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    denon DP80
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    Stax UA-70 Shure ult
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    On board
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    Najda in office
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    Sony STR 6055
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    What for?
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    Modified 325's
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  1. 12" Tonearm suggestions

    Stax UA-70 or 90, versatile arm with extra counterweight, not always used, depending on cartridge weight and any additional headshell mass. Worked well with a Benz wood, Shure ultra 500 and now with mk4 Decca.
  2. I think so, it was a while ago.
  3. Thanks but some of those have hdmi one end, I remember now that I once tried vga in at the plasma and the picture wasn't full screen and I couldn't make it so.
  4. Plasma does not have hdmi or scart and the reason I said component . HP elite book 2540p has vga out and that's all as far as I know. I'm not looking for the last word in quality just be able to use the plasma to watch whatever I can see on the laptop. You tube etc.
  5. I use a laptop to stream Spotify through a dac into my amp but would like to view video from the laptop/internet into the 65" plasma that has component video rca's. At present I have a DVD connected to the plasma with component video and optical audio in to the dac, works fine. What do I need to watch video from the laptop. Don't want any new fangled kit that won't work with component.
  6. Spotify Preparing For Lossless

    Spotify sounds ok to me as is. Certainly wouldn't pay £20 a month.
  7. Decca Super Gold cartridge (advice)

    I borrowed a super gold to try in my 12" stax arm and it mistracked terribly on a Roy Orbison track with a heavy snare drum beat it just threw a wobbly. I cured it by placing putty between the cart and headshell and it looked Heath Robinson. I liked the in your face presentation but prefer my Shure ultra 500 and didn't see any point in parting with my hard earned on something that can be problematic.
  8. Cheap as chips system just saying

    Sold my PX25 mono's after picking up a Sony STR 6055 receiver for £69 and loving it. Haven't looked back and invested the money in a '57 Ford Pop.
  9. SALE PX25 mono's pair

    Thanks Paul, sold to someone in Belsize road, so very close by. Enjoy your trip to Vietnam.
  10. SALE PX25 mono's pair

    Sold subject to payment
  11. SALE PX25 mono's pair

    After much fannying about, sell them, keep them and now selling them, these are for sale. To make the set up easier for 'er indoors to use I've bought a Sony receiver and very good it is, not quite the delicacy of the PX25's but good enough. The PX 25's were built by Jim Turner for Jim Carfrae to demo his Carfrae horns at shows but a while back Jim had a mid life crisis and went off to India selling these amps beforehand. As you can imagine running these into lowthers would reveal any nasties, they are fantastic, but take an hour to sound their best, no such problem into my Zu Omens. These are confiigured for 4w and so they are just ticking over giving the PX25 valves a long life. Jim Turner is still around and I spoke to him not long after I got the amps about a suggestion someone had to change the coupling caps, Jim disagreed and said just enjoy them they fine as is and he is right. I'm not selling for less than £1000 and no post, they are heavy and I won't risk it. Pick up or meet, that's it not negotiable. £1000 firm
  12. Vintage Sony Kit

    Now using a Sony str 6055 receiver in the main set up.
  13. When did this illness box swapping start for you?

    I blame the wam, but now in in remission, selling my PX25 mono's and now using a Sony receiver that sounds very good, maybe not quite the quality of the PX25 but I'm enjoying the music and not listening to the kit.
  14. Decent turntable and cart for around £120..

    Just bought a JVC QL A51 direct drive with Z4S cart, £40, picked up fairly local. For my office set up. Very good indeed and money left for a new cart if required, although the cart sods rather good. You cannot expect high end for £120 but then we all know that the difference between very good and sublime is vast sums of money. You don't say where you are or you may get to listen to some budget turntables to get an idea of what you will get for £120.
  15. Ebay phono valve pre-amp

    From what I've heard they are well regarded but if you want to disregard something because it's cheap be my guest.