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  1. Yes nintronics had them on ebay at 699 new recently but they seem to have all gone sadly
  2. Every new speaker I have had has sounded much better after quite a few hours of use .
  3. hifinutt

    Icepower amps

    nice , i am using these made by a chap on AOS for a few months now with tannoys . same modules i think GJiIJDQh by , on Flickr Mzhgb23h by , on Flickr CGueFn1h by , on Flickr i rather like the blue light on the power switch only the xlr are connected
  4. wow , sorry to hear that . hope it gets sorted soon !!
  5. A review of the bespoke is in hi fi critic June 2019. 15k with a 6666 pound upgrade option to silver windings if you want !!!!!
  6. Wow , think i was on the waiting list for an ex demo one but no readies now and no remote means its off the bucket list at the moment
  7. mmm look at this lovely mfa V2 . a great buy for someone https://theartofsound.net/forum/showthread.php?67491-Music-First-Audio-Baby-Reference-V2-Passive-Pre-F-S&p=1154169#post1154169
  8. great suggestion , i have his external crossovers on my taus which he transformed
  9. Uploaded a video on my eatons on YouTube but it got blocked because it was an eva Cassidy song !! Shame because they sounded so good !!
  10. ha ... went class D then class AB then class A then back to class d !! great fun playing
  11. thats good , i listen quite low too
  12. never forget the shock when i put my rather good belles MB100 monoblocks on my dynaudio 52se .... wow what a speaker !!