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  1. Out for a walk today to the Bracklin Falls, Callander, Central Scotland. Awful weather, I wasn't too sure to bring the camera bag or not but grabbed it anyway. Got our collie to pose in the middle of a raised bridge. Haven't used this lens in a while, tricky focus as it's manual, so set to continuous H and blast away. Breia on the bridge Breia on the bridge by APM Photography, on Flickr X-T2 -- Samyang 135 f/2 -- iso 800 -- 1/140th
  2. XP1 and XF56 is a fabulous combo, shot wide open; Untitled by APM - Photography, on Flickr
  3. My Honda Innova 125 arrives, 2005 model, one owner from new with only 1,250 miles on the clock, such a lucky find. Something to tinker and fettle at. A bit of cheap fun..! Honda Innova by APM Photography, on Flickr macvisual
  4. Love that Richard! By the way did you receive my pm I sent you? Peter
  5. Haven't shot much photography over past month due to usual winter crappy weather. Had a medical appointment this morning in Glasgow, such a photogenic curvaceous building with superb colours and classic angles. Funky angles by APM Photography, on Flickr X-T2 -- XF10-24 -- iso 400 -- @ f/7.1
  6. Spotted this Italian Rocketship at my local Race Track a while ago, such a beautiful (expensive) machine; Racing Ducati by APM Photography, on Flickr X-Pro1 - XF35/1.4
  7. Ducati style; Ducati by APM Photography, on Flickr
  8. Santa brought me a French made Buffet Crampon Evette Bb Clarinet. Different ok.
  9. Out for a walk this afternoon with our border collie at a local golf course; Breia by APM Photography, on Flickr X-E1 - XF27
  10. Treated myself to a second hand Bb Clarinet (Buffet Crampon - Evette), I haven't played since 2001. Looking forward to teaching myself again. Bb Clarinet by APM Photography, on Flickr XT2 | XF56 | F16 | 4.5s | iso 200
  11. Richard, that 500CM Blad is utter beauty! I've never owned one, but instead owned/shot Mamiya RZ/RB 67's -- Bronica SQ/A -- Mamiya C330S -- Toyo 45C Lovely photograph of your Hassleblad 500CM by the way -- superb! Have fun with it, and your right, life's way too short. Regards; Peter
  12. The Ramones - Belfast 1977 Harry Connick Jnr & his Big Band - Edinburgh 1999 The Grandmother's (Frank Zappa's Mothers Of Invention group with Roy Estrada/Jimmy Carl Black) - Belfast in/around 1995. After the live gig I bought Jimmy Carl Black a pint of Guinness and we sat talking about the early years of Frank Zappa etc.......wOOw......simply Magical! P
  13. Just got my tickets to see the utterly amazing talented 'Jethro Tull' in October 2020 at Perth Concert Hall, Scotland. They seem to be constantly touring which is amazing...! I've two Tull music friends have booked both their tickets & flights to come join me...! Seen them in Scotland last year for their 50th Anniversary Tour - really fabulous! I've seen Tull about seven times.....long may it continue...! Tull's gig next year is called "The Prog Years". Peter
  14. You've put in a lot of hard earned work into this project, I really hope they'll sound simply STUNNING when everything is done and dusted...! Which amp or power-amps will you use to drive them..? Regards -- Peter