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  1. I always thought cables were WOO WOO Yet this week I replaced some heavy duty cable with banana plugs which was so heavy duty that the weight of the cable would pull the plugs out of the back of the amplifier... with QED Classic. I bought the HD cable so my dog didnt chew through it...he never went near it anyway. As a result it's like the speakers have "come to life" so yes for me it has made a huge difference. Now using an Onkyo 50w amp as a stop-gap until I find an HK690 or HK990 and it sounds much better than the Yamaha A-S700 / Sony ES that I was using before which were both 85W+ models. So maybe cable not WOO WOO after all. Would I spend £5k or whatever on some Chords? Nope.
  2. They should sound good. Might need tweeter / crossover upgrade. I owned Studio 4 and they were very good. I preferred IMF's but IMF's are bulky and look cheap. I still own some of the budget RTL 2's with a Morel tweeter replacement (SEAS do a better and cheaper one now) my parents use them with a Denon system currently but they have their speakers behind them (don't ask, I tried) and barely use them.
  3. Euromills is £167M on Friday (interestingly it was this amount on Tuesday so though they make around £400m per draw the draw isn't rising hmmm how coincedental). £167M gets you a lot of hifi. What would I buy? Probably nothing. I imagine that my life would rather involve a lot of private air travel, supercar driving in exotic countries, sunbathing, alcohol, and a generally deviant lifestyle for quite some time 'till it got boring and then the rest of my life I would be frugal again trying not to draw attention to myself. I would never own a supercar in the UK even though I love them...because like Clarkson said back in the day this rings true even more so now with the Socialist attitude that people in this country have...when it comes to other peoples money not their own that is. Case in point Corbyn the Commie who owns a £3m mansion with private security yet wants the rich's assets forfeited and "given to the people"...MP's exempt of course.
  4. Philips X2 I even used mine as speakers for a few weeks, for Youtube videos. Just ran them off my headphone output on Sony ES amp very very loud with the bass EQ'd down/off. Never even skipped a beat and actually seem to sound better as headphones now. I thought about selling them as I don't really like headphones (no situational awareness with them on = paranoia) but they took such a beating I decided to keep them.
  5. Not really accurate. Even if it is (and it isn't) more efficient, you still don't own it. If a recession hits tomorrow and the bank reclaims it (which is what happens in recessions) you are car-less. If you get fired you have a months leeway then how do you pay the rest of the contract? The point is, like a mortgage, if you borrow money for something, you don't own it until the loan is paid off. On top of that you are borrowing based on it's new, unused value, 2 years later you still owe based on it's new, unused value, only it's 2 years old and used. I could buy an R8 V10+ based on my credit rating, but I don't because I understand basic economics, which has served me well through the last economic downfall and recessions. When my neighbour lost his job and lost his financed GOLF R which only a few months previous he was bragging about compared to my 10 year old a3, he was nowhere to be seen. Unless you own something outright you don't own it. And unless you make more than you borrow, it's a stupid idea. Situations like billionaires using a 2.5% mortgage for a property when they have money in a 3.5% SWR index tracker make financial sense. Buying a £50k car on finance that is worth £20k after two years DOES NOT.
  6. And yet you list lots of expensive kit in your wigwam info.
  7. I see it like - the real high end shit sounds awesome - the basic stuff sounds 8/10th as awesome as the real high end shit. - meanwhile you have what are basically scammers selling snakeoil like "buy this £2k powerlead" LOL So what's the point of buying 50k of shit when you can just buy £700 of shit and it sounds as good as you are going to get? Go to a hifi dealer and things sound awesome because the room is accoustically treated and everything is place properly, something you aren't going to get a home. Furthermore most rich men have wives and most men are "betas" ie they will do what their wives tell them because they are scared of being divorced...they are emotionally invested in their relationships...the wives DGAF about sound so the husbands are never going to appreciate proper sound because their wives won't let them and they have no backbone even though in 90% of situations the husbands are paying for everything. My parents are a good example. The speakers sit behind their ears and the right speaker is far closer to the centre than the left to make room for some stupid flower arrangement...guess who designed this room? - Or just spend 1k on headphones and a dac/amp and get the sound that a £50k system will get you. It tends to be as the poster 2 above me states; more about showing off what you have (ironically 99% of these people have it on credit ie a bank owns it not them LOL) than the actual sound.
  8. There's a dayton on ebay within budget but reviews suggest it has a high noise floor ie you hear static in the channels
  9. Hi After a cheap amp to use whilst I get my stuff repaired / serviced to reduce headaches. Ideally something small. Please be sure it actually works. I have bought amps twice from here and each time it either was faulty when it arrived or developed a fault quickly which suggests it was intermittently faulty. It needs RCA inputs and a pair of speaker outputs (bare wire ideally as I bought QED's with banana plugs on only one end for my Sony ES which needs servicing). I have looked at the usual places and the usual chinese stuff is all noisy etc. £50 budget. Thanks
  10. It doesn't go into protection mode. It doesn't even turn if you try to turn it on when unplugged.
  11. Yeah but I don't wanna spend £100 fixing an amp worth £150 either.
  12. Yeah excuse my dumbness. Got it out, looks like that, silver thing intact. What is wierd is that the power plugs don't seem to connect to anything?
  13. That's just the circuit board though. Which is also where the C254 is (you can see the red lollipop looking thing on it) what part on the circuit board is the fuse?
  14. Not sure where to put this move it if you like but looking for a hifi specialist not necessarily someone in the trade just someone who actually knows what they are doing...don't want any messing about. Someone who can fix amps, service amps, upgrade amps maybe, and fix speaker crossovers. I don't mind paying a hobbyist if they know what they are doing either! Thanks