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  1. JBL LS305 actives. I paid about £110 each for them but you can pick up the outgoing model for less than a ton each now. Version 2 is already out in the USA. I bought them for the bedroom system. I fed them from a Raspberry Pi and IQaudio Dac+ (which is also stupidly good for £90 all in). I was staggered by how good the system sounded for the money. One of the best buys I've ever made.
  2. Yes but did your wife immediately come in from the kitchen and ask what you'd done to the system? That's the benchmark I "gots" to know about. (Sadly, I still find hifi forum traditions amusing)..
  3. Roon ROCK is a custom build of Linux that runs Roon Server. AFAIK that locks your machine to just running Roon. You wouldn't need to load a regular Linux distro in that case. Actually, all Linux versions of Roon are server only. There's no user interface. You can use any machine(s) running windows, mac, ios or Android to control it remotely. I used the regular Linux Roon Server and Linux Mint as I use mine for other applications as well.
  4. I'm running one of these: Silent-PC Fanless Quiet Mini HTPC IPTV Desktop Computer, Intel Core i7 7500u Not a NUC but it does the job. I use Roon Server on Linux Mint. 50K library and Tidal hifi. I also use it for Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Kodi etc. I bought the barebones version and added 16 gig of RAM and a 500 gig ssd myself. This worked out cheaper and took about 5 minutes to fit. Music files are served from a Qnap nas. It's been excellent. Should be fine with Windows 10. CPU usage is about 5 % with Roon. This includes a bit of dsp using parametric eq.
  5. Take some Bill Callahan, some Richard Hawley and a dash of the Divine Comedy. Add some Matt Monro (yes really), some Jackie Leven, some Nick Cave and a bit of Scott Walker. You get this.. Dunno how this guy has passed me by before. I've listened to everything he's got on Tidal recently. He's gone from a being almost a direct copy of Bill Callahan to being his own man. Apologies if you're all in the know already. Excellent album.
  6. Blimey, this thread reminds me of the old Wam before the "Night of the Long Knives" and the"6pm mass ban". Thought I'd make a post. Haven't done that for a while. I've listened to the album a few times over the past month. I like it. I think it gets better after a few listens. It can sound a bit "samey" at first but there is more depth and variety once you get into it. It's tastefully played and I like the vocals. The downsides? - It's too obviously influenced by other "dreamcore" type bands. Mazzy Star and Mojave 3 come to mind at times.
  7. Received in mint condition and in double quick time. Thanks Mike. Quality Wamming.
  8. What's the system for receiving tickets? I bought two and paid with PayPal on January 15th but haven't received anything. Have they gone missing or will they be sent out closer to the show date?
  9. Just what I'm looking for. Hope it's still available. PM sent.