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    Technics 1210
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    Tabriz/2M Black
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    Slee Era Gold V
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    sotm sms-200
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    Technics SL-PS7
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    TEAC UD-501
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    Denon pma 1600ne
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    Proac Studio 150
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    HD 600
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    I am not in the Hi-Fi trade

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  1. lazycat

    Cartridge run in

    I would keep playing albums - up to the 30 hr-ish mark. Then decide. And up the VTF a bit- which has been suggested. It may be that you just dont like the Black. I do, but understand why a lot of folk dont. Cartridges (and speakers) are a very personal thing.
  2. lazycat

    Cartridge run in

    My 2M Blue and (present) Black took about 30 hrs to run in. Oddly the 2M Bronze only took about 15 hrs. TME is does exist. 2M's like a lower capacitance, it was the older VMS era carts which needed higher. I used a CAP210 with my VMS 30 - decades ago.
  3. lazycat

    Stupid question: What's the difference...

    I'd agree to a point - changing the arm on my old skool 1210 addressed this imbalance. Regas come equiped with a much better arm IMHO. I've used a RB300 and now a Tabriz, both improved greatly on the Techy arm.
  4. lazycat

    Richard Dunn

    RIP Richard. Condolences to his family. Thanks for the speaker cable.
  5. lazycat

    JBL K2 9800

    I envy the large bong in the corner, as well as the speakers.....
  6. lazycat

    FS - Yannis Tonearm Cable

  7. lazycat

    FS - Yannis Tonearm Cable

    As above, approx 120cm length. Van Damme Pro Grade Classic Cable with 180 Din and Neutrik RCA plugs. Excellent condition. £35 inc p+p Only selling because I've upgraded.
  8. lazycat

    FS - Audioquest Jitterbug

  9. lazycat

    FS - Audioquest Jitterbug

  10. lazycat

    FS - Audioquest Jitterbug

  11. lazycat

    FS - Audioquest Jitterbug

    As per title. Excellent condition. £25 inc post ono
  12. lazycat

    New cartridge

    Probably no advantage, except to stop the nagging at the back of your mind.
  13. lazycat

    Anyone taking a graham slee PSU 1 to keggy?

    rofl. Insomnia and the need for much tea.
  14. lazycat

    Anyone taking a graham slee PSU 1 to keggy?

    I use a psu1 with my Era Gold V. It was a worthwhile upgrade and recommended.
  15. lazycat

    Beware:: This tweak/change worsened my sound

    5 years ago I moved my system from my big lump of glass and iron to a lovely lightweight table. Sounded broken. No, I really thought I'd broken something. Moved it back and joy was restored. That and a f**k awful NAD dac/headphone amp. Truly horrible sound. Couldn't wait to move it on. Those and re-capping stuff (not crossovers)- don't bother. Happy now?