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  1. Proac D20R or Goldenear Triton 5

    central audio have some nice proac 140 mark 2 at 795 pounds which would be well worth trying . a lot of folks absolutely rave over these proac . there is also a response 3 worth a look too http://www.centralaudio.co.uk/index.php?page=stock http://www.hifi-forsale.co.uk/moreinfo7.php?prod_title=Proac_Response_Three_3&p=&prod_id=53100&q=pro&offset=
  2. Proac D20R or Goldenear Triton 5

    yes . that would be bad form , if they are a resonable price then grab them . i would not pay more than 1800 quid s/h for a pair in mint condition
  3. Ear cleaning .

    good advice there from the doctor
  4. Proac D20R or Goldenear Triton 5

    yes spent some time listening to the d20r and dt8 . . lovely transparent tweeter and lovely in real wood veneer . just sold some proac 125 which were amazing for the money , they are only about 399 s/h and they sound like a 2k speaker . tremendous midrange . i thought if i get the d20r i will just regret not getting the d30r a chap on f/b is selling some black d20r if you want i can message him get a listen to them for yourself and let your ears decide
  5. Ear cleaning .

    you can see here the evidence on ear care and syringing . ear care is or should be taken very seriously by nhs as leading cause of litigation https://www.evidence.nhs.uk/Search?ps=40&q=ear+syringing
  6. Ear cleaning .

    serge said Actually, it isn't BS. Depending on the type of wax you have (yes, there are different types, and it's genetic) hard wax can't be removed safely, so it has to be softened, and olive oil is the best way of doing it. Often, the mere act of softening it allows it to flow out naturally, so avoiding the need for any intervention. This both saves money for the NHS, but more importantly, is safer for us, as any intervention carries a small risk of damage. As an aside, when I was a boy, olive oil was sold expensively in Boots for medicinal purposes only. My Italian mother had a hard time with that! he is bang on correct
  7. Magico

  8. Audio Research

    i guess they just did not sell enough so they must be pulling it as only launched 2104
  9. Ear cleaning .

    some recommend olive oil drops weekly to keep the wax moist . its easy to perforate ears so be cautious sticking anything in https://www.nhs.uk/conditions/earwax-build-up/
  10. Magico

    fantastic greg , q1`s seem to come up a bit , and nice q5 just turned up at a mere 16k !! http://www.hifi-forsale.co.uk/moreinfo.php?prod_title=2016_Magico_Q5&p=speaker&prod_id=53426&offset= wonder how the new `budget 12-13k A3 will fare . looks to make ownership a bit more accessible perhaps ?? http://magico.net/Marketing/Press_Release_A3.php
  11. today i have mainly been .....

    they used to leave them in when i was there but thats years ago
  12. Frugal Horn XL Build

    so I think I am right in thinking I have the alpair drivers in these , not the maop ? anyway today someone came to buy the proac and we briefly compared the two . the proac 125 is a most amazing speaker for the money and is slightly more full bloodied than the horns . big bouncy sound from them with more forgiveness for bad recordings started off listening to these with just black ravioli underneath but have now changed to iso pucks and really toed them in as suggested so they cross in front of listening position they have an amazing crystalline sound with linear sound , i.e no emphasis on bass or midrange . listening to larry norman ` watch what you are doing ` it can be a tad sharp on some aspects as an old recording and that's the case with the horns but the proac smooth it out more . using the horns with some of California `s finest class A watts and a valve pre [modwright] the horns sound pretty bassy and drums are very delicate and real . lovely separation of instruments and very engaging sound . continuing to assess these speakers which I must say have exceeded all my expectations by a fair old way listening some 4 times to Katie melua`s album in winter the female vocalists are very real and entrancing . this album was recorded in a makeshift studio in Georgia with the Ukraine's 25 strong Gori womens choir and the first track the little swallow in winter is something special listening continues to evaluate these
  13. today i have mainly been .....

    ah good to know good memories of the shop , deggie , you must pop by there sometime . also happy memories of walsgrave hospital as spent 3 months there . sometimes watching big saws rip through the chestbones to stop the heart for heart surgery ....incredible what these guys do . and then they sew you up again with metal wire!!
  14. Pass Labs XA 30.8

    absolutely , and a great deal if it works for you . i have been reading various reviews of the int 60 and int 250 but the latter really do not like the sharp fins which can lacerate !!!! and not htb on these high end pass integrated !!
  15. Pass Labs XA 30.8

    brilliant I saw that one for sale and thought what a good buy it was . I am sure he was the chap who had some hornings sold recently . pass is a beautiful brand . I am very fond of my ss power amp