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  1. My power amps were Bel Canto Ref 1000s with modifications by Coherent Systems driven directly from the Dax Decade. I really wanted the Devialet to work. A beautiful, multi functional, one box solution. However, I found myself spending more and more time fiddling with the system (supports, cables, speaker positioning) trying to get the system to sound great. After a year, I had to admit that the AS Dax Decade + Bel Cantos Ref 1000s combination sounded better to me. I've had 2 AS Dax Decades over the last 14 years. Initially a single ended model with the Blackgate upgrades and then a balanced version, which had a slightly lower noise floor than the single ended version, so I changed to that model. After the Devialet experience, I never thought I would move on from the Dax Decade. But, the Novafidelity sounded better in a straight shoot out with the Sonos + Dax v Sonos + Novafidelity. Moving further on, the Novafidelity with inbuilt streamer sounded better than the Sonos + Novafildelity. However, being cautious, I asked for an extended home trial. After about a week of swapping back and forth, I placed an order for the Novafildelity.
  2. I just recently replaced my Sonos + Audio Synthesis Dax Decade streaming/dac/pre combo with a Novafidelity X45. I had the previous combo for about 10 years. The Audio Synthesis plus my power amps saw off a Devialet 250 (which I had bought and tried for a year). The X45 sounded better to me. The added bonus is the additional functionality it provides. Inbuilt streamer with Spotify, Tidal, Qubuz and Amazon (with Amazon HD in the pipeline). Onboard storage if required, I added a 2TB SSD. Single ended and balanced pre outs. CD player and ripper. MM phono stage. Roon enabled. 7" display screen (can be turned off) I replaced a streamer, dac/pre, cd player and external NAS box with the X45. I sold all those components, which enabled the X45 to come within budget.
  3. I just had my very long lengths of Kimber KCAG interconnects split into several pairs by Russ Andrews. Each pair has : brand new Kimber Ultraplate RCA connectors fitted brand new Kimber KCAG heatshrink applied been checked over by Russ Andrews There are two 1.0m pairs left. Price : 1.0m pair £375 or both pairs for £725 Price : 1.0m pair £350 or both pairs for £675 The price includes postage and insurance to the UK mainland. For more information please click here to visit the Russ Andrews web-page.
  4. Just a thought, but couldn't you connect both +ve spade connectors and both -ve spade connectors to the respective speaker terminals?
  5. Tangerine Dream - Union Chapel, London. Saw them last night. Unusual venue, with free seating. Excellent concert.
  6. The Indulgence Show is back in London with a wide range of exhibitors. You may still be able to get free tickets (normally £15) if you use this discount code at checkout : MMAGPIE
  7. Listening to this via Spotify and really enjoying it. Thanks.
  8. You'd have to get there early (and I mean before the doors open) to ensure getting a parking spot onsite. I've usually ended up in one of the car parks to the north west of the white house. It's less than 400m walk from there to get to the main entrance.
  9. If you're looking further at the Raspberry Pi as a solution, it's worth checking out this system that a Wammer (onlyconnect) brought to this year's Scalford show. An all in one system, streamer, dac, preamp and 35w per channel amp in a tiny form factor. Quite astounding value for money.
  10. I really wish I could have gone again on Sunday to hear the drummer clinic. A little ringing in the ears would have been worth it. Me too. I think it was the most interesting show so far this year.
  11. I'm really fascinated by the 2 channel application of the Smyth Realiser. I also had a demo at the Indulgence Show. Check out some of the other Wammers impressions (plus a link to a YouTube video) in the show thread : If you haven't done so already, read this article on the Smyth site : It covers all the applications that this device can do. I’m primarily interested in using it to replicate my 2 channel system. The other functions are, to me, lovely freebies. Also, check out this thread : One of the later comments (post #337) : “This system is a loudspeaker industry killer. Why would anybody invest in expensive loudspeakers if he can get the best loudspeakers in the world in a small box?” That’s exactly how I feel about this system. It all depends on your priorities. What price do you place on convenience and consistency? I’ve spent quite a few thousand pounds on my system. Some parts of the day it sounds great, sometimes it doesn’t. If I sit in another seat, the presentation differs. Potentially, I could sell up my system after I’d taken measurements in the sweet spot (or any other system that I could get measured on). I could then listen to on my headphones : to a replication of my system to a replication of other peoples systems anywhere in the house at any time at my preferred volume level without disturbing anybody else. The world's changing, especially on how we consume media content. No longer are people locked viewing one large TV and tied into the BBC/ITV scheduling. Streaming services and the internet have changed all that. We can stream or download to view video and music content on TVs, computers, tablets and phones at the time that we want. I see this item in a similar vein. It removes the physical and time bound aspects of listening to a domestic hifi system. Imagine being able to listen to a number killer systems in a small apartment where you don't have the physical space to accommodate a full range system by simply choosing another configuration file. I'm really hoping it delivers all that it promises.
  12. Smyth Realiser A16 As life progresses, time and space dedicated to my system gets smaller and smaller. I have less time to listen to it in the evenings since the children are studying or involved in other activities. So, I started recently looking at headphones to get my music fix. I use UE Triple-Fi 10s (IEMs) and recently bought an AKG M550 Mkii to try an over the ear system. Good, but I still prefer the isolation and directness of the IEMs. After trying a number of CIEMs, I bought a pair at the show. This post by SergeAuckland (see #3 in ) explains some of the difficulties that headphones have in creating a soundstage. My perceptions all changed after I visited the Smyth room and had a demo of the Smyth Realiser A16. I just watched the YouTube video linked to by AlmaAtaKZ. Yep, I had the same gobsmacked reaction. That can't be happening with a pair of headphones! ‘What’s it got to do with me?’ I hear you ask. When’s he going to get to the point? I was talking to Stephen Smyth about its application in emulating 2 channel systems. He confirmed that you could measure your main stereo system and replicate the imagery and sound via headphones and also the following scenarios. Now, imagine this. Why not set up your system with the speakers pulled out from the rear wall and with you sitting in the (normally antisocial single chair) sweet spot and take measurements. You can then go off with your A16, sit wherever you like and listen to a facsimile of your main rig via headphones. Alternatively, ask a nice friend with an ultra-expensive system excellent sounding system and get a measurement from their rig and then listen to it at home. The A16 has a dual user mode. Two of you could be virtually sitting in the same sweet spot. Also, if you only have a pair of speakers and wanted to get a multichannel reading, you could do a step wise measurement. Measure your speakers in the front position. Move them to the side and measure again. Finally move them to the back and do another measurement and add them all to the same profile. A full multichannel system with measurements from your best (most expensive?) speakers. Now, it’s a lot of bold claims. But if it works anywhere close as promised then that’s a game changer for a 2 channel enthusiast like me.