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  1. Interested in a quadraspire hifi cube/small cabinet to keep mucky kids fingers off the kit! Please let me know what you have thanks
  2. Thanks for the reply, I don’t have an M10 I went for the C388 with bluos 2i module but I assume their is a family sonic similarity
  3. What speakers are people using with the M10?
  4. The sub has both original spikes and soundcare superspikes attached
  5. Thought it was clear in the ad but it dropped below the photo, £350
  6. Yes moved to these when I had kids! Great for keeping them out of the way, hopefully they are old enough now not to ruin my next pair of speakers! Likely to be from Tony also. i have all the boxes for these and they are in really good condition - mainly used for tv duties.
  7. In anticipation of going to floorstanders in April this year my cabasse sub and wall mounted sats package up for sale. Bought from Tony@coherent 5+ years ago. £350 Sub was £800 and a pair of sats now £1000. Will upload more photos tonight.
  8. I have a Nad C388 with bluos 2i board works very well, Sevenoaks sometimes have offers on new so might be worth taking a look
  9. I’ve got a NAD C388 with built in blue sound node 2i and I am very happy with it plenty power, great bluos integration, amp with analogue and digital inputs, chose one over the M10 as has more grunt
  10. Hi I have a Vortexbox from around 2012, not been used for couple years but still works, any interest offers around £75? Have box but would prefer pick up, have couple hundred cds ripped on it thanks
  11. JB

    Amazon echo input

    For sale amazon echo input no longer needed as have bluos module in new amp. These are normally £35 on amazon, currently on offer at £25 how about £16 delivered? Bought on 17th April this year, compatible with amazon music HD.