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  1. Boenicke W8

    they must be doing good business as i know another ex wammer has just bought a pair
  2. Boenicke W8

    SAP7 was the lucky chap yes , thats correct , and he`s loving them
  3. Boenicke W8

    thanks , i notice the se version of the w8 costs as much as the next model up. a pair of w8 recently sold for under 3k so that was a bargain for someone
  4. Boenicke W8

    i see there are the standard w8 , the se and the se plus , which models are you guys using ?
  5. What are you listening to right now?

    chopin etude op 10 no 3
  6. Speakers

    the codex must have been very good to beat that s1 , tell us more sometime
  7. Speakers

    i thought the new spendor a7 sounded better than the d9 at the bristol show . very natural sound and such a small size really . and yes the 700 series is a peach https://www.whathifi.com/news/spendor-expands-line-speaker-range-new-a7
  8. oh my goodness , some beautiful pics . been out this pm enjoying the botanical gardens in the snow , absolutely beautiful but i am thinking it might hinder a few possbily from getting there tommorrow . hopefully not though
  9. audionote thread

    gosh read 28 pages of this thread , must be bonkers . has anyone tried diy stands under the speakers ? does it have to be 400 quid 20kg jobs ?
  10. amen to that , its only hifi after all !!
  11. Wam don't like Southerners (?)

    seems to me there are loads of bake-offs down south , just have a look in the bakeoff thread
  12. Harbeth club

    very risky i think , might be good to use a smaller speaker . as i have learned they need a bit of space . actually they are sounding very good today on their stands in a different room with lots of room to breathe . very impressive . i think they sound better than the ones at bristol show !!!! excuse the mess , i have to share the listening room !! i was playiing ommadawn today which can be slightly harsh and not one hint of harshness . i adore piano and this sounded dull in my lounge and playing now a beethoven sonata and its just delightful P1050280 by , on Flickr P1050279 by , on Flickr you will be shocked by them , have a look atr this bargain https://www.hifi-forsale.co.uk/moreinfo.php?prod_title=Harbeth_HLP3_ESR_+_Stands&p=standspeaker&prod_id=55598&offset=
  13. FM Tuner Advice

    yes we love our tu 260 l , used daily and tells you whats playing on classic fm which is useful