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  1. Which Quad amp to use with their electrostatics?

    I'd suggest a Quad 303 to drive your Quad electrostatic speakers. Regards - Peter
  2. At the start of this year I picked up a good condition Quad 303 and must say it doesn't disappoint music wise, after a few months of ownership I sent it off to Quad UK Huntington for a full service (£140 Inc postage), that service comes with 1yrs standard warranty. I really love the look and styling of the 303, it'll be staying in my Hi-Fi rack indefinitely. Cheers - Peter
  3. Your Pet Photos

    Breia; Breia by APM Photography, on Flickr
  4. Your Pet Photos

    Autumn; Autumn by APM Photography, on Flickr
  5. Your Pet Photos

    On the bridge; On the bridge by APM Photography, on Flickr
  6. Random image of the day 3

    Autumn; Autumn by APM Photography, on Flickr
  7. Your Pet Photos

    Autumn walk; Autumn walk by APM Photography, on Flickr XT1 -- XF18-55mm
  8. Fab phono stages

    I've been using a (2x box) Kinshaw Perception phono-stage switchable MM + MC for a while now with excellent results, this is future upgradable, but after selling my TT I no longer am using it, I could be tempted to sell it on. (Peter)
  9. one word daily

  10. Soundbar or AV receiver (?)

    Seems the audio output from the Samsung TV is optical, my Promitheus Audio TVC pre-amp only accepts RCA connections,so I'm not sure how I could even hook it up....?.....can you buy an optical cable that terminates into RCA's I wonder? Might that work to hook up into my Audioplan Kontrast speakers maybe..?
  11. Soundbar or AV receiver (?)

    Thanks for that advice rabski, appreciated. About ten yrs ago I did have a Dolby digital 5.1 setup in my last life, but can't see me going down that route again, so it looks like a soundbar investment etc.... Are all soundbar's very similar..? Is it best to buy a dedicated Samsung soundbar for my 49" TV or would it be ok to use something completely different make wise..? I've no experience at all regards soundbar's. Cheers - Peter
  12. After recently buying a new Samsung 49" smart 4k TV, I'm thinking of trying to improve the sound output. Can anyone suggest a better sound option please over the standard TV's built in speakers..? Is a soundbar a good investment, or, maybe a separate AV receiver..? Regards - Peter
  13. We recently bought a 49" Samsung 4K smart TV, excellent! Bought from John Lewis; We recently found out our existing aerial coaxial (75ohm) cable had a few cracks in the outer sheath (due to age, wear and tear) causing water to get into the cable, only today we totally removed the tatty coaxial cable and fitted 25mitres of quality PF100 coaxial aerial cable, the picture quality watching in 'HD' is simply excellent!
  14. Random image of the day 3

    Richard, that's pure camera porn.
  15. Your Pet Photos

    Breia - golf course; Breia - golf course by APM Photography, on Flickr XT1 - XF55-200mm