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  1. mr neds

    Beyerdynamic dt901 foam rot?

    Hi all. Didn’t even know there was a headphone section until now? I’ve rediscovered my old Beyers in a cupboard. They seem fine, but the foam that covers the drivers has rotted away. Anyone know of a replacement foam and where to get it? Cheers
  2. mr neds

    Hearing Loss

    Good news Alan. If you don’t mind me asking, how much is “Quite expensive”? I just want to see if they’re in my ballpark. I’m also interested in this side of Specsavers- I’ve always found them good with specs, although they failed to detect my wife’s glaucoma last year, saying that she “ wasn’t trying hard enough” in the test. Anyway, keep us posted!
  3. mr neds

    Hearing Loss

    No, I meant that music is not all we need to hear! I’d like a hearing aid that makes music sound better but also functions for daily life
  4. mr neds

    Hearing Loss

    We do have to function out of the listening chair, Captain Sympathy Pants..........
  5. mr neds

    Hearing Loss

    Apparently, analogue aids are better for music, but I’ve forgotten the manufacturer! I found out about them from PS Audio on You Tube. I think they’re sold in the uk . I don’t know how they’re programmed without digital settings, but no doubt someone will have a suggestion or find out?
  6. mr neds

    Systemdek Systym 935 speakers

    For our final communique, firstly thanks for your help and enthusiasm,! I tried the Supertramp track, but without the sub, there’s really very little bass at all. They’re basically delivering a lovely treble and midrange. Weird huh? Anyway, as you say, a bargain in any universe. To infinity- and beyond!
  7. mr neds

    Systemdek Systym 935 speakers

    Hi again Uzzy. It suddenly occurred to me that I could send a picture of where my speakers are. I can’t move them anywhere else really! This is taken from the sofa. It’s around 8 feet from me to the speakers. I’ve noticed that the woofers are very stiff and the port seems to be tuned quite high. Possibly, these will only come into their own when driven harder, I.e. louder than I can get away with!
  8. mr neds

    Hearing Loss

    Ok, I’ve just bought two dustpans and a hairband...........................
  9. mr neds

    Hearing Loss

    No, hearing aids aren’t crude ear trumpets, they’re programmed to your hearing loss graph, so only your reduced frequencies are boosted. The quality of that boost will come down to the quality of the device. This would hopefully give you back close to full hearing range, depending on how severe your loss is
  10. mr neds

    Systemdek Systym 935 speakers

    In case you’re still listening mr. U, I picked up a free pair of Atacama SE 24 stands from a local Wammer. This puts the tweeters at pretty much an ideal height and they now sound crisp and detailed. However, with the sub off, I can hear very little bass from them. Maybe due to the free space siting?
  11. mr neds

    FREE Thanks to PeteVid!

    Big thanks to Pete for the Atacama stands
  12. mr neds

    Hearing Loss

    I think it’s very different if you have a pair of aids, but with just one, I think there’ll always be an imbalance. I wonder how much you have to pay for “good” quality ones? Why haven’t hi fi manufacturers got on board? I seem to Romberg being part of a thread like this a few years back, which quickly fizzled out- let’s keep this going, because it’s important for all of us!
  13. mr neds

    Hearing Loss

    Ant, come out from that sofa- I totally agree! My dealer said a few years ago, that, even with hearing issues, you can still tell a good system from a bad one, but it’s ironic that most people only have disposable income in later life when their hearing is faltering. Sam, my friend has worked in hi fi for years, but only mentioned a few years back that he needs the balance control! What still worries me is that, even with the best hearing aid, one ear is processing a signal coming through the air, whilst the other one is having that signal processed, then fed into it directly. I can’t see how that will ever sound balanced?
  14. mr neds

    Hearing Loss

    I think I'd need to be reassessed before I move on. The one I have was free, but I'm guessing you have to pay for an upgrade?
  15. Thanks Bencat- they're for my £50 Systemdek speakers, so hopefully I'll be rockin' like a pauper next week!