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  1. Many thanks for the tel. I actually got hold of him today..he has been in America, which is why I didn't get a response via email and a quite dire automated answer message. All sorted now.
  2. I'm been trying to get hold of Tom. Does anybody know where he is?
  3. Will add some photo's of the amplifier, valves and original packaging when I can.
  4. In mint condition. Located in Bristol. £1000. No offers. Giving it away bargain.
  5. After some time to compare and contrast the 6SL7 's I have, its the Reflector corp Saratov 1974's that are spending the most amount of time sat in the right hand tube slot in my Almarro. To reiterate the 6SN7 tube slot on the Almarro is the second stage cathode follower... I'm looking to try a few options here, tried a Sylvania coin base which looks nice but the 1988 Russian 6H8C I have sounds more open has better bass control.
  6. What were they thinking for the album cover... disembodied arms and hands... it is weird. Intrigued though by your comments re repeat spinage..enough for me to go check it out fer meselves me bobber. Must answer thread question, I'm currently listening to nothing.
  7. Lets talk about valves the moderators have an excuse to label me as homophobic, yes really.
  8. If they are anything like my GX300's then they are very nice indeed, would also concur the same about Justin being a great guy to deal with, shame the same could not be said of me though, quite despicable going by the way I am treated by some here
  9. Hi, any ideas on specifications..mainly impedance curve and sensitivity? Cheers Matt.
  10. Thanks James I will take a look at the 6N23P. But it was the cyro Watford I was intrigued with..just reluctant to pay £50 when I could pay £15.
  11. Information update : Astin trew have given the 6NP1 the thumbs up... so your negative attitude re repairs, being a mug, breaking a leg etc I have disregarded and flushed them down the toilet I won't be tarnished with accusations of ignorance..or breaking any kegs either. Chill out Jazid man.
  12. So basically its gonna pull more juice. Watford are doin a special cyro one that they claim to offer superb sound quality due to the mystical process of freezing it down. I'm probably going to try it actually as the equivalent 6922 is fifty smackers dudes!