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  1. needs a separate thread sergey . curious why you don`t want proac if you like the proac 1SC Fyne speakers may be worth a try , i see salon hifi has them http://www.salonhifi.ru/catalog/244.htm
  2. great , glad to hear your thoughts on them
  3. heard the a7 at a show , beautiful sound . preferred it to the D9 in the next room !!
  4. hifinutt


    flooding is a pain in the neck , been trying to resolve a flooding issue for a few weeks now . a block of garages that floods for past 2-3 years , most people are just apathetic and accept it but i believe it can be resolved . So paying some nice civil engineers to redo a good deal of the drainage . lets hope it works !! P1060824 by , on Flickr
  5. thats a very good point fantasque Many frail elderly folks take these meds and it helps reduce risk of falls etc , and has pete has ,mentioned the risk of postural hypotension
  6. some thoughts here on the passive schiit pre amps with these FB amps https://hifiwigwam.com/forum/topic/125627-good-schiit/page/3/ Firebottle very active on Art of sound https://theartofsound.net/forum/showthread.php?49632-Firebottle-Mono-monoblock-power-amplifier
  7. they sounded absolutely fantastic with my schitt freya and schitt saga in passive mode . they are very muscular sounding . i had them specially made by firebottle and had to sell to pay the bills !! the new owner then finetuned them with different valves . highly recommended amps for the money . i paid almost double the price new not too long ago
  8. i am sure this guy would reply but i know you like the suggy so stick with it https://pinkfishmedia.net/forum/threads/yamaha-a-s3000-silver-amplifier.234252/
  9. a con ..NO-ONE sells shl5plus at that price unless they have a screw loose
  10. Nice as3000 just popped up on pfm if anyone tempted
  11. Thanks Keith, when my money stops going down the drain ( literally!!) I will have a think about one .
  12. The one thing that makes me nervous about the rme dac is that it looks a big complex to use ? Perhaps I am wrong. They are superb vfm but no good if simple folks can't use them!
  13. maybe , but when i had a very transparent pre amp like a mfa you could hear everything , there are still some great programs on Fm i think