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  1. Yes, too many variables are a nightmare. I originally bought a Rega Mira 3 from this forum. I thought it sounded very mild compared to the Arcam. A friend of mine who worked for Sevenoaks said that the guys he worked with rated the A19, so I bought a minter on eBay for £300. I thought it was better. Then, when I sold the Mira, I hooked it up for the buyer and guess what? It sounded great! I didn't lose any money on the deal, but it's very difficult and time consuming to hook up and unhook amps to do a-b tests- audio memory is very short. I'm currently assessing a DAC power supply. I think it's great........probably!
  2. Simon, calm down! I never said that I’d compared all three. Yes, I think it was an A65 my friend had, so that may appear to be misleading. I think you’re mixing up the replies- someone else used the phrase “different beast”. All I was commenting on was the fact that different models in a manufacturers range can have variations other than output power✌️
  3. No, that’s not what I said. Read again😉
  4. There have been so many ranges of amps over the years where one model outshone the rest, the NAD 3020 being a good example. I’d heard your amp at a friends house when it came out and was underwhelmed. Then, a few years ago,I picked up an Arcam Delta 290, which I found to be brilliant. The only reason I put it away in a cupboard was that the source selector started to play up, as they eventually do. Instead of having the selector renovated, for something like £180, I eventually ended up with an A19, which doesn’t sound as exciting to me, but sounds pretty good nonetheless. It’s also quite recent, so hopefully will last a good while. Oh, and it cost me less than your renovation quote!
  5. Don't know where you've seen A29's that cheap, unless you live in a parallel universe...................
  6. Isn't Prometheus the Cambridge Audio brand for business/education? I know we've got a cupboard full of them in the college I work at. Mr Mac, as you seem to be a long standing member, I can't see why you're bothering with all this faff for cheap gear?
  7. I think it’s a Spotify issue. I’ve started to have the same issue using my android phone to control a Chromecast audio. Quite often, as you’re finding, I can’t play an album saved to my library, unless I search it again,then it’s fine. The other problem is connecting. I often get the connect sound, then it just reverts to my phone speaker. Sometimes when the phone can’t connect, my iPad mini can, but I’ve had occasions this week when neither will work
  8. Your three examples sound intriguing, particularly the Barry White version of Barbie girl- please send links
  9. Looks like the wood is machine or laser cut- not really craftsmanship, eh?
  10. Interestingly, it looks more Dunelm than bespoke
  11. just some wheels and a noisy exhaust and they'll be finished...........
  12. Now I think this is funny. £3,500 for a table turntable??
  13. Sorry Ron- I feel I sounded a touch harsh, no I know that you’re not a N.O. beginner! True, the Atlantic stuff is not the best recordings, but the voice is the thing for me. Allen Toussaint was great writer and player, but not a singer. I think that Mac definitely had “the Fonk”, so I feel sad that it didn’t grab you! In the end though, any quality of recording is only validated by the quality of the content. Sure, we all have the odd album we’ve hung on to because it sounds amazing, even though we don’t love it, but we’ve all surely got many more terrible recordings that we’d take to the proverbial desert island😃
  14. First time I've heard Dr John called "overrated". Curious as to why you bought a box set without trying a bit on Spotify first? I think you'll find he was much loved in New Orleans and indeed, elsewhere. How many other artists from N.O. have you listened to, to reach this lofty opinion?