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  1. Project all in one

    I bet it sounds decent too.
  2. New Arm?

    My Dad recently bought an OL Silver, it's superb.
  3. Have I hell, it's just a dream (or nightmare depending on your point of view!).
  4. Phono Stage for Project P2 & Marantz 6003 Amp?

    The Rega Fono mk2 is very good for the dosh.
  5. Chris Rea WAC thread

    I hope he's ok, get well soon!
  6. Cartridge Change Newbie?

    It would be different, but the main bit, the stylus is no better, being a bonded elliptical. If you don't want to change the cart, just buy the 520 (nude elliptical) or the 530 (fine line), and enjoy what you've been missing :-) The 2M blue would be a good buy, it's very good, but you may need a heavier counter weight possibly, worth checking this, I seem to remember having this problem myself with a Pro-Ject 0.5, so check the cartridge weight range the arm can handle as the 2M range is fairly heavy.
  7. Linn Basic Plus and Ortofon 2M cartridge

    If you haven't already ordered and can afford it, just buy the Blue
  8. one word daily

  9. Linn Basic Plus and Ortofon 2M cartridge

    The 2M Blue is a nice cartridge, I didn't get on with the Red, the tracking wasn't good enough.
  10. Hoops, Cheese or Beans?

    Looking good mate, good to see you and catch up
  11. What's yer bits'n'bobs?

    @dudywoxer Box reduction went well then?
  12. Load settings on a Whest PS 30R

    Well that's true enough I guess, still, as I get older I find it more annoying.
  13. Load settings on a Whest PS 30R

    They need to look at this new fangled meter then as they are clearly ignoring it!