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  1. Nope, but we can't see the whole condition of the other units. So to avoid disappointment I'd expect the worse rather than the good given what we can see and the less than detailed description.
  2. Description wise, good for the back but not so great for the front. The top unit clearly not meeting that description terribly well. From what we can see one would have to assume the lower units to be similiar or worse on the tops.
  3. Shame they couldn't make the effort to take their own pics and make their own description. Would sure suggest it is much inferior.
  4. eye-fi

    Pie Poll

    In all the years I've attended never tried a pie!
  5. Sticking with my (so far) faultless 777ES. Would be interesting to know how the SCD-1 compares Bruce.
  6. WOW. What a shame. A beautiful machine. Why don't you listen to it anymore? It surely is one of the very best SACD players out there.
  7. Well those would be a welcoming addition as I haven't come across those although I think I were gonna try the Tesla but I think some reviews put me off. Yes it's a shame that Tech tube didn't last long after they started production, someone must have bought the remaining stock.
  8. I've tried a few. Some with bad results, some ok results and a couple that turned out best (listed below). Telefunken Ecc83- 12ax7 **** (a little light in bass but good resolving of detial in treble. High boogie factor!) Tech tube E813CC Made by Blackburn engineering. ***** (Just great!) Chelmer valves CV4003 (Sweet, warm sounding and sophisicated) *** I also have a CV5687 in V5 position. Can't quite remember why but it's there!.
  9. I can help you with the valve aspect too. There's not to many that provide better performance. I'll update later. You can also try removing the current shunt vavlves. Personally didn't favour it.
  10. eye-fi


    I kinda wonder why people want to sell this kind of stuff. Looks a cracking piece of kit.
  11. I think if I could do that I would! £150 maybe
  12. FWIW the step up transformers, although lower the noise and hum induced in the P2 when put into the T2 the actuall sound quality is worse. It may be wise as Guy says to take out the PCB and hard wire them.
  13. While that auction is not mine...... I have both of those
  14. Well I use the inflatble sink rack & it supports my Sondek. By any ones cup of tea that is a bouncy deck & it seems to work fine tho' I have not compared performance to a stable footed rack of late. The latter versions of the old sink rack used 2 inflatable tubes to provide greater stability & use of heavier equipment.
  15. flaxton wrote: Sure were, & you had to be swayed to buy one to find out... ooooh