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  1. I see to remember the blood pressure thing from some years ago, but I could be wrong! I too gave up smoking in all forms about a decade ago. Can’t say that drinking affects me when listening, but I guess it relaxes me
  2. I think there's one on the Art Of Sound forum?
  3. A spliff and a tune- those were the days......... something to do with changing your blood pressure which affected the pressure in your ears, which made them better able to hear? Although previously acceptable artrock/minimalist albums could induce hysterical laughter as opposed to chin stroking
  4. Yes Tristan, another favourite of mine!
  5. It’s just that I’ve seen a lot of listings recently with that phrase,”condition is used so I’m guessing it’s a lazy default that can be chosen? If eBay give sellers the option to use this, then a lot of lazy sods will. The other bugbear is people who post two pictures of a pair of speakers with the grilles on!
  6. No George, my point is that it’s a lazy option for used items, which doesn’t give any information about the condition of the item. I had a go at a friend of mine for listing vinyl using this. Just “used” on its own is meaningless!
  7. My favourite lazy listing is “condition is used”, which tells you f*** all. Thanks for making that option available, EBay!
  8. Browsed these with some interest. Spotted the dented dust cap- no problem, but then noticed that the tweeters look like they've been savaged- behind the mesh??
  9. I've never bothered much about the mains. I think I've got a filtered plug strip somewhere under the rack. However, I bought the Dorado power supply for my Beresford and that definitely makes a big difference, but I don't know the science behind it. I think it works like a virtual battery? Anyway, that definitely sound better after it's been on for about 30 minutes
  10. I sympathise. Mine is 22' long, but has been knocked through in the past, so is 11' wide in the front half, but 9' at the back. I sit in the window in the wide bit, with my speakers at the halfway point facing me. There's a bit of bass boom due to the bay window; a rug soaks up some spurious frequencies, but I swear the small upholstered chair, which sits just behind the speakers, can me moved backwards and forwards as a tuning aid! I haven't got a drive, but my gas is fine...................
  11. Your drive is bigger than your house! How big is your listening room? (Is this back on topic??)
  12. I'm sorry- £25 k for a Driveway? In Southampton? I didn't know it had a castle.......................
  13. Anyone know if these are or were branded speakers? Or just a tragic kit build? Lovely finish..........................................
  14. Oh good, that's clearer- more Wigwam sexist twaddle. Grow up, man