite up there with the best in the price bracket above, it covers it's tracks very well though!
  9. freefallrob

    one word daily

  10. freefallrob

    Hoops, Cheese or Beans?

    Interesting stuff, I don't understand all of it totally but it's interesting! My want of FHL's has not gone away! I think they would suit my listening very well.
  11. Mark Wheeler from TNT Audio asked me to post this up here, hope you don't mind.
  12. That's really quite sad .
  13. freefallrob

    Turntable drives: accuracy, detail or energy?

    Good for speed stability/low wow etc.
  14. freefallrob

    Turntable drives: accuracy, detail or energy?

    I used to have many many years ago a Heybrook TT2 turntable (think Linn LP12 but a bit cheaper) with the standard 110v airpax/philips motor, I changed this to an Origin live DC Motor and advanced power supply. The difference ws STARTLING!
  15. freefallrob

    Turntable drives: accuracy, detail or energy?

    I must admit to being a long term lover of Direct Drive, (as it was the only way I could get the speed stability I required at a price I could afford SL1210mk2 back in the day), however having heard many more expensive belt drives and also idlers since then, I like those too! All great ways to enjoy your liquorice pizzas.