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  1. I recently produced this armboard for a customer in Norway. For a nice SL-1210 MKII using the uprated Ammonite Jelco armbase. Here's a picture of the armobard and arm all mounted up that the customer sent me He also wrote some feedback he was happy for me to share. "Hi there! Got the armboard and fittings safe and sound in the mail yesterday, a couple of minutes later it was easily installed on my deck. All I can say - I am really stunned by your work and craftmanship. So perfect! I really love the look and feel of ebony wood used, excellent polish! The immediate sonic upgrade from my aluminium armboard is really a step up in clarity. Bass is firmer, and therefore the soundstage is singing all the way up. Really worthwhile upgrade for my turntable! Thank you a lot Steve for a perfect product and perfect service. Have posted my best recommendations of your service on the local forums, so hopefully you will have some busy days ahead :-)"
  2. Here are the latest projects First up is an armpod all in black to match its surroundings. This one was not as tall as the others so it can be used on a standard height plinth / platter turntable. The cast lead filling means it is plenty heavy enough to not be moving. Ebony armboard (of course) and black lacquered steel tube body. Feet also in black and smooth this time, The arm to be fitted is a Rega RB303. Here it is in the customers installation Under construction Here's another AT 12T armlift holder. It's a great arm but manual cueing perhaps puts some off. Here is a besoke solution make from solid Stainless steel. Highly polished to match the arm it will mount on. A one-off this one - a cage to keep little fingers away from hot KT88 tubes. Welded steel construction with wire mesh fitted. Carefully done so there are no sharp edges. This took a bit of prototyping to get something solid. Here's a brass balancing weight for a tonearm.
  3. Armboards for the ever popular Technics SL-1210 MKII and MKV this time. First one is an African Blackwood, for an Ammonite base / Jelco 750 arm. In a different light This Ebony one is for the Mission 774 arm. It's a much bigger armbase than the SME offerings. I have a satin black armpod and a valve amp protective valve cage on the go ready soon
  4. More interesting projects An ARS-1 ebony armboard mound for the States Ebony headshell spacer & counterweight for an SL-1210 also in the States A brass / ebony record weight puck bound for Spain - Don't worry, there is a centred hole for the spindle - just not in the felt in that photo Shown here with an armboard for the same customer More Flanges for Bob Something a little different - A WAF Najda 4 Channel DSP DAC / ADC, X/O with WaveIO USB -> I2S input. The Najda board and WaveIO are complete but very much build into a case yourself project items. The case was CNC machined to ensure good fit and looks - Thanks to Pete and Wal for help on the case. This one is fitted full with Burson OP-amps and a very nice OLED display.. Here's a nice ebony one for Scotland - for a Mission 774 I've lots more on the go, so watch this space.
  5. speedysteve

    Mini Valve amps....?

    I use 3 Icon audio 5w EL84 set amps on my upper three channels. I would never consider using then on mid bass or sub duty. Above 300hz they really shine. 5W buys you a lot of SPL using compression drivers / horns at around 114dB/W efficiency:)
  6. A little timeout from the many projects I have on the go for some customer feedback :- This was for an armboard for customer in Singapore "Hi Steve: Finally had time to install the armboard. Fits perfectly. Attached are some pics. Thanks again for your wonderful product and service." It's always nice to hear how things have gone and see the installation of the things I make in use. Getting some lovely pics of the deck and arm fitted are a bonus Here's some feedback from the customer for the bespoke AT armlift and rest I made in polished stainless steel, and an extra heavy counterweight too. Steve, Just a brief “thank you” note. I’ve been listening to the ATP-12t with the extra weight & arm rest/lift and am very happy. I’m using Miyajima Premium Be mono cartridge in a heavy Fidelity Research FR-S/3 headshell and the combinations requires the extra weight. Mono records sound great with this. Thanks again! Pics of the lift and on deck. Steve,
  7. Having moved house and workshop and been busy creating mostly armboards recently, it's time for an update. Here is the latest crop. A pair of SL-1210 ebony armboards with SME arm fitting - bound for the USA SL-1210 armboard in Ebony for Mikro-Seiki arm with on board rest mounting SL-1210 armboard in Ebony for a Jelco / Ammonite uprated armbase - For Singapore this one. A spindle reduction job so that a perspex disc could be fitted over the spindle end Lacquered finished armboard for a JVC QL-50 deck. Had to be very accurately made to a template / customer measurements, and with recessed turned nylon bolt mounts - for Canada this one. SL-1210 armboard in Ebony for uprated Ammonite armbase / Jelco - For the USA SL-1210 Ebony for a Dynavector DV-505 arm - For New Zealand this one.
  8. Here is one of the brass armbases and plates I made back from the chromers. Came out nicely. Other news is that we recently moved to the New Forest. I've set up the workshop now and busy making armboards and many things hifi.
  9. speedysteve

    16A Horn system

    Oh no! I've had my pair since 1989. You just have to get another pair. Nothing else will come close.
  10. speedysteve

    TALKTALK FIBRE poor service

    I could not live without the onedrive:). Excellent from all devices... Integration with Windows phone a great feature. I worked with Azure databases a little bit so am biased perhaps. Sent from my KFJWI using Tapatalk
  11. speedysteve

    TALKTALK FIBRE poor service

  12. speedysteve

    TALKTALK FIBRE poor service

    Quick calc and 99.9% availability is 8.76hours downtime per year. It depends of course what they are claiming it's on and across all customers, hard to check? I remember our out sourced IT dept claiming that but it was for normal office hours only and they always managed to spread those vital 8.76 hours across Monday mornings all too regularly. SLA's are tricky things. Talktalk now say you can use your TalkTalk email address even if you leave them don't they...? Webmail client... We had a few probs back in the beginning of the year with slow downs. I pinpointed it to the WiFi side of things. The usual Muppet script reading front line support were useless. Demanding to talk to a supervisor quickly get me a new one box modem/router sent out. It's been excellent! Never drops or dips! 24/7 as far as we can tell. We are going to leave them as moving and switching to BT for a year will save us some money... We are also a legacy free calls to Sweden customer and they quote that they won't honour that once we've moved... Perhaps their 'stay with us dept' can be persuaded, esp after the recent customer data beach press!
  13. speedysteve

    Leaving Virgin Media???

    Broadband without fibre will not be so broad. Depending on how far from the exchange you are reckon on about 3Mb/s. With fibre that should be more like 38Mb/s. We had trouble with talktalk's fairly rubbish early WiFi solutions! Customer service is not the best but if you persist things can be accomplished. The current WiFi router however is excellent. Good signal even at end of garden. I do tune/trim it to ensure best channel etc. I stream tennistv everyday for hours sometimes:) I'd stick with VM unless you can get fibre! But what you are paying is a joke!
  14. I've seen some folk use Pi but as you say its SQ was a question mark and at the time was unknown to me. The waveio solution is elegant and does work exceedingly well. Never missed a beat and plays everything I've got up to 384kb/s perfectly reliably.
  15. Another handcrafted armpod in brass this time and with a 1" thick ebony armboard. Again cast solid lead filled for mass, adjustable feet. These armpods really are heavy/solid and do not move once placed. The polished brass adds a nice contrast to the ebony. This one will be fitted with a Schick 12" arm and is on it's way to Singapore.