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  1. brilliant , might see you there
  2. fabulous , real treat to have it on your doorstep
  3. yes , you must post some pics of your creations sometimes . radiotherapy is a real pig and a member of my family died many years ago partially as a result of it . keeping positive is a great way of boosting your immune system
  4. Harbeth club

    mmm you must post a link so we can see it
  5. What are you listening to right now?

    not my favourite soundtrack but worth a listen
  6. 4 month old arc ls27

    its well below the price of many dealers for this one and certainly worth thinking about as not even up to the 600 hours arc recommend before optimum performance
  7. so been a few days since I got some proac 125 . they are the smallest floor standers I have ever had but my word they have taken a huge amount of effort to try and adjust to room . bass being a bit of an issue . of course the verity have front facing ports [you can vary front or back] and have totally controlled bass with no bloom or wooliness . they took almost no effort to set up in room and one day hopefully I will get back to them possibly unless a nice d30 seduces but I doubt it as most of the big proac I have heard I found too much bass so using bungs in upper rear ports , changing speaker wire configuration to eliminate jumper leads , reverting to wooden chopping boards which seem to sound more realistic than my granite and positioning as best I can . they are too close to wall but unfortunately I can`t help that . the 125 really love organ , the texture and presence is absolutely lovely . playing max richter the blue notebooks is superb . the organ tracks are very compelling , in fact they are compelling to listen to . the upper and mid range is lovely . violin is also lovely with the sense of those strings rubbing against the bow they seem to match the class A power amp and modwright 36.5 dm valve pre so well . the latter is well known for its openness and sense of presence its funny how so many have said logan summits would be too big , focal 1028be would be too big and yet the smallest floorstanders I have ever had have taken the most work . of course the summit x have 2 dials on back to adjust frequency which came in so useful
  8. 4 month old arc ls27

    rather a good price for a 4 month old arc ls27 from some one i have dealt with before http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Audio-Research-LS27-Preamplifier-Approx-4-Months-Old-Fully-Boxed-/122635100002?hash=item1c8d9f1f62:g:mSoAAOSwsXVZYHhF
  9. What are you listening to right now?

    me too , i`ll tell them when they answer in goodness knows how long
  10. What are you listening to right now?

    right now , and for the past 20 mins been listening to scottish power dreadful music waiting for them to answer . at the moment its a tinned version of omd`s electricity
  11. Focal speakers

    can`t see an owners thread for focal . having had 2 beautiful focal speakers . the 1028be and diablo which were extremely good vfm and sounded great good you tube vid on focal here with some interesting stuff
  12. kudos T88

    slightly mystified why these beauties not sold yet !!
  13. verity parsival ovation

    ooh I am sorry I started something here . I guess I should have rung them personally !! I asked verity in Canada about any verity audio dems at the multiple hi fi shows in UK . there are so many now !! they said it was up to distributor . quite agree , Conrad , lets get back to discussing this lovely speaker . they are a brand deserves more exposure in UK