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  1. now moving on from the duck tape /sellotape debate is anyone going to the Russell k day this Saturday in Aylesbury ? http://www.decoaudio.com/deco_audio_events.html#RUSSELL
  2. Sonos Owners Club

    finally managed to get a sonos boost to replace my defunct bridge . reamarkably good sound now coming from the system , most impressive really considering its mp3 Spotify premium .
  3. today i have mainly been .....

    ah another great product from Birmingham
  4. quad Z3 ribbon speakers

    thanks , apparently zouch audio have a pair of z3 on demo if any one interested . frank Harvey hi fi in Coventry have the z4 on demo . feed back if you get a chance to hear them
  5. ah I was walking around the car park at melton Mowbray a few minutes ago and just reminiscing !!
  6. yes , big thanks to nigel . oh my gosh playing the organ on those d30r is sublime . brilliant , thanks so much
  7. ah one of my dealers I dealt with in days gone by , always referred to proac as Prozac !!!!! I just love listening to speakers on youtube . ok some are horrible but you can get a flavour and I have listened to many I was familiar with
  8. whats with this RS business ? apparently they have upgraded the d30r to an RS !!! one thing I am not keen on in hi fi as your hard earned speaker suddenly depreciates !!
  9. blimey ...is the house big enough !!!
  10. quad Z3 ribbon speakers

    ah thanks for that alan
  11. quad Z3 ribbon speakers

    no the z3 is 2500 pounds , the higher one is 3200 pounds . seems good value https://www.fanthorpes.co.uk/speakers/floorstanding-speakers/quad-z3-speakers/?gclid=EAIaIQobChMIwoySlqm71wIVdSjTCh33DAoLEAQYAiABEgLqdPD_BwE from the review The absence of discernible manipulation has much to do with the honesty of the ribbon, of course. Dizzyingly high in resolution and vanishingly low in distortion, it brings a sense of realism to transients and textures even the best dome tweeters, metal or fabric, would be hardpressed to challenge. Also, being larger than the S Series’ ribbon, the Z’s is more efficient and reaches lower, integrating superbly with the Kevlar-coned midrange driver that sits below it. The Z-3 is strong at the other end of the frequency scale, too, pumping out the fat synth bass line of StevieWonder’s I Wish with the bouncy enthusiasm it warrants, but without the thickness and bloat some less well controlled and mannered floorstanders can bring to the party. Furthermore, the speed and clarity of this speaker, allied to a beautifully judged midrange (lots of presence but not too forward), does vocals and massed strings no harm at all. Joni Mitchell’s achingly sad Both Sides Now, usually a bit syrupy, actually gains in emotional power through sounding cleaner and more precise, with less melancholy ‘musk’. In broad terms, muscle and poise go hand in hand. There’s an overarching sense of control, but the pulse of a thrill is never far from the surface. For recordings with a built-in change of pace and dynamic reach, such as Corrine Bailey Rae’s fab Hey, I Won’t Break Your Heart from her The Heart Speaks In Whispers album, the Z-3 is a natural, able to track the change of pace as deftly as the kick in tempo and dynamics. As I’ve already hinted, it’s the Z-3’s remarkable compass and even-handedness that inform its ability to score with all types of music, however loudly or softly it’s played. Did I mention it images beautifully as well? Funny thing is, when a pair of speakers gets the stereo right, you hardly notice. Conclusion The Quad Z-3 ticks so many boxes I’m inclined to think it may be one of the very best speakers Quad has ever made. The way the speaker looks and the quality of its build and finish are powerful hooks in themselves. Photos really don’t tell the whole picture, this is one £2,500 floorstander that could take the Pepsi Challenge with high-end exotica at twice the price. That goes for its performance, too. Yes, it’s that good and, at the price, an absolute steal. Finally a Quad speaker has stepped out from the shadow o
  12. Insurance for Hi-Fi and record collection

    yes a lady recently deliberately scratched a burglar to get dna and i think they caught him . i got a burglar cuaght becuase he came round knocking on the doors with some cock and bull story about his van being vandalised . i checked on the location and no sign of the damage . funnily enough one of the houses he knocked on was mysteriously burgled at the back that day. rather foolishly he gave his name and address to me. the rest is history , after contacting police the owner got their stuff and he received a sentance
  13. what are you watching ?

    been watching incredible programme on bbc about sharks can`t believe they went under the freezing cold ice 13 times with only one exit hole to get those pics . amazing http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p02n7s0d