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  1. these are very good with active ATC speakers , here is what manicatel said "As my new ATC scm40A's have recently arrived, I've just started using my recently purchased 2nd hand Pre3vbs. Wow, what a lovely combination it makes. Seriously impressed with the Pre3. Smooth yet detailed, no hint of any nastiness at all. At this rate, I'd be interested in what the DAC & Phono Stage sound like as well, to potentially give me an all BC system rather than my current mix/match set up of Jolida DAC & Audio Research phono stage."
  2. 1.2 m RFC mercury rca to rca interconnect sold acoustic zen mc2 digital rca to xlr 1m 80 delivered [sstp] chord signature rca to bnc 1m 95 inc del[sstp] RFC hyperion xlr 1.5 m 90 quid delivered P1060771 by , on Flickr P1060770 by , on Flickr P1060769 by , on Flickr P1060768 by , on Flickr P1060767 by , on Flickr P1060773 by , on Flickr P1060772 by , on Flickr
  3. this lovely amp now available , free delivery , very slight scuff on right side but hardly noticeable P1060774 by , on Flickr P1060775 by , on Flickr
  4. hifinutt

    marantz pm10

    Ah , must look out that review , and yes another nice one has just come up in dublin on AOS . a bargain for someone but are they any good ? Always a weeny bit wary of stuff when it comes up a lot
  5. hifinutt

    marantz pm10

    This rather lovely high end amp has been around for a bit now . Anyone care to share their thoughts and experiences with it ? The PM-10 integrated amplifier is the flagship model in the Marantz range, it replaces the SC-7 preamp and MA-9 monoblock combo. A hard act to follow but this is a fully balanced, dual mono design with a bridged output specified to deliver 200 Watts into eight Ohms and double that into four, hence the weight. Marantz calls the power amp section as an “analogue switched mode design”, a radical move for a brand that has not used class D technology before. Ken Ishiwata explains that it’s partly necessary because "today's speakers are all current hungry". But it has also been done because he feels that Marantz has managed to get sound quality out of the design that matches expectations for a Reference product. The PM-10 is effectively three amplifiers in one box, a preamplifier with its own linear power supply and two bridged mono power amplifiers each with a switched mode supply. Being bridged means that there are two channels of amplification per stereo channel, an arrangement that delivers high power and keeps the return signal (from the speaker) away from ground.
  6. no i got some big impulse taus speakers and use a very humble stereo amp which so far has beaten off amps costing a great deal more i also use just a decent stereo amp in my rig with tannoys
  7. ah i meant 2 qsp new at 699 each https://www.lintone.co.uk/quad-elite-qsp-stereo-p-amp-black-special-offer
  8. how about this with some nice dynaudios https://www.jordanacoustics.co.uk/used-products/amplifiers/pm-ki-pearl-lite
  9. Maybe call in Phil and kirstie on location location location !
  10. Quad qsp perhaps which are 535 sh or 699 brand new , could get 2for your budget
  11. Well ,some might want to know how much they are saving by buying this one . There are one or two amps in the classifieds now you can buy new for almost the same price
  12. eric bibb and larry norman are my favs
  13. yes , a very honest review Jules , glad you could get the arcam dac, they are pretty rare