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  1. Hi I have a Vortexbox from around 2012, not been used for couple years but still works, any interest offers around £75? Have box but would prefer pick up, have couple hundred cds ripped on it thanks
  2. JB

    Amazon echo input

    For sale amazon echo input no longer needed as have bluos module in new amp. These are normally £35 on amazon, currently on offer at £25 how about £16 delivered? Bought on 17th April this year, compatible with amazon music HD.
  3. JB

    For sale NAD D7050

    Couple minor marks on unit as might expect being three years old won’t show up on photos, lots of interest on dreaded flea bay rather it went on a forum
  4. JB

    For sale NAD D7050

    New amp in place so this is surplus to requirements and laying dormant
  5. For info the new smaller (35x35x3cm) speaker plinths are £150/pair on eBay
  6. JB

    For sale NAD D7050

    For sale my NAD D7050 owned by me from new (open box from Sevenoaks online), retail now £899, I bought for £449, it is now just under 3 years old, £250 ono. Does Bluetooth airplay digital inputs good little amp great for a second or starter system, has 5 year warranty would need to check if remaining 2 years is transferable. I have box so could post.