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  1. Unfortunately it appears Serge has moved on to pastures new and no longer or very infrequently visits here. I doubt a PM would be answered. Can anyone suggest tools for R2R calibration and alignment? Does anyone have any gear they no longer use?
  2. Having found a new way to spend money on hifi - by way of reel to reel ownership - I now need some test gear. Anyone got one of these - perhaps with the partnering unit ATU1?
  3. Before I buy new, I'd like to see if anyone has a pair of Mogami 3103/3104 made up or a length of unused cable. I have some scope for asymmetric cable lengths. Will need some 8M or preferably more in total. Will consider alternative types of Mogami.
  4. Thanks but I have found some stands now. Will close the advert.
  5. Unfortunately they are too short. I need stands that are 26-28 inches 66-71cm
  6. Thanks. Will consider those. I would particularly like the Something Solid stands if I can get a pair though it's a long shot.
  7. Stands must be tall - 26-28 inches 66-71cm. Prefer Something Solid Also looking for DNM cable 5M
  8. Yes, I think they must if the weight of the psu is anything to go on!
  9. Postscript - I realised that the Peak DCA 55 wasn't the best tool for the job. The hFE/voltage characteristics are different for the PNP and NPN transistors. Although the design is quite forgiving of mismatch, the best performance comes from closely matched gain in particular circuit locations. The DCA Pro can measure at 9V which is closer to the operating voltage.
  10. I was wondering if anyone here has experienced the combination of BP SE300b with Ref 3a products. I've read that the De Capo is borderline in sensitivity with some 300b SE amps. Maybe the BP choke input psu would make a difference. I like what I have read about Ref 3a - in particular their capabilities with rendering acoustic/jazz/vocal. My listening would rarely be at high volume.
  11. Yes looks good. On the BP - I think the price is normal for a SE300B with ext psu which is the usual one that comes up. I know they did an even earlier one on an all metal chassis. Having the psu remote has definite benefits.
  12. They have added a note about the psu being integral. Looks overpriced to me.
  13. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/282727451714?ul_noapp=true Emporium are selling this at the usual sort of price but look carefully at the construction.
  14. I have bought an unwanted group buy for the Paradise off a German owner. It's quite a project. I'll start with the pre-regulator and then very carefully assemble the regulator/amp boards after checking the gain of the relevant transistors with my Peak DCA 55. The seller told me they are closely matched. Hopefully I can call for assistance on the diy-audio forum if I get into trouble. I have the Pearl 2 currently which is good. I think the Paradise is possibly one the best performing phono amplifiers that you can build if it's assembled correctly.
  15. I wouldn't know. I can't stand more than a couple of seconds.
  16. Adele or the opening bars of East Enders = change channel /switch off immediately.
  17. I'm worried about Farage. Just hope there's enough time to get the party invitations out if the worst happens.
  18. I would go for the Digi+Pro if I were you. There's not much in it price wise. Be prepared to learn some Linux though because the forum members expect you to have some knowledge if things go wrong.
  19. That's a very good build. The wiring of the SP12 is excellent - well done. I made the PH15 phono and the SP14 preamp. I preferred my PH15 to the GS Audio Reflex phono amp I borrowed from the GS Forum. I use it with Hashimoto HM-3 SUT. Why not a scratch build valve power amp now or does it have to be solid state?
  20. Thanks for the advice. We don't have any pets except for visiting 'rent a cat' Rosie. We live in a smallish semi at the moment so it's three rooms downstairs and three bedrooms. The plan is to move to a slightly bigger and detached house. Which reported that they are more of a target for obvious reasons. I have read about false PIR triggering. Is it true that air currents can cause this? I thought microwave and IR combined units would be overkill in most domestic environments. I would want an autodialler or other means of signalling an alert me when I am out. I am fortunate that access to the back garden is difficult and the front is in full view of neighbours and I always tell them when we are away on holiday.
  21. Still dreaming of a Koetsu but I've ruled the Quintets out now. Looks like it's going to buy a Hana SL. Wish I'd bought one before the distributors decided it was too cheap.
  22. I can't see any very recent posts. I want to fit a burglar alarm. Because it has to be as free from false alarms as possible I am thinking about a wired system. Having said that I realise that wireless systems have improved a lot. I was also thinking of buying a YCAM cctv unit that transmits images to the 'cloud' and sends alerts to your smartphone. Can anyone suggest a good system. I've got suspended floors to wiring would be a little easier. I've been looking at some systems made by Honeywell which get good reviews. Should I have trust in a wireless system?