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  1. If you can’t hear the difference between Percy and Sandy without spending thousands of pounds on “ladies”, you must be deaf
  2. Yeah, I know that a weakening laser can cause problems, which is what’s been happening with my Marantz for a while- it’ll play them, but only in their entirety, ie it often won’t allow track skipping
  3. Not the most exciting topic! Been looking at some older Sony players- Lawrence has one on eBay at the moment, I think?- but I seem to remember that there’s an issue with CD-R playback. Any other brands or models to avoid? I use cdrs quite often and also have a lot of older stuff plus band rehearsals on them, so I don’t want to lose the facility. Cheers all
  4. mr neds

    Second Systems

    There's rich and poor in Hi fi just like the real world..........
  5. mr neds

    Second Systems

    You greedy bastards..................
  6. mr neds


    I bought a CCA and a used Dacmagic100 for just over £100. Can’t go wrong
  7. Sorry,didn’t mean that to sound harsh🙂
  8. I think possibly that there’s not so much love for big lumps of mahogany. That and the distance made me think again😉
  9. Tried them with a wall behind them, either side of the archway. Makes them sound smoother, but maybe less detailed? I’m wondering if I should get a couple of variable L pad controls and fit them in place of the resistors. That way I can adjust tweeter output to my taste. Or, as you suggest Robert, fit a new crossover. I’ve watched a few you tube videos about this, but maths is not my strong point. Also, I’d presumably need some way of measuring the results. The gasket tape is at least a cheap tweak!
  10. Bencat, is that KJ hi fi in London, or KJ Sounds in the US? I’m guessing neoprene is available here? I think I read somewhere that you should stick sellotape over the neoprene that contacts the cab, to make it easier to remove the drive units in the future?
  11. How many spare power leads do you need? Last time I was asked for one, I found 14 in the cellar
  12. If your home is big enough for this, it’ll probably be in a separate room, in which case, you won’t care if the tv puts itself away- you’ll just buy it to show of to your mates......................
  13. Your explanation of baffle step is very clear, now I’ve read it again. Hard to know if the builder designed them for wall placement, but if I can stretch my cables, I may be able to (temporarily )find out!
  14. Sorry, forgot to say many thanks once again
  15. Hi Robert. As you can tell, I thought that you were referring to a physical baffle step! I probably should have said at the beginning that my speakers have to be in free space, just inside a rectangular arch halfway down a 22ft room. I’ve got no way of trying them with wall reinforcement, as there’s nowhere else they can go. I can see that the problem with a sub/ sat setup is that the sub can’t change the character of the speakers, only fill in the bottom end. They probably would sound more fleshed out with wall reinforcement. I don’t know where to go from here, as this is not my area of expertise, graphs, mathematical formulae, etc.?