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  1. Thanks newlash , unfortunately tannoy legacy range does not have a centre speaker but I got the Dali sensor vokal and it's seems a very big improvement for very modest cost
  2. Had some nice harbeth speakers delivered today by a very nice man from UPS . They had previously been damaged in transit but don't know who by. Also had excellent service from DPD delivering a centre speaker courtesy of excellent service from richer sounds
  3. hifinutt

    dynaudio contour 20

    extremely rare to see this marvellous speaker advertised . it won`t be there for long central audio have one mint at 3k . a real alternative to the special 40 https://www.pinkfishmedia.net/forum/threads/dynaudio-contour-20.221628/ https://www.centralaudio.co.uk/index.php?page=products&id=9799
  4. hifinutt

    Wanted: Sugden A48

    ah thats a shame
  5. hifinutt

    Magico A3 Loudspeakers

    superb speakers , glad you have them on demo as had the privelige of hearing them in London with the designer
  6. hifinutt

    Wanted: Sugden A48

    i am guessing the one on ebay is not suitable then ?? it was serviced recently
  7. hifinutt

    AZ mc2 aes digital and PS audio mains

    ps cable sold . acoustic zen still available
  8. hifinutt

    Electronic cigarette effects on vocal chords?

    This would be better moved to pub section as not about hi fi. Good question tho
  9. hifinutt

    dual vol control music first pre

    yes , i hate dual controls but a chap on aos recently was wanting one specifically . some folks love them . these mfa pre amps have gone up massively in recent years
  10. hifinutt

    dual vol control music first pre

    very rare these days to find a classic under 1k this beauty with dual vol controls turned up and looks good https://www.hifi-forsale.co.uk/moreinfo.php?prod_title=Music_first_audio_Classic_v1&p=preamplifier&prod_id=63083&offset=
  11. hifinutt

    schiit saga pre amp

    amp is in birmingham
  12. hifinutt

    Audio Research

    some nice pics from show today [courtesy of Justin on AOS ] IMG_20181111_112920 by , on Flickr IMG_20181111_112857 by , on Flickr IMG_20181111_110539 by , on Flickr
  13. my first introduction to schiit audio , the saga is a super little pre amp . this one has a brimar valve and is rather super . be great to demonstrate it to you rather than post . but can post . it has a modest remote and you can read reviews online . only selling as using the freya . 250 inc del 230 collected https://www.head-fi.org/threads/schiits-saga-preamp-impressions.826388/ P1060391 by , on Flickr
  14. http://www.rdhworld.co.uk/phpBB3/viewtopic.php?f=19&p=361003&sid=9cbc92e1e765c07bd6cc979929882814#p361003