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  1. There's a surprising amount of snow here in Yorkshire this morning after just a smattering yesterday. Will see what the local traffic conditions advise but it's certainly 50:50 regarding setting off.
  2. Caliente

    The Best Year for Jazz?

    1974 tends to dominate my collection, but yes I believe this year will result in some long-term classics.
  3. Caliente

    Jazz Gigs Up and coming

    How's about: Pharoah Sanders - Leeds - Belgrave Music Hall - 16th Nov & Barbican Center - 18th Nov
  4. Caliente

    Jazz Gigs Up and coming

    Omar Sosa and Seckou Keita are soon to be touring together - the list on Ents24 is possibly incomplete: Have really been enjoying Transparent Water - grows with every listen:
  5. Seckou Keita & Catrin Finch at Kendal's Brewery Arts Center on Saturday. I'm excited but the missus reckons she will be bored. I may pop over to see them in Manchester on Friday, but tiredness may kick in first.
  6. Caliente

    Jazz Gigs Up and coming

    How about this:
  7. Caliente

    If You Like Your Jazz Deep

    Ah, thanks for the message, she's quite a talent. Pity about the single date on her calendar.
  8. Caliente

    If You Like Your Jazz Deep

    This is also proving to be popular with the vinyl sold out: Nubya Garcia 'Nubya's 5ive' I had a full listen through on Youtube and was kooked.
  9. Caliente

    North West Audio Show (Cranage)

    Thanks - I seem to recall details of a show, obviously not this one despite being in Cheshire, where facilities such as saunas and so on were available for bored other halves.
  10. Caliente

    North West Audio Show (Cranage)

    Thinking about it, but will more than likely go. But is there anything for the WAGs to indulge in?
  11. Caliente

    Jazz Gigs Up and coming

    Yes, if I don't go I will only regret it. It's a Saturday, so no worries about getting an early night!
  12. Caliente

    Jazz Gigs Up and coming

    Kamasi Washington seems to be popping over to Europe playing Liverpool then Leeds I feel as though I should go, but as much as I try I can't really get into 'The Epic'
  13. Caliente

    Jazz Gigs Up and coming

    No, not sure if there was an issue with the venue, but it didn't go ahead, though I recollect some mention of it being re-scheduled for September. Will try and find out via the grapevine.
  14. Caliente

    Speakers for 2W amp!

    A few years ago I heard some Loth-X speakers connected to a 1.5W amp - I seem to recall they were over 100db were quite a good match.
  15. Download 437 issues: Will probably take me a while to work through!