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  1. oops. Guilty. Back on track. Chord 1200E = Very good.
  2. I should add that the Opus 21 has a rather high fixed output volts at the Din socket output. 2.7V I think. Some pre amps and input stages may find this a bit much. Certainly volume control can be restricted at pre amp depending on which one used. I am lower down the volume pot for control using my pre amps. Not ideal.2.7 V will be good if using a passive pre though. The Opus 21 drive also a bit fussy with some cds. Got 2 or 3 it refuses to play. Ok on the CDS3. And the CDS3 plays HDCD discs too. I like these. Don't have many though. I treasure the old Linn compilation freebie discs I got with magazines 20 years ago. HDCD. Sound incredibly good.
  3. Obvious similarities in design. 2 box. Separate power supply . Din socket main output. Same BB 1704 Dac chips too. Opus uses 4 J's ? , cds3 uses 2 K's ?. Don't know the differences. I think your Naim Dac may well use these too. Highly regarded Dac chips but a pretty old design now. That doesn't matter though. I currently have both these players. The CDS3 replaced the Opus 21 in my main system. Into the Nac52. Use Chord Anthem 5 pin I/C which is fab. I swapped them in and out many times. And I always preferred the CDS3 when using the Nac 52. It seemed to be just a bit more secure and controlled. The Opus 21 sounded just a bit more exuberant. Lively. Not quite as refined. This is all highly subjective stuff though. Others may find differentl with other gear. Ive since learned that when using the 21 the volume control should be set to one even though unused through the din output. Also put your hand on the 21 transport and you can feel very low level but high frequency vibration as the DVD drive whirrs round. Not ideal. Perhaps why some say stacking the PS on top can be worth trying. Or maybe something weighty. You may not hear any difference at all though. Obviously using the Nac52 I shouldn't be surprised I prefer the cds3. Its not a night and day immediate thing at all though. I don't think there is a great deal in it when you get to machines as good as these. So close performances then but I think the cds3 is better. I wish it wasn't actually. It was more than twice (with xps2) the price new back in the day. The Opus 21 is incredible value just now though. I could happily slot it back into the main system if I had to raise cash by selling the cds3. Either to upgrade, or use the cash for whatever. Upgrading the cds3 may be easier said than done mind you. I could end up spending a fortune - and wishing I hadn't bothered. A Chord Dave perhaps ? Or even a Hugo TT2 ? Risky perhaps. I think your Naim Dac with an XPS2 would be pretty damn good too. The Opus 21 for me was too good to sell at the price Id probably get. It was kept as the back up player to the cds3. I later found it to be fantastic with my Exposure pre amps ( Chord Anthem 5pin to 2 phonos) into second systems as per my last post. Unlike the CDS3 its easily moved from room to room , system to system. The CDS3 is a PITA to relocate. Most people using CDs would be well happy to have either Im sure. Cheers, Mark
  4. And just for a bit of balance. Im currently using a Chord 1200C to drive WB Arcs . I rotate it with other PA's. The front end is a Naim cds3/Nac52. The Arcs are underpinned by a Rel Storm mk3. Im using Exposure bi wire cable. Despite being advised to use caution on using a non naim SMPS power unit the sound is absolutely superb. And so it should be when the cost ( all second hand/ ex dem units) is totted up. It was also mentioned I should ditch the exposure speaker cable for something a bit more exotic. Er , no. I had a Chord 1200c many years ago and replaced it. Rather hastily I always thought. I acquired this one a few years back. Fully serviced. I got it as I was thinking of ATC scm 40 mk2 speakers which require a fair bit of power 4-6 ohms for high volumes. It is a really superb amp. Highly transparent. More so ( subjectively) than other good amps Ive had in the past. Whatever is going on front end wise will be transferred to your speakers without favour though. It also has the power to play low sensitivity speakers ( 4-8 ohms) at high volumes if required. 300W + 8 ohms , 500 Watts +, 4 ohms and transient 1200 Watts 4 ohms. Harsh and bright. Not a bit of that here. Ive always thought Id like to try out a big Gamut D200i in the past. And now the new Exposure 5000 monos look interesting. That's £7500 and £4500 new respectively . I suspect there would be little in it. I'll check out maybe some point ahead.The 1200c/e second hand really are big bargains. Check on service history though. Require to be serviced/checked every 15 years I think. Check with Chord. They hold records. PS I also recently had the 1200c set up with an Opus 21 , Exposure 21 pre and Royd Doubletts. Mogami bi wire. A real odd set up. Brilliant.
  5. Managed it ok. In camera settings changed ratio to 18.5:9 (12 to 7.9 mp).Took photo. Checked size in details.Same photo now 2.15mb from 3.08 mb. Then hit pencil icon and got crop picture options. Down to 1.97mb.And again to 1.68mb. Hurrah ! Thanks all.
  6. OK. Thanks. Its a Samsung S9. Ive got to get a setting that reduces image quality. 'Picture Size: Leave this on 4:3 (12 MP) to get the highest resolution possible for photos' So from above note looks like picture size setting involved. Im sure there are other settings. Looks like Ill have to muck around with photos and see what I end up with.
  7. Just read rules on classifieds ads. States photos required. When did that start ? Id much prefer to state on any ad that ' photos available - pm for details'. I would then email only to trusted and really interested member if required. Don't like the idea of photos of my gear all over the place. I only have a smartphone ( no pc , no laptop) which i'm no expert on - for sure ! How would I get photos from that phone onto an ad posting ? Is there a fast simple way ? I don't fancy opening an account with some site that requires all sorts of contact / personal details to open either. Anybody ? A quick and safe ( and simple ?) way to get a photo from a mobile attached onto an ad here. Reading below each photo should be < 2MB ? How to do. ?
  8. A few years from now I'll maybe pick up a dusty Chord Dave
  9. A good condition all in order Opus 21 for that sort of price is an incredible bargain . So low it would cause me some concern. I'd certainly want eyes on and a demo'. That '2nd hand hifi' unit has just had a new laser ( and mech ?) fitted. Presumably they've got supporting documents. If done at distributor they usually load the latest software too. Probably getting a warranty. Maybe some wiggle room on price ? Id say that's a fair price just now. Zuma got a serious , serious bargain. If one came up locally for that money I'd be tempted - and Ive got one already.
  10. Looks like remarkable value for that asking price.
  11. Loud and Clear in Glasgow and Edinburgh sell Moon and are connected to distributor/ importer. Id bet L&C Glasgow can advise. Bought my lovely Epos Es22's from them. Way back in 98 !
  12. '8. Musical/Delicate - Lavardin; Coda; Ayre; Aesthetix; Densen ' Above- from the other thread. Got a Densen B330+ power amp. Also capable of incredible slam and punch. Kicks like a mustang ( 2 up from a mule) when required.
  13. Chord 1200c. Absolutely superb condition. Well looked after and regularly maintained. Black unit with optional cherry wood end blocks. 8 wbt brass speaker sockets. A/B switchable outputs , fully protected. (Use A + B for biwiring). Fully balanced and SE inputs. Low weight. High power. Low noise. Very transparent. Sliding bias Class A/B design. SN 29XX.This is a 1999 unit according to Chords records – Full Chord service was carried out 2011 [ recommended when 1200C’s ( and E’s) get to around 15 years old ]. Was back at Chord HQ Dec 2015. Fully checked over. Some new parts fitted. Full test to production specification. New inner box and packing , new outer box and mains lead supplied. Receipt from Chord. Current 1200 series amp is £9000 approx’. From the 2001 sales brochure / price list 330 Watts / 8 ohms 550 Watts / 4 ohms 1200 Watts burst per chan / 4 ohms 135 X 420 X 355 mm 15 Kg net RRP £4532 ( add another £340 for cherry end blocks instead of standard rods) Fixed price £1500. This is really is a bargain for someone. A lovely example. Can demonstrate in use to buyer. Buyer collects from Edinburgh.
  14. Check out Laings pre owned. Auto speedy. Edinburgh watch company also have a limited edition available.
  15. I can't manage to send pms it seems. Doh ! I'll try again.