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  1. thanks to you jkb , I am listening to this and its good
  2. very bad news , he put on a great show at scalford 2016
  3. well been the hottest since 1976 ? do you remember that year .... hope you guys are enjoying it I had to turn off the 3 hot amps in the system as its too hot !!! ah now I know why all those people have bought nord amps !!!
  4. The problem is if we were asked to vote for a party who want to raise taxes to do this, we would vote against. We always have, nothing would change. very true , however having just paid a big tax bill as a result of mr osbornes brain waves it is still painful incidentally watching `the met ` on bbc 1 on wed night is so interesting as understanding some of grassroots policing
  5. yes its weird but the music just blows me away
  6. ha , sorry about that !! should have made it more clear . what a fantastic composer he is . I believe he did a track for interstellar
  7. wow ...never heard of this guy . thanks a million , its superb . really appreciate you posting “”Illusions” has been my pet project for the last 3 or so years. Every time I wrote a piece of music I felt was a little more special than my usual output, I would put it aside for this album. I wanted to create a musical soundscape that transcended all ethnic boundaries, combining traditional western orchestras with folk music culture from around the world. The purpose was to bring all the wonderful musical wonders of the world together in a big collective hug. That is why you can hear traces of folk music, from my Norwegian heritage, to the mystical voices of the middle east, to the ethereal voices of the Bulgarian people, to the amazing lyrical woodwinds in Armenia. The list goes on. The amazing technology of today could not be overlooked, so I incorporated a lot of organic synthesized sounds into the music. It is the year 2011 after all, and I wanted to acknowledge that and pay my respect to the musical advancement in the technological field as well. In the end, though, it is the wonderful voices from around the world that really glue “Illusions” together. These girls have inspired me so tremendously. I truly could not have done this without them. Music is all about expression. To me, music theory is an obstruction. I love composing music because it liberates me from social conventions and authorities. It is pure freedom to me. The last thing I want to be doing is follow academic guidelines and rules that directly inhibit my creative freedom. Music is my sanctum and theory has no access. “Illusions” reflects this 100%.” -Thomas Bergersen
  8. tell you what , this weather really makes you think , why did i buy 3 very hot amps all working at once !!! you have to have the windows open
  9. yes , agree with most of that . its important to debate the issue
  10. hopefully the govt will listen Metropolitan Police is in talks to secure more funding after being left "stretched" by terror attacks and a rise in violent crime, London's most senior police officer has said.Met Commissioner Cressida Dick said she was talking to the government about reconsidering future funding.In the last four years, the Met has had to make £600m of savings and is due to lose an extra £400m by 2020."We need the resources to do the job," Commissioner Dick told BBC London.
  11. mmm hope you will be ok chris , typical isn`t it . and lets hope no casualties .
  12. they do look gorgeous don`t they and half price too....can`t you pawn something else ?
  13. not ebay but just spotted this rather lovely phono pre amp for sale at bd audio Audionote UK M5 Phono pre amplifier. Taken in px. Silver faceplate. Rare to find on the used market….. Be quick! RRP £8939, This £4750
  14. ah never mind bazzer , maybe you will the lottery !!!