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  1. NatWest are pretty relaxed as are Melton Mowbray
  2. I am a residential chartered surveyor and we have been told to not apply retentions unless it is serious-it's hassle for the bank or B.S. Major structural stuff should be dealt with by applying zero value until an engineers report is received. This is either an inexperienced surveyor or some over-eager twonk in the bank making up the rules.
  3. Steven Wilson at the Manchester Apollo tonight, going with my 21 year old daughter.
  4. I use 1c's in a small room and had problems of bass boom when they were near the corners. They don't seem to mind being close to the wall just away from the corners.
  5. +1 for dropping Sky. I have had Youview for about 4 months and it's ok apart from being slower to warm up than Sky. Netfix has a better choice of movies than Sky as well. The cost of Sky with all the packages is absurd.
  6. Do the codes work to get Premium at a reduced rate? This seems good value:
  7. Richer Sounds are great for repairs. I took in a Yamaha AV amp last month after weeks trying to get local firms to sort it. It went in on the Friday, they had to transport it to their repair base in Bristol and had it back ready for me to collect on Tuesday. The cost :£40.
  8. Glad to be of help Andrew. Of course you can just save to favourites on your Touch by opening the URL and going right on the Touch remote, scrolling down until you find 'Save to Favorites' (excuse the american spelling)
  9. Switching between a t-amp and a Croft power amp in my system does little to change the soundstage, although other aspects of the presentation are affected. I have always assumed, rightly or wrongly that it's the design of the speaker that is significant and those that can project sound sideways will be better. My speakers are basically 4 poles covered in cloth so are great in this respect (imho).
  10. I will stick with no points and a 1.75% interest rate!
  11. Avast is blocking AOS as well so it must be serious. Marco must be tearing his hair out.
  12. My wife used to teach in a Wigan school. They had painters in and one said he had to pop out to get some turps. He got the reply " Video turps or cassette turps?"
  13. I haven't seen a Linn DS but I assume there must be a search method. If you cannot copy and paste I suppose you would have to type the address.