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  1. Who was it that listened with their speakers facing away from them- Alvin Gold, or one of the other hi fi mag old timers? He said it gave greater realism. Anyone remember?
  2. mr neds

    For sale: Piano Black Usher S520 speakers

    Move these to sold to stop me continually imagining I can buy them!
  3. mr neds

    Jas orior grand speakers

    Every pair of speakers I’ve seen on here over the past few weeks have been bloody miles away! My daughter is at Leeds Uni, but she’s home now, so I won’t be up your way for months. These look great and I bet they sound it too
  4. Just saying that there’s quite some size difference between the Ruarks and these
  5. Yep, that’s some video- I started nodding off a few minutes in, after a bout of hysterical guffawing...........
  6. Just re reading this exchange, Lawrence, you’re saying you wish that instead of wardrobes, you’d bought bedside tables?🤭
  7. You’re ganging up on me now, boys.............
  8. Can’t find the video?
  9. The graphics look a bit canal boat..........
  10. Lovely Lewisham,SE London
  11. Wow, quite small! About 10cm shorter than my much missed Talismans. I’m very tempted, but you’re over an hour from me and though they might sound good in your room, they might not in mine- 5 feet apart and 9 feet from me on the sofa?
  12. Thanks Martin- lengthy physical labour has fogged my mind today. So how big are they, Mr Forgot? Cheers
  13. Durrr........sorry, just followed the Wilmslow link.
  14. How big are these please?