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  1. Brain teasers

    Just as an aside, my first calculator (which I still have) used Reverse Polish Logic so a whole different way of entering operations. S
  2. Brain teasers

    One of the reasons I always use brackets. Avoids ambiguity. S
  3. Brain teasers

    There are four fries on that line. S
  4. Brain teasers

    Drink =10 Hamburger =5 Fries =1 (5+1)x10=60 It could be 15 if you look at it as 5 + (1x10) but I find that feels wrong. Don't see how it could be 17 S
  5. Brain teasers

    I make it 70. Whoops, 60, as only 1 fries. S.
  6. Otway and Barrett last night

    This from their Wikipedia entry. A third single, "Really Free", reached No.27 in the UK charts in December 1977[3] after the pair performed a set live on the BBC TV show The Old Grey Whistle Test. The performance was notable for an incident in which Otway vaulted on to a PA tower and overbalanced. The Independent reported: "He brought down the speaker stack but fractured no bones when he landed on the sharp corner of a bass cabinet, as the impact was cushioned by his testicles." Did Otway have a really high voice... S.
  7. The Protégé of SERGE

    Glad it's still working well....those will go on forever. When archaeologists from Zog sift through the debris of humanity after our species has long gone, they'll still find 401s in working order, and wonder what arcane religious ceremonies they were part of, just as our archaeologists seem to attach a ritual meaning to any artifacts we find from earlier civilisations. Possibly used for human sacrifices if found alongside a Brotherhood of Man LP. Finding horns and SETs in the same location will confirm the 401 as an instrument of torture belonging to some long gone evil regime. S.
  8. Ghetto Tone Controls

    Nice idea, but after Brexit, manufacturers would just go back to their old ways! You might like to try some higher values. You need to drop the level about 2dB to notice a significant difference, so with a typical 8 ohm tweeter, you'll need a few ohms. A 10 ohm variable resistor of a couple of watts power handling would be a good way, then once you're found the setting that suits best, either leave it like that or replace it with a fixed resistor of the same value. S.
  9. Fab phono stages

    Which is why I suggested those that I did. The inexpensive Cambridge Audio has exceptional quality, low noise, low distortion accurate RIAA and decent enough overload margin. The Hafler and Radford phono stages have also an exceptional overload margin as well as low distortion and accurate RIAA, and the Hafler has adjustable loading for both MM and MC cartridges. My experience of price against quality is the opposite of GJO's, I've not found ANY correlation between price and performance. A good Phono stage isn't actually very difficult to achieve, although I'm surprised at how poor the overload margin is on some units. Presumably, designers are more concerned with achieving unnecessarily low noise than overload margin. RIAA accuracy used to be more difficult when 5% resistors and capacitors were considered good, but with today's 1% resistors and 2.5% capacitors, it's hardly an issue any more. S.

    So where in the crew of the Black Pig was Seaman Staines? S
  11. Fab phono stages

    One of two suggestions. A Cambridge Audio 651P, or a vintage pre-amp like a Hafler or Radford, both of which had superb phono stages. S

    So it was Tom the cabin-boy, not Roger! S
  13. New direction needed

    I don't think that's right. If it were, then headphones would have no bass response at all. Large loudspeakers (like four Tannoy 15" in Lockwood enclosures) have been used in mobile recording vans like the Manor or Rolling Stones Mobiles quite successfully. S.
  14. File Structures

    Just another symptom of what's the world coming to! (I'd put a Miserable Old Fart Smiley here if I had one!) S.
  15. File Structures

    What sort of a word is 'scrobbled'? S.