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  1. Sorry, partly my fault! I had a chance to buy an SR222 at a boot sale many years ago, but I don’t remember them being so highly rated at the time, certainly not above the Regas. As for Naim, a friend of mine bought a Naim amp in the mid 80s, because he said it made Go West (the band) sound the best. How times change.........
  2. Nah, Rabski, you misunderstand me. I mean people who leave just useless crap outside, because they’re too lazy to shift it. Useable stuff is completely different. We found our Weber barbecue outside a neighbours house over 20 years ago and we still use it. Getting back to hi fi, I found a pair of RAM monitors under a hedge a few years ago. One corner had been bashed in, but they worked fine!
  3. Amazing how a house has a big car, but can’t be arsed to take their stuff to the dump in it,so leave it by the bins, as if the poor sods are obliged to take it. This is turning into pub car park, isn’t it......................?
  4. I put a shot PA cab outside and it was gone in 5 minutes!
  5. The number of people in london who dump stuff by their bins, rather than take it to a charity shop, is criminal. Admittedly, there are some people who leave half decent stuff on the wall, so it gets noticed and taken. Saw a young couple this morning dragging a Victorian chest of drawers along the road, where it had been chucked out the previous day, which was very cheering, but sadly, no vintage electronics this week!
  6. Dump rules are bizarre. Mine won't let you take anything, apparently for health and safety reasons, which kind of makes sense, I guess. The main problem at my dump is that there's cctv everywhere, so the blokes who work there can't break the rules. Some years ago, in Northampton, the dumps had Dump Shops, where you could buy stuff. Save the planet my arse..............
  7. It’s not the size, it’s just that Chester is a long way from SE London!
  8. It’s a dual layer, but I could only get it to play through my av amp, even though I’d set the output to 2 channel. I’m pretty sure I got a Stones dual layer to play through my Arcam, but I seem to remember that the improvement from the SACD layer was unnoticeable, probably because 60s Stones albums sound like mud!
  9. I know- I mentioned it in a thread about charity shop bargains and guilt. The shop was staffed by young guys who could have looked it up on the web, but obviously couldn’t be bothered! A few months later,I got a CA 640 with remote for a tenner. It’s got the loading belt issue, so is under the sofa at present, but still- lightning striking twice??
  10. Thanks for the offer on your Oppo Ian, but I don’t think you’ll top £20! I have got it wired up to my A19, but have found it’s standalone sound to be somehow flat and a touch hard. I’ve got the SACD output set to 2 channel, but there was no output from a Nick Drake hybrid that I tried a few weeks ago?
  11. Mine would be on a Partington rack, although I thought that the support effect was largely disproved for cd/dvd players?
  12. Hi all. My Marantz CD17 KI acts up now and then, so I've been looking out for something to use as a transport into a Beresford Caiman SEG, or a standalone player with SACD facilities. Not having much luck- players too old, prices too high-, then I realised that my Oppo, which cost me £20 in a charity shop, would fit the bill. Anyone else use one as a transport/ cd player?
  13. It seems like collection only is a curse...............
  14. Let's just drive trabants and all have the same stereo system- no arguments then...............
  15. Ahhhh, I remember this mystical event. Cheers