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  1. Hi, have both an LG 4K OLED and a Samsung 4K QLED (both 55inch), both very good tv’s tbh, I don’t think you’d be disappointed with either tv, don’t worry too much about the tech, just go for the one you think you looks best to your eyes.
  2. I think the thread has lost it’s way a little, so here’s my 10 pence worth I’ve modded quite a few items over the years and have never been disappointed by the results and you don’t have to spend a fortune. Don't be put off, if you want to give it a go, give it a go and make your own mind up! If you’re not up to modding yourself do some research and get someone you trust to modify your precious gear. I’ve had some nice gear over the years, and I’m sorry if I upset anyone with the next statement, but some of the high end stuff I’ve had has been poorly engineered with little thought to design or component quality, usually a very nice case with very average electronics inside. Power supplies are paramount for me and can make a huge difference to sound quality, there are pros and cons for both a linear and smps, to be honest smps came around as they are more efficient and cheaper to make, but can produce a lot of high frequency noise and can be difficult to engineer correctly, a good linear power supply can produce excellent performance but at cost, efficiency and space penalties. Enjoy your modding, let us know how you get on.
  3. Ironic however, that the UK are spending vast sums on a High Voltage DC transmission network, the DC network does not require the standing charge current than that of the regular HV transmission network, so reduces long term costs.
  4. Just going to make a few safety points here: Anything over 50VAC can be considered a potentially lethal voltage. If you think that you cannot be killed by a current source of less than 30mA you are mistaken, yes it is less likely, but everyone’s tolerance to electric shock is different, some people can tolerate much more, some significantly less, let’s not be stupid here, it’s your life, be safe. As for the balanced power supply to get kind of back on topic, any output should be protected, e.g. both rails, I wouldn’t even contemplate buying one without that safety built in, because there is always the potential to receive a shock in the wrong circumstances. Please all, be safe and do not assume that 50 volts is safe, it can give you a severe shock, yes you may still be breathing after the fact but it will hurt like hell.
  5. I think for me it’s just the proliferation of mega buck kit, there has always been expensive kit, but it’s just how much is out there now, I’ve spent quite a few quid on the stereo over the years but I just see the ever spiralling cost as a nail in the coffin of our hobby as the number of people that can afford this gear must shrink every year, and I think this is also having impact on the second hand market as the cost of used gear seems to be ever escalating.
  6. It’s just an observation, I, like a lot of people on here have been messing about in audio for a lot of years, but I am now constantly gobsmacked by how expensive the kit is getting, I subscribe to a popular hifi mag and I enjoy reading about the high end......but I mean c’mon......article one £50k amps, article two £17k turntable, third article £19k speakers etc. I mean honestly, who is buying this gear?, I seem to remember not that long ago a couple of grand was the high end but not any more, it’s seen as budget now, what’s the score?, a mortgage for your stereo?, I get the feeling that this hobby is on borrowed time or in the end it’ll just be for those with extremely deep pockets......and don’t get me started on the second hand market, that is getting horrendously expensive too!
  7. Hmmm….in no particular order: Celestion Ditton 110 Mission 770 Mourdant Short MS40 Royd Abbot Tannoy D700 KEF 201 KEF 104/2 Castle Howard 2 ATC Active 10 ATC SCM40 Zingali Overture 1 Audio Physics Avanti 3 Martin Logan CLS11z Martin Logan Aerius i Martin Logan Ascent Apogee Duetta Sig Apogee Centaur Major Apogee Slant 6 Apogee Duetta Sig (Again – current) Quad ESL (original) KIngsound Prince II (current) Final 600i Aurum Cantus Leisure 2 Focal 907be Dali Helicon 800 Ruark Templar Proac Point 5 Usher x 718 Tannoy Albury 15”
  8. Yes, this is true, but not just to reduce energy costs (this a major benefit though), the main driver is to reduce energy consumption because our aging nuclear power generation is to be de-commissioned over the next few years, and the Government are worried that it could lead to significant power shortages, so they (e.g. National Grid) have asked industry if they can reduce their load on supply by taking measures to reduce consumption at peak times or when requested, I believe there is a portfolio in place already.
  9. This is a fair point, although most new infrastructure is being realised to reflect 230VAC for domestic supplies (400VAC for three phase), but this depends on the age the network that supplies you. The harmonisation voltages will be seen by more of the UK in the not too distant future, as there is currently significant spend to upgrade our aging infrastructure to enable wind generation (and to a lesser extent other green generation) to be brought on to the grid within the UK.
  10. Your transformer will be connected across two of the three phases of the 11kV distribution line, then single phase output connects to your property, this voltage may be adjusted by a tap on the pole mounted transformer (dependant on type) or the 11kV line voltage can be adjusted at the substation if voltage at the property is too high/low.
  11. I think that they should still be able to offer some improvement, but there are a number of factors that require consideration for this, am sure they will investigate the best possible solution. All the best, M.
  12. @Fourlegs, if you mains voltage is 253, this is very high and just on the cusp of what is acceptable: 230V +10%, -6% is the specification for UK mains voltage, if you find it goes higher (which it may if the network load is low), contact your DNO and ask them to monitor your supply (they will likely fit an analyser for a week or so, as they are legally obliged to keep your domestic supply to within those levels) electrical items can be stressed at sustained high voltages, halogen lamps especially will have much reduced service life (so if you have lamps that constantly blow - this is the likely cause), the voltage can be reduced at the substation that supplies your line. If you suspect that the power quality is poor, the use of a spike suppressor (VDR or such like) will help protect your equipment. It looks like you have a single phase pole mounted transformer from I suspect a 11kV line (these units do not usually condition power in any way, they just step down the voltage.)
  13. I had a new consumer unit installed earlier this year, due to latest regs I now have every circuit in the house protected by rcd, which is real plus as far a safety goes, also the whole installation was inspected and tested and relevant certification issued. Did I notice any sound difference - can't say I did, I do use an Isotek Titan, so maybe any audible issues were taken care of by that. I can say I am much happier now with the new CU and wiring - it's a work of art compared to the rats nest that was in there before so likelihood of anything untoward happening with the electrical installation is much reduced especially with the age of the house (1860).
  14. Hi, their mains frequency is 60 Hz not 50 as it is in the UK, the turntable motor will run faster if the tt has an ac motor unless it has some kind of regulated speed control - just had a quick look on the Rega website, they do a version of the tt psu for the American market that allows for 60hz frequency, they may be able to modify yours as the standard unit is set for 50hz operation - might be worth giving Rega a call.
  15. Thanks very much for the replies, think I will definitely go spend some time to have a proper listen to the Nsim gear and will also have a good look at the Musical Fidelity gear too. Thanks again, regards, M4RK5