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  1. Room 19a. God, the size of an ant's rectum, more bathroom than bedroom space. Massive bass boom and a real challenge to tame things down, especially with sound ingress from neighboring rooms. Just too damned small ... but given this or nowt would I do it again, sure, love to! Andy PS: Edit, the radiator was on full, and hidden completely behind a "decor panel" (how swish - not). So first job was out with the screwdriver, off with the panel and off with the rad :-0
  2. Just to let you know there's a few more pics of systems over on AudioChews (
  3. uzinusa

    so pleased

    I had specific requests for classical. One for choral, one for chello, and one for something classical to which she received Rutter's version of In Paradisum from Faure's Requiem. I only wish I brought the Shahinian Arc for my wee room.
  4. just my penny worth, at 10 quid the day is a steal. Put it up, you won't loose business. This isn't [typically] the sort of event where you take the wife and three kids, it usually 1 or at most 2 folks and for a whole day a tenner is a joke. I there were a vote, I'd support 15 of our finest pounds Sir. Andy
  5. Scalford seems to have a certain "charm" that fits with the Wam in many ways. Your show is really very special, dare I say unique, and the show would not be the same in a sterile atmosphere, with sonically isolated rooms etc. Stick with it or run the risk of loosing some of what make the Pie-Fi SHow special. There being sunshine next year, I'm going to ask to set up outside as I think hifi sounds great on grass. Andy
  6. uzinusa

    Stop moaning

    Let's ask Castle Rock from Nottingham to sponsor the event next year. I got them to provide 3 barrels for Mrs Uzinusa's birthday the other yr for a bash at the Boat Club in Nottingham and it was, as ever superb! Superb. Oh, and there were only 120 of us. That's a keg between 40 and not counting the 3 cases of wine etc etc etc and the odd, very odd driver :-)
  7. Exactly. Nor is it feasible to run round in 3-dimension asking folks to moderate a tad.
  8. For goodness sake. Stop being so tetchy perleese. Does it matter if I say that the leakage of certain frequencies meant I had to "compete" to be heard? They were. I did. I don't mind.
  9. sq ... i tried and tried to find your room but never could (or it was always shut). Did you move from near FlatPopley or have I got the bloody room play all tits up? Andy
  10. uzinusa

    Car Parking

    How about with get the local youff to "valet park" our motors :-)
  11. I like music loud. I really do. But I did find that noise intrusion from neighbouring rooms made me whack it up more that I may have done without extraneous noise. I don't think the volumes should be moderated. But, is there a possibility for a quiet hour, when ALL folks play something other than hard electronica etc be it strings, acousticy stuff, girly vocals etc? Then we wouldn't be competing with off-beat drums from downstairs or whatever and could maybe play at slightly more domestic levels. Andy
  12. Just ignore the moaners, it's easy. I personally like the vitriol here in response to the PFM thread (and I come from PFM initially). It's straight forward and bloody funny as anything. Similarly, I like the latter posts on the PFM SPL thread. The annual bus-trip of Wammers into the PFM environment is hilarious :-). More and more please. But Wam please note, that most AudioChewers and PFMers loved our show. Utterly fucking loveulated it and appreciated the massive amount of effort that wen't into preparing and executing it. Andy
  13. This isn't about PFM vs Wam, it was one poster. So what.
  14. Makes me wince to see this. Beyond the call Steve. I still think some Kylie would have sounded nice though Andy
  15. uzinusa

    Two Days?

    Treat 'em mean, keep 'em keen springs to mind. Wanting more, be it time, or days is only a good thing imho. Andy