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  1. Cant go wrong with these, I use them everywhere. https://olsondirect.co.uk/4-way-13a-sockets-angled-left-illuminated-main-switch-13a-plug-pdu.html
  2. Ixos, QED, kimber, big move to Nordost SPM, bigger move to twin @ earth, for the past few years I’ve floated between kimber, ecosse reference, van damme blue and chord signature.
  3. Confirmation that both amps have now been sold to occasional thinker, thanks for all the positive comments and interest.
  4. Hi, I’m expecting a sale to go through for them both this afternoon, it’s probably not a good idea posting your mobile on line, perhaps a Mod can delete it from your post.
  5. Yeh, got to say, these were a huge surprise, never miss a beat, completely silent and have great grip over my ART’s , they remind me of my old mastersound valve integrated and that is high praise indeed.
  6. These were bought as a stopgap while my Sugden was away for a service but have remained in my main system since. The class A amps are in perfect working order and to my ears sound terrific. They are built like tanks, the power amp itself weighs in at 26kg’s. Appearance wise, they are not perfect, there are no dings or dents, but there are a few light brush marks on the power amp casing. I did toy with getting the rear and top cases resprayed and keeping them but an impending project means they have to go. Unfortunately there are no original boxes so they will be pick up only from central Scotland and. Together, they are very impressive, but I’d be happy to split if necessary. looking for £350 for them both. Power: 80 watts per channel (Class A, RMS 8 Ω) THD: ≤ 0.02% (1 kHz/W pre channel) S/N ratio: ≥ 100 dB (A) Frequency response: 20 Hz - 20 kHz (± 0.8dB) Input impedance: 100kΩ Output impedance: 4-8 Ω Voltage: 220V (±10 %) 8 Size (LxWxH): JA-1 pre amp: 438×355×69mm JA-99C power amp: 438×430×135mm Net Weight: JA- 1 pre amp: 7.5 kg JA- 99C power amp: 26 kg Gross Weight: 40kg
  7. Superb amp, and Leema are a great company to deal with. This is indeed a bargain.
  8. I have a mains cable r us 1m fig 8 which you can have delivered for £25.
  9. Yes I'm sorted guys, thanks for all the suggestions. I bought Dan's Firestone ILTW Dac thinking it would tide me over until I could afford something further up the food chain. It looks like I may have to review those thoughts, the system is sounding great. I bought a Sugden amp to match ART speakers earlier on this week and had it running from the headphone jack on a Mac mini until I acquired a Dac. To cut a long story short it sounded crap, thought all the hype regarding synergy between ART and Sugden was just that, hype. Plugged the ILTW in this afternoon, happy days, It's a cracking little Dac that is very well built, matches my needs perfectly and imo was good value for money at original RRP, never mind Dan's give away price. I'm certainly in no rush to replace it. Dan, thanks for the speedy delivery, you were a pleasure to deal with.
  10. Anyone have a Ciunas Dac they are considering moving on or know the whereabouts of one, looking for used as opposed to a new.
  11. Audirvana plus with Qobuz, love it!
  12. Thanks for that Ronnie, the Ciunas looks perfect, albeit slightly more of an outlay than i was aiming for. Not really fussed about DSD, keep hearing differing views on its merits but i wont rule it out.