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  1. agentsmith

    Devialet D-Premier

    Indieke,, What source are you using with such bad results? I just experiment comparing a 47 Lab Treasure CD player. Comparing between SPDIF, analogue line out and playing Apple Lossless from Mac iTunes through Ethernet. SPDIF and Ethernet both sounded amazing. The line out however sounded remote and no PRaT or drive. The difference was totally not subtle. I was taken totally by surprise. The A to D sounded almost broken, not exactly clock radio like but comparator to the other inputs it does have that effect. I suspect the A to D may need some work with this firmware. Almost justify a bug report.
  2. agentsmith

    Devialet D-Premier

    II am quite interested in how you stream direct from NAS to DAC. What hardware and software interface are you using? I just bought a high end QNAP NAS with HDMI out which I do not plan to be using. I cannot recall but I think it has SPDIF out as well. Although since the NAS is a noisy computer I suspect that Ethernet play should be cleaner? Thanks john
  3. agentsmith

    Devialet D-Premier

    Like most people who own it, my new D170 performed beyond my expectation. You could see initial impression here If I may ask one question: The D170 allows one to turn down the power to match different speakers. Is there any sonic benefit to turn down the power? My dealer told me that turning down the power would sound better, presumably giving the amplifier more power to do something else? I think he mentioned something about avoidance of over damping the speakers or something like that? (Showing my ignorance here.)
  4. agentsmith

    Gorgeous Gadgets

    meridian man wrote: why? I sold my lovely yellow F80 since I wasn't using it much in my bedroom. But after a few months I decided no music in bedroom was boring so I changed my mind. I listened to the AD88 and thought its bass sounded more solid than the F80. The AD88 is built like a rock. The F80 is very photogenic and looks much better in picture. The AD99 is the complete opposite. WHen I saw the announcement I did not understand why they designed such a plain machine. But it looks super classy in real life. And is built like a solid piece of rock. The F80 is already very solid, the Ad88 even more so. Completely different design approach. The F80 is a showoff machine, Vs the AD88's conservative look.
  5. agentsmith

    Bangkok maid in electric shock incident

    I used to get mild "magnetic" feeling to my fingers all the time with my previous IBM Thinkpads. Never figured what it was all about. I tried everything, it was present even running on battery. I could invoke it by running my finger tips against the rubbery surface of the Thinkpad. it was like a very mild electric/magnetic shock. Happened on a T41 and a T30, never happens on the X61 and Macbook Pro I am using now.
  6. agentsmith

    Gorgeous Gadgets

    >>That Dunhill is lovely. If only it had a Squeezebox in... That is exactly my thoughts when I first saw the F80. They missed a few important things, a network player, a "Sleep" button and a lighted remote. I did have it connected to the Airport Express and the SB2, but built in would have been tops.
  7. agentsmith

    Gorgeous Gadgets

    I went from F80: to AD88: The F80 looks better in pictures. But the AD88 looks much better than the picture indicates.
  8. agentsmith

    The Worst System You Ever Heard

    Worst systems I have heard are almost all systems in Hifi shows. With all the rooms competing for sound almost all rooms sound ear piercing. Nothing could compensate for background noise and bad rooms. So if you have heard a poor all Naim system or something similar that is supposed to sound at least half decent, it is probably the environment and setup. Playback level is also crucial. I believe there is a "right" volume for all music tracks. Too much volume is always a disaster.
  9. agentsmith

    Apple iTouch

    I have a Gen 1 iPod Touch and find the sound gritty hard compared with my 160GB iPod Classic. I use Shure E220 and a Sennheiser HD580. I do not have any problem with volume, if anything, I cringe to think how aggressive it would sound if cranked all the way up. Having said that I am sure that a good headphone amp will make the sound much more acceptable and yield even more volume. My Naim Headline connected to my main system, for instance, sounds glorious with the same phones.