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  1. Recently bought a minty/used Nikkor 24-120mm f/4 lens, not the fastest aperture.......but so far loving it's versatility.
  2. macvisual

    Random image of the day 3

    God I love this does it all. Owned it from new ten years ago. Suzuki V-Strom DL1000 by APM Photography, on Flickr
  3. macvisual

    Random image of the day 3

    I bumped into an interesting chap who was driving this kit car on the road to Kenmore, Central Scotland. kit car by APM Photography, on Flickr Nikkor 24-120mm f/4 - @ f/5 - iso 100 - handheld - @ 65mm end
  4. macvisual

    What's yer bits'n'bobs?

    Tell me more please about those Doge 9 mono's please...? (Lust mode) Are they German/Chinese whatever.........? They look the mutts nutts. Have you owned them long..? And the sound...??? Did you pick them up new or used me wonders..? Sorry for all the questions. Peter
  5. macvisual

    FS : Meadowlark Kestrel speakers

    You'll probably need to display a price Gary.
  6. macvisual

    FOR SALE - MARANTZ PM4 Integrated Class A Amp

    Would be good to hear this amp before purchase but impossible as I'm in Scotland etc... I'm sure this won't sit about too long.
  7. macvisual

    FOR SALE - MARANTZ PM4 Integrated Class A Amp what's the watts output does anyone know? Selecting the 'Class A' button I'm guessing lowers the power output?
  8. macvisual

    FOR SALE - MARANTZ PM4 Integrated Class A Amp

    Is the PM-4 a valve integrated can I ask? Peter
  9. macvisual

    Buying a Turntable

    If you like/enjoy your TT then have a look at upgrading the cartridge etc, or maybe a better phono stage. Peter
  10. macvisual

    Martin Logan ESL X for sale

    wOw amazing, how tall do they stand please (in feet/inches)? Beautiful speakers....! Peter
  11. macvisual

    Sharing my heavily modified Magnepan project

    Great work James, I'm in awe of your skills and experience to carry out the advanced electrical work carried out on the Maggie panels.The 1.6QR's seem around 7 foot tall (maybe slightly smaller?), a few feet taller than my old 0.6 Maggies I owned in the past. I like the look of the Martin Logan's also with built-in bass unit. Keep us all up to date with your external crossovers etc, love it..!! Peter
  12. macvisual

    Sharing my heavily modified Magnepan project

    Hi James; Have the new caps now bedded in on the 1.6 QR's yet..? A great project that OK, all power to your elbow..!! Excellent work. How did you know which certain caps to use...? How did you stumble across these speakers in a rough state etc..? I'm just curious... Peter
  13. macvisual

    martin logan theos

    Lovely speakers, seems a great price. I've never heard Martin Logan's but these would fit the bill nicely, not overly large for a room etc... Thanks for posting. Peter
  14. macvisual

    Amp recommendations for up to £3k for magnepans

    Excellent James! Which exact model of Magneplanners do you use/colour of cloth/colour of side cheeks etc...? When I owned my 0.6 Maggies (bought new from Cloney Audio, Dublin) they were an oatmeal colour cloth with oak side wooden cheek plates, eventually room size for me was a problem and they had to go, but my Lord they were excellent with imaging/staging etc... I owned a pair of 57's briefly after and thought they were actually slightly better with realism. Panels are simply brilliant if you've the space!! Peter
  15. macvisual

    Amp recommendations for up to £3k for magnepans

    Shouldn't the tweeters on Maggies be situated so the tweeter runs on the inside and not the outside...? I ran my 0.6's like that.