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  1. ducattiist

    Wanted: Maxell MX / Metal tapes from the 1980s

    Think I need to put my glasses on...the Maxel tapes on PFM are actually XL...sorry for any confusion (they are chrome tapes though and seem cheap enough).
  2. ducattiist

    Wanted: Maxell MX / Metal tapes from the 1980s

    Take a look on Pink Fish Media...a chap on there has a number of Maxell MX tapes up for grabs at 75p each...might be just what you're after
  3. ducattiist


    The beauty of real wood is the tiny differences...its clear that the marks aren't imperfections or faults, just natural elements of the wood. Look like smashing speakers...but too far from me to consider. Good luck with your sale.
  4. ducattiist

    FS : Border Patrol SE Dac (Sold)

    PM sent
  5. ducattiist

    Sold. SME 20/2 ,SME V turntable and arm

    Stunning combination. If you prefer collection might be an idea to give your location. Have a bump on me for a great deck.
  6. ducattiist

    SALE Wadia 170i

    These really are great pieces of kit, shame its not the black version or I'd have had it. Good luck with the sale, Stu
  7. ducattiist

    SALE Matamp monoblock valve amps

    Thanks for the Kind comments Anthony, I hope your keeping well. Jack, I will try and wrestle one of them out of the rack and take a look underneath for some photos of its innards...I guarantee it'll be stunning. It might make taking a better photo easier too. Was listening to a Live Deep Purple SACD earlier...these things can really rock. I'd best describe them as an iron fist in a velvet glove!!!
  8. ducattiist

    SALE Matamp monoblock valve amps

    Thanks Chris, they really are wonderful amps! I know you really rated them when you had them...and rightly so. My pictures don't do these justice at all, they are stunning amps, both sonically and visually. They're powerful beyond belief and a real joy to listen to. Shameless bump
  9. ducattiist

    SALE Matamp monoblock valve amps

    My rationalisation of stereo equipment continues. Its taken me a long time to decide these should be put up for sale and its hurting.For sale are this pair of Matamp built 5-20 valve power amplifiers. My knowledge of valve amps is limited...I know these are a push-pull design that look and sound stunning, they glow and they're not quite the same as my SET amp! These were originally unearthed by SMEagol from these parts and he described them as bettering £6000 Italian exotica...quite a testament to the quality sound these amps produce.From the web: the design is built around the well regarded 1955 Mullard 5-20 design utilising 2 x EL34 output pentodes in a push-pull configuration per channel.This gives an output of 20w per amplifier with a distortion of 0.05%I contacted Jeff Lewis who built these amps (the owner of Matamp, a very well respected electric guitar amp builder, who supplied the likes of Jimmy Page and Peter Green with their amplification) to get an insight into them.He's a no nonsense type of guy who swears like a trooper, but his reputation with valve amplification is flawless.He told me he'd made a total of about ten pairs of them as a bit of an experiment. So although not a rare design, the Matamp build IS a rare thing and VERY well executed.He also informed me that the blued stainless used for the main chassis is now unavailable and he only did a few of these as the process was very expensive.I think the blued steel and gold plated transformer casings look amazing...which is not that evident in the photos.I've tried these against some very expensive valve amps (a 4 x WE300B push-pull model and a WE300B SET model), a couple of Hybrids and Spectral solid state pre/power. Currently using a Border Patrol pre to very good effect.The Matamp sounds much more in control of my speakers and so powerful with all kinds of music, but I think I prefer the 300B sound...slightly! I could be making a mistake selling these, but something has to give!! I've simply got too much expensive kit and a lot of it is sitting unused.I'm going to ask £1850 for these, as they are so rare/good looking/great sounding amps. Not sure if I could post these as they're so fragile/heavy...so collection/meet-up would be best. I doubt you'll see another pair of these for a very long time, if ever.I'm based in Manchester, so you know where they are. The cables aren't included by the way.Now some photos...they're taken whilst the amps are in my rack, so they're not great...but the amps are!! (much better than my camera skills)
  10. ducattiist

    Valve amp

    I'm currently looking at selling my pair of Matamp 5-20 monoblocks with blued stainless chassis and gold transformer covers. They sound stunning and powerful...let me know if you're interested. Used to belong to SMEgol of this site and he rated them very highly, stating they bettered amps costing £6k...all I know is they sound great, but I like the 300B sound "slightly" more.
  11. ducattiist

    SALE Quad FM4

    PM sent
  12. ducattiist

    Cardas 1.5m pc

    Might be an idea to take a photo of the end of the IEC so people can actually see what the fitting is...only a thought
  13. ducattiist

    SALE Pathos Logos Mk1 Integrated Hybrid Amplifier

    This looks like a bargain, Ive just had mine fully upgraded to current spec (at a cost of over £400) and I think I'd be pushed to find such a great sounding amp for less than a couple of grand! Plus they have looks to die for...Its no wonder they were so highly regarded when they were introduced. The current model (which has a built in DAC) is just under £4k which should say something about the quality of the Pathos. No connection with the seller...other than a Pathos Logos owner.
  14. ducattiist

    For Sale - Chord spm 1200e power amplifier

    I think photos might help your sale....just saying