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  1. IIRC the original price was approx £700. The price on the site seems to be just for the mods.
  2. I got mine for £350 - new-old-stock. Absolute bargain. The (very decent) DAC in my amp managed to see off a 2qute but the TEAC is better. More than good enough for me.
  3. Here you go. Very, very pleased with mine.
  4. Hehe. Ok. Personally I've never rated those cheap Duals. Graham67's suggestion of the Technics t/t's is a good one. I have a SLQ2 as my spare and it is excellent. Far, far better than a budget Dual.
  5. Had a quick look. Blimey. lol Tho' mine is not a Zi with fancy cable. At £250 it was a bargain.
  6. I found my Tabriz to be a significant upgrade to my AO fettled RB300. And it would be a drop-in.
  7. Post-pub? OP. I'm sure any of the t/t's you mentioned would be an improvement. Pick one and try it.
  8. Don't beat yourself up. A year ago I bought some NVA LS5. Couldn't believe the improvement with my my Denon amp - still don't. But it made bugger all difference with my Exposure. I still have it.