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  1. fantastic ...6 weeks is a long time . apparently sjs system was sounding good at carnage with some LV obx rw3 !
  2. what a blast
  3. wow , fantastic alan , would love to hear the 590 too . glad you are liking it
  4. very sad to hear this . now quite by coincidence I started a thread on cctv yesterday on pfm we don`t have too much trouble but last Thursday night some scumbag tried to steal both our modest Vauxhalls and wrecked the locks , funnily enough the garage had just valeted the little 1.0 corsa and it looked rather nice . to say I was upset was an understatement because our road is full of mercs and nicer cars and they picked in us !!! anyway look forward to what people say here on the subject
  5. if anyone tempted have a look at this thread£100
  6. yes d yes , passing near to pontyberem recently I was reminded of her , from wikipeadia She is also notorious as a vexatious litigant, filing numerous frivolous lawsuits that led to her bankruptcy.!
  7. one of the greatest albums gert has ever done
  8. new review of grandinote`s genesi pre amp looking good he writes I really didn't expect such an interest about the all new Grandinote Genesi ultimate preamplifier. Based on the responses and requests, that came I've write up the first part of the review about this highly potent solid state preamplifier. You can also find an exclusive peek under the hood of the Genesi's and see the internal structure and design. So what makes Genesi tick? It was designed from ground up to bring unrivalled completeness and consistency of the sound. Genesi operates in pure Class A without feedback, is fully dual-mono based and uses direct coupling stages in absence of any capacitors between them. Genesi's circuits were designed and optimised to follow the music's pace as well as to have ability to drive any power amplifier. Grandinote circuits are very similar across all of the Massimiliano's products and one can recognise the Grandinote DNA across the complete product line like with the products like Shinai, Celio, Volta, preamplifiers and power amps. Even the Grandinote MACH speakers are designed to to follow the sonic orientation of naturalness, speed, energy, extension, a lot of details and informations etc.
  9. The Baby Reference V2 pre amplifier uses a 2015 designed attenuation transformer using:- New RX63 transformer design. New combination of lamination materials. New 31 position volume switch. New shielding can. New rubber mounting vibration isolation. New improved left / right channel isolation. 2015 product of the year.
  10. not ebay but spotted the first second hand v2 version of the baby ref . I had the v1 and that was something . would love to hear this one. only problem is this one does not have many inputs /outputs but at 4k its a good price
  11. MSB

    tell us more arteck . which model do you use ? i find the bass and articulation to be superb on my s200 . up there with the best
  12. well , here`s praying we can get through eid safely . if its tommorrow it will be total pandemonium in our road as the church will be packed x2 and mosque with 1000 plus worshipers within a few feet of each other !!!! ah the joys of a multicultural society
  13. great to see absolute sounds exhibiting , thats a real bonus !! funnily enough i have just contacted select audio to see if they are exhibiting anywhere this year as they do verity audio speakers you might ask them too peter re harrogate !