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  1. tryant

    FS = Leben CS300x

    No worries, GLWTS.
  2. tryant

    FS = Leben CS300x

    Why doesn't this have the 'CE' mark on the back and what is the difference between the the 'CS300X Limited S' and the CS300XS?
  3. tryant

    Almost bought a Leben

    Thanks for that. I almost bought a Leben too. Who hasn't flirted with a Leben at some point? There was some online chatter about sloppy soldering and speculation that they couldn't keep up with demand, but maybe that was unfair and based on one poor example that should have never left Japan.
  4. tryant

    Almost bought a Leben

    Curious you had one in for repair a couple of years back. What was wrong with it? And what sort of servicing would you think they tend to need over time? Cheers
  5. tryant

    100 Watt Monoblock Amplifiers

    His stuff looks amazing VFM. Any idea what these are based on?
  6. tryant

    Wanted: Sugden A48

    Still here if you change your mind. The Devonshire Arms has a Michelin star.
  7. tryant

    Wanted: Sugden A48

    £500! Madness. I was offering mine, wooden sleeved, serviced by Sugden 4 years ago with receipt, for £200 cash on collection. For the £300 left over, you could hire a car, drive up to collect, B&B for the night in the Yorkshire Dales, meal at the Devonshire Arms, and go back to London the next day with my Suggie.
  8. tryant

    Wanted: Amptastic Mini-1 & PSU-1

    Blimey, that was a lot of work. Glad you got it sorted. Thanks for the offer but I'm really looking for the current version as per the title of this listing. Cheers
  9. tryant

    Wanted: Amptastic Mini-1 & PSU-1

    Brilliant. What was wrong with click on "send a PM"?
  10. tryant

    Wanted: Amptastic Mini-1 & PSU-1

    Hahaha. I can't figure out the PM business here either. Whatever happened to simple PM's?? Have started a "conversation" with you over on PFM.
  11. tryant

    Wanted: Amptastic Mini-1 & PSU-1

    Thanks, I saw that.
  12. Looking for the above. Please PM if you have one you'd like to sell (in the UK). Cheers
  13. tryant

    Harbeth serial numbers

    You're right Dudy. The better question is, as you say, why would any company publish this information? One of the first times I dipped my toes into the ocean of Naim ex-dems many years ago, I discovered that a) Naim published this kind of information and b) the authorised Naim dealer who sold me the amp had misled me about its age by a few years. Does it really matter? Maybe not. Anyway, it was just my idle curiosity that led me to ask this question after seeing some oddly maladroit responses on the Harbeth forum about this issue. Never mind.
  14. tryant

    Bryston b60 r integrated amplifier

    I could see why you might be tempted to try the B60 as you have PMC speakers (didn't those speakers also come with a 20 year PMC warranty?). Going up the Bryston chain adds more power obviously but doesn't fundamentally change the "sound". The SST2 series introduced surface mount, and the cubed series lowered the Class A element from the first 5% to 1% to comply with stricter Canadian regs. You're welcome to have a listen to my B60 if you're ever in Yorkshire. Bring the Krell, it would be fun to compare the two back-to-back. In a blind listening test with your PMC's in a small room, I'd be verfy surprised if you could hear any difference between them. BTW, the remote for the B60 only controls the volume (motorised pot).