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  1. Yes, I remember owning and loving a Rotel RP1500 also in the late 1970's - fabulous hi-fi times then!
  2. Micromega Trio Simply jaw dropping!
  3. Ok Mike, here's my own personal special audio selected tracks that I would use if specifically listening to a piece of audio equipment, the recordings on these audio tracks I've selected is awesome/exquisite, like wOw, here goes; Rain Tree Crow (David Sylvian) - same album title, track 7: New Moon at Red Deer Wallow Nils Lofgren, Acoustic Live - track 5: Keith Don't Go Ken Haddock, album, Almost - track 11: One Woman Ian Shaw, album, Drawn To All Things - track 7: Barangrill China Crisis, album, Diary Of A Hollow Horse, same audio track (acoustic) Stevie Ray Vaughan, album, Couldn't Stand The Weather - track, Tin Pan Alley Regards; Peter
  4. As Lee mentioned above, a 'Bake Off' is an excellent idea to valuate different amplifies in your system with the Spendor's..!! Spend a full day (or two) listening to well recorded audio tracks and try make your mind up that way. I'm gonna list you half a dozen audio tracks that are stunningly recorded later today as I'm getting ready for work here now, I'll get back to you later with my personal awesome track list. Peter
  5. Could/can any local Audio dealership close to you possibly lend you an integrated amplifier to audition with your Spendor's at home for a duration ?? Peter
  6. I'm hoping to borrow a pair of Audio Innovations 2nd Audio mono's within a few weeks time to slot into my audio system.
  7. I already have/own a pre-amp, the Promitheus Audio TVC, my Arcam integrated is plugged into it using my Arcam as a power amp set-up with good effects. Peter
  8. I've been using a very basic old Arcam Alpha (version one) for years in my present audio system with superb results, I paid £35 for the integrated Arcam and it's used daily and puts a huge smile on my face. I'm guessing the A49 must be leagues above in quality listening etc...! Is it true the A49 is no longer in production? So are second hand prices reasonable I wonder? Peter
  9. I'm only now learning about the A49 integrated Arcam amplifier, is it really that good? 50watts Class A? Does it sound good in the bottom end etc..? Peter
  10. This CJ 350SA is meant to be the total business power-amp, Martin Colloms rates it extremely highly!! Have a bump on me David. Peter
  11. I've connected the Arcam amp from Tape out, left/right RCA'a going into Promitheus Audio Pre-amp, volume on Arcam turned to full and using Pre to control volume output etc...
  12. Thanks for the replies. Here's a photo of the Arcam Alpha I'm using;
  13. Ok, I'm presently using a single Arcam Alpha integrated amplifier as a power amp into my Promitheus Audio TVC (via tape out) with great results. So if I was to add another exact same Arcam Alpha integrated amp could if possibly mono-block the two into the TVC pre....?....and if at all possible, how might I hook it all up please..? Any advice/knowledge/experience greatly appreciated! Peter
  14. So how's it actually sounding in your system with music you know etc? Are you doing serious listening in pure Class A mode for critical stuff? Peter