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  1. Just listening to my latest acquisition on the Orbe and loving it (ACR:BOX - A Certain Ratio:Box Set of singles and unreleased tracks) Seems to pull so much detail and 'feeling' I am gobsmacked at some of the tracks
  2. gninnamag


    Ah - got you now (did think that was what you meant) Nice solution to the problem (do not use a sweeper brush so do not have the issue )
  3. gninnamag


    Whats this as not sure what you mean (pic would be good)?
  4. Mr Spielberg will be quaking in his boots
  5. Nice to see you have found an outlet for your suspension tweeks - well done sir
  6. gninnamag

    Lenco Turntables Owners Club

    Surprised how quiet this thread is Never mind - been working on making mine better at resisting dust. Spent the last few weeks building a plexiglass bending contraption as I thought my Lenco TT needed a nice hood. Today I created the first part but I need a new jigsaw as mine had trouble cutting straight but as a first attempt it should be OK. Next task will be to make the sides but not until I get a new jigsaw!
  7. I know where you coming from with this
  8. Original pylons on mine and never noticed any microphony to be honest.
  9. Seems to be a common thread with the suspension mod