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    NA Hyper+Wavemech
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    Jelco 750L + Jubilee
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    WD phono/psu3+AN SUT
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    Teac VRDS 7
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    SB Touch+ Linear PSU
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    DSP anti-mode 2.0
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    Liang Gm70 (modded)
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    SJS Arcadia
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    Glasshouse 300b SET
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    Consonance M12 horns

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  1. Hello

    Did your turntable sell



  2. Dimensions of the base are 490x390 acrylic cover is not for sale ,only the things I’ve listed above ⬆️
  3. Still for sale Guys I withdrew it from eBay myself after getting inundated with stupid lowball offers and daft questions
  4. Hi, certainly interested in your cartridge if do do split, how many hours approx do you think it has on it,

    cheers Nic

  5. I’ll consider splitting this, but the turntable will need to sell first Hyperspace £1750 Wave mechanic PSU £350 Jelco SA-750LB , ammonite collar, cable £400 Ortofon Jubilee £400
  6. Just to let everyone know I feel my location (Glasgow) is seriously restricting my potential for selling this wonderful turntable I will now get suitable packaging made to transport this safely within the UK Fully insured postage at buyers cost
  7. Up for sale is my Nottingham Analogue Hyperspace , comes with the following 2 armpods ( 12” Jelco and 9” NAS or rega fit) Also have the rear leg that was removed to turn it into a 2 arm deck (very easy to revert back) Wave mechanic PSU Jelco SA-750LB 12” tonearm boxed Ammonite audio upgraded Jelco collar Jelco JAC-501 tonearm cable Ortofon Jubilee moving coil cartridge boxed Bottle of NA bearing oil Note- the chrome arm in the pics is not included and neither is the carbon fibre headshell , it will come with the Jelco headshell All in great condition , always been stored under large acrylic cover I’m based in Glasgow and unfortunately I’m not willing to post this so it would be pickup only or I could help out with delivery up to 100miles or so Probably best to come hear it for yourself if your genuinely interested it’s a lovely sounding setup Would be looking for £3000 for the complete package £2500 without the cartridge create image url free
  8. Picked up a mint condition Otari MX5050 mk2 plus a case of 10 new emtex 468 from a small studio that closed its door's recently , just missed out by a matter of hours on 40 more reels of this ,happy with what I got but if I'd left earlier ...£10 a reel !!!! That would have kept me going for a long time Anyone else bought anything new recently ?
  9. If this is in as good condition as it looks ......someone's in for a treat
  10. Long shot but if anyone has a pair of Black Gate 4700 35v capacitors that they would consider parting with please PM me Thanks
  11. Im considering upgrading my twin-armed Hyperspace after selling off my small northern soul record collection and getting rather more cash than I was expecting !!! Ive stuck with Toms designs for the last 25 years and been very happy with the NA sound ,the Dais seems to be the natural upgrade choice for Hyperspace owners but I've always been curious of the Fletcher omega 5 and how it would compare to the Dais There is very little info out there on the Omega apart from a few very good reviews ,just wondering if any of you guys have any experience of this deck
  12. Got this lovely Line Level preamp for sale Bought it from Ratcatcher (Graham) on the Wam just under a year ago and it has worked faultlessly , £1150 asking price which is what I paid for it I'll post pics up on Friday when I get back from work