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  1. Open to offers. ART speakers are designed to be very valve amp friendly.
  2. In light of problems of currrent knife crimes Teresa May declares "no direct correlation between certain crimes and police numbers"..... seemingly trying to deflect the fact that it was her government that cut the number of police.
  3. Excellent condition. Purchased from ART 6 1/2 yrs ago as ex demo. Good with moderate power valve amps. These are a big leap over the Standard version costing an extra £5000. Link to review http://www.highfidelity.pl/@main-222&lang=en No boxes so collection preferred (NW London). New price £12000 £3500. Allocation of pictures used up but can pm more if reqd.
  4. Going through the various makes of butter alternatives the only one I found that stated that it contained no hydrogenated fats was Anchor spreadable. I'd like to know if there are other spreadables that also conforms to this? Spreadables are certainly not cheap either.
  5. If I buy goods from say Singapore using my credit card then by law buyer protection still applies; https://www.out-law.com/page-8595 Should I still be wary? Also paypal's website say they provide protection for purchases abroad too, though they are not beholden to the law of the land so I'd try to avoid this path. I'd like to know of anyone's experience in having to resort to making any such claim.
  6. BBC1 8.30pm. Hope there are more, especially to capture species on the brink of extinction!
  7. Well tracked Gareth, it's the Voxativ Hagen. Audio Barn originally listed it previously BIN £3000. Their quarters are luxuriously decked out including a coveted Porsche Carrera with appropriate no. plates. Some wheeler dealer!
  8. On Friday I won on a bid for some speakers at £2000. I paid via ebay with my credit card. Hours later ebay sent me an email saying seller gave the reason for the cancellation as 'Buyer asked to cancel the order' which is nothing of the sort. My guess is that it sold too low as it is practically new & the RRP is £6k so the seller backed out. The seller is a dealer with 100% rating on 115 sales! Obviously I'm gutted. The sellers excuse is that there was suspicion that some bidders were blocked. That I don't buy. I suppose there's nothing I can do except complain to ebay.
  9. Hi Colin, Please PM with transaction info. regards Peter
  10. Any insurance companies that will cover high value items at reasonable cost? Ones I know of have a limit of £2500 on an individual item.