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  1. hifinutt

    Sound Traps

  2. hifinutt

    Valve amp suggestions for Harbeth 40.1

    alan B swore by unison research and their amp certainly did sound delicious on his shl5plus like this http://www.audioaffair.co.uk/unison-research-unico-90?gclid=EAIaIQobChMI8M6M6OC54gIVYbftCh0JFQUDEAQYASABEgIGMPD_BwE
  3. hifinutt

    Valve amp suggestions for Harbeth 40.1

    problem is they are so incredibly expensive , there are a number of GS arc products floating around in s/h market but they dont seem to sell . of course ref 6 fly out the door so fast .
  4. hifinutt

    Valve amp suggestions for Harbeth 40.1

    yes puresound still trade as far as i know , the owner is very active on a certain hi fi forum http://www.puresound.info/index.html
  5. hifinutt

    Project Pre Box RS Preamplifier

    not so much hum as slight valve noise in speaker , the actual unit is as quiet as a mouse https://www.audioshark.org/pre-amps-9/schiit-freya-16058.html
  6. hifinutt

    Project Pre Box RS Preamplifier

    yes , my freya is superb in passive form but despite me changing the tubes it does have a bit of noise in valve form . I gave up trying to sell it due to this aspect and just keep it as a backup now although its in use currently
  7. hifinutt

    Sound Traps

    thats a bargain, nicely made
  8. hifinutt

    proac studio 100

    lovely studio 100 avalable here https://www.audioemotion.co.uk/proac-studio-100-loudspeakers---premium-rosewood-finish---pre-owned-19566-p.asp they wont be there for long !!
  9. hifinutt

    Harbeth Owners Club

    gosh , i would say system matching is even more critical with harbeth to get the right sound
  10. hifinutt

    the wisdom of russ andrews.

    I was reading dear old Russ mag recently telling all about his love for yoga and made things sound better. Make of that what you will
  11. Are any of the more modern arcam avr amps more reliable than previous years models ?
  12. hifinutt

    Wanted - Hovland speaker cable

    try heathcote under cables http://www.heathcoteaudio.co.uk/product.php?type=scable&head=Cables
  13. hifinutt

    Sugden owners club

    ah , thanks so much , i did wonder !!!
  14. hifinutt

    Sugden owners club

    Been using the a21se for couple of weeks with my very sensitive horns .seismic bass, tremendous separation of instruments , very low noise floor . Certainly better than the sn2 I had which Costs the same. Would not call it warm , it's quite fast and ruthless with poor recordings. Overall I enjoyed the exhilarating ride but it's just a bit too much !!
  15. hifinutt

    cd transport or dac ?

    simon always has some good thoughts re transports https://www.pinkfishmedia.net/forum/threads/for-those-looking-for-a-good-cd-transport-at-low-cost.227874/page-2#post-3676404