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  1. ducattiist

    Simon at SJS

    http://sjselectroacoustics.blogspot.co.uk/ Above is Simons blog page with a contact form. Hope this helps, Stu
  2. Hi, I've recently bought a Lenco L75 idler drive turntable, but unfortunately the Lenco tonearm didn't have a headshell. They're not quite the same as the SME G fitting, so it needs to be a Lenco fitting. I'm just wondering if anyone has a spare one lurking in their spares drawer? A solid or drilled one would be fine. Thanks for looking. Stu
  3. Location might be handy if this is collection only.
  4. Just seen your second advert...is it £225? If so thats a great price!
  5. Question....price? Nice looking bit of kit though.
  6. PM sent to Cable Monkey re pzblues
  7. Think I need to put my glasses on...the Maxel tapes on PFM are actually XL...sorry for any confusion (they are chrome tapes though and seem cheap enough).
  8. Take a look on Pink Fish Media...a chap on there has a number of Maxell MX tapes up for grabs at 75p each...might be just what you're after
  9. The beauty of real wood is the tiny differences...its clear that the marks aren't imperfections or faults, just natural elements of the wood. Look like smashing speakers...but too far from me to consider. Good luck with your sale.
  10. Stunning combination. If you prefer collection might be an idea to give your location. Have a bump on me for a great deck.